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ESRB to Implement Different Method for Rating Games

As more and more games are coming out every day, and the need for a quick turn around on ratings is becoming a requirement, the ESRB (Electronic Software Rating Board) has decided that its time to change tactics. For a while now they have been putting the games in the hands of human evaluators who would play through the game trying to comb through the content to find enough information for a correct rating. Now, starting this Monday, things are going to change a bit. Any company that submits a game for rating will have to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire will basically try to ask the pertinent questions of what is included in the game. After the questionnaire is finished there will be a computer system that will run a bit of software that will determine the rating. 

Now of course the first thing that came to my mind is what happens if you just lie so that you can get a lower rating and allow more people access to that game. Well according to the ESRB there will be a penalty for nondisclosure. I'm not completely sure what that penalty will be, but I'm sure that the ESRB can do some damage if it has to. Personally I am a bit hesitant to put all the power in the hands of the publishers, you know that they are going to find some colorful interpretations of the questions to help better position their game. At the same time though I do hope this works out. Getting that rating tag on your box allows you get your product in the hands of consumers that much quicker.

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