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Epic's President Speaks Up About Game Industry Uncertainty

I have to say that this kind of caught me off guard when first I heard about it, then after thinking about it, it did make sense. Basically the president of Epic, Mike Capps, came out and said that the future of gaming hasn't been this uncertain in 20 years. Now one has to ask, what the heck is this guy thinking, games are everywhere, they're on phones, consoles, and handhelds, what can be so uncertain about that? Well to be more specific he's talking more about those $59 games. As the market has diversified, and more platforms have entered into the equation, you have developers who are able to give their game for a much lower price and make the big names look greedy for asking for such a high price. The truth of the matter is that with cellphones there are hundreds (or thousands) of games out there with a price tag of $0.99. Now for the majority of the games, they are indeed shovelware, and should be price there or lower, but there are those really solid looking games that captivate the minds and are starting to gain momentum. Those are the games that the "old" game industry is afraid of. 

There's also the ever growing battle between physical and digital distribution. Even when the big name game companies offer their games on a digital format the price is still much higher than that of the indie companies that have been going digital from day one. I'm sure that this is going to be a subject for years to come, but can the small companies really topple the big ones in the long run? I guess we will see.

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