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Telltale Games Announces Next Episodic Adventure

Even though this TV series is literally in its infancy, it would appear that NBC is willing to kick it up a notch a sign Telltale Games up for a game based on their new Dick Wolf series Law and Order: LA. This series will start coming out late this year for the PC, MAC, and other platforms. It will allow you to be in on the investigations and interrogations of suspects. Personally I think that Law and Order has had its run in the spotlight, and the LA piece should have never come about. Then again this would make more sense, and probably be more appealing than a Law and Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) game. 

The real question I have about this is how many episodes are they going to release, and are these episodes going to  mirror specific episodes of the actual show, or will they just have the same faces and different storylines. Of course this would be the kicker, what about an episode featured in the game that has everyone talking about it, and as a result there's an episode on TV to show how it could be played out. I guess we'll just have to see what the end product will be, but with Telltale working on it you know you're going to get something that will draw a crowd.

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