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SEGA shuts down Fan-made Remake of Streets of Rage

An indie studio by the name of Bombergames had been working for roughly 8 years on a remake of Streets of Rage, well actually it was more like a fanboys true fantasy of what Streets of Rage would be like if it had all the characters from the series, including those only found on box art, 100 levels to play through, and apparently an insane level of detail. They had released various versions of the game over the years, but it wasn't until a bit ago that they gave unto the world a final version for download. Soon after that download went live, they received a letter from SEGA. Basically the letter stated that they were to pull the game off, and not allow for any uploads of said game. Now of course there are still the seedier ways of still getting the game, but still that kind of sucks that they had to remove the game.

The weird thing is that Bombergames reports that they sent waves of letters trying to get permission from SEGA to create this remake. So this was definitely on SEGA's radar, but they never said anything, and Bombergames claims they SEGA even hinted that they were cool with it. At the end of the day I think everyone could see that this was going to be the outcome of this product. SEGA is still trying to put ports of the Streets of Rage franchise on to different devices, and to have something compete with them, which is their own IP, just doesn't make all that much sense. For those out there lucky enough to have downloaded the game, I hope it rocks your socks off. For those, like myself, who missed the opportunity, I guess there's always the next fan-made project destined for cease and desist that one can latch onto for that heartbeat that its there.

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