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PlayStation 3 vs. Mass Effect, Woes Ensue

Well it looks like BioWare might have skipped some quality assurance testing or perhaps the amount of updates that Sony is forcing upon PlayStation 3 owners has corrupted at least this game. Players are reporting that at random segments in the game, it is freezing and after the player is forced to reset the console they are finding that when they start the game back up that they are presented with only the New Game option. Now this of course is happening with a lot of players playing with one save, I'm curious if its corrupting everything or just the save that its currently running on. Either way this is not something that should be happening with a game that has been out for a while on the 360 side, and I believe the PC side as well. I'm sure BioWare is scrambling to find a fix, or perhaps have a long conversation with Sony to tell them to knock off all this crap they keep requiring.

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