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Hi-Rez Studios Announces New Game

The Atlanta studio, Hi-Rez, has just announced a new game for the free-to-play online arena. The game is SMITE, and you'll be playing in a God vs. God DOTA type environment. Here's the press release for their latest addition:

ATLANTA - April 21, 2011 -- Hi-Rez Studios, the award winning independent developer of Global Agenda, announced today they are developing SMITE, a free-to-play online battleground between gods. Players choose from a selection of mythical gods, join session-based arena combat, and use custom powers and team tactics against other player-controlled gods and non-player controlled minions.

"As a studio and as gamers, we love competitive multi-player games that reward teamwork and strategy", says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. "With SMITE, we draw inspiration from DoTA-style RTS titles, but leverage the Unreal 3 Engine to introduce original action oriented combat mechanics, great graphics, and a mythology-themed setting. These session-based games depend upon balanced class design, sophisticated stat-tracking, and matchmaking functionality. These are features we understand well from Global Agenda and our studio is excited to progress team-oriented PvP in new and original directions with SMITE. At this point we already have a really fun playable version of SMITE and we look forward to sharing additional details about the project in the coming months"

Now it might just be me but Hi-Rez seems to be upping the number of titles to their name at an ever increasing rate. First it was Global Agenda, which got an overhaul after it didn't really catch on. Then it was the announcement of a new Tribes game, Ascend, which had at least me scratching my head as to why they would want to license a game which is basically Global Agenda but with different models in it. And now they announce this free-to-play game. I do hope that they are able to keep up with all these titles that seem to be flying out of the studio, I'm also curious if the workforce is just chained to their desk because of the increase. Georgia needs some serious studios and it would appear that Hi-Rez wants to make sure people know about them, lets just hope they don't burn out.

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