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Sony Silently Halting Manufacturing of PSP Go!

I'm going have to be brutally honest here, I had no idea that they were still making PSP Go!s up to this point. The failed experiment of Sony trying to go strictly digital is, I guess, finally finally coming to a close. The weird thing is that Sony isn't really confirming or denying any of this information, though all the retailers are basically saying that the item has been discontinued. Now the big question is are stores actually going to be able to sell the PSP Go!, or is this going to be something that is going to be sitting until it goes into a bargain bin. Truthfully I think that there's some collectors out there that will snatch up these devices and keep them sealed in the box. 

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I am not entirely surprised. Has anybody been really impressed with the PSP Go? it seems like since it was released, rumors of the NGP have been following in its footsteps. Seems like Sony realized OOPS, and is trying to get the NGP out quickly rather than later, though the unfortunate earthquake in Japan seemed to have stopped some of that strategy.

The PSP Go kinda reminds me of Microsoft's Vista: a product release that fell flat, and while the company won't publicly admit it, they have internally and are trying to get a product that should have been out to consumers.

April 22, 2011 | Registered CommenterZealeus

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