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South Korea Passes Curfew Law

I vaguely remember reading and writing about how the Korean government was going to try to institute a curfew for younger gamers. Well this law has officially passed, and now its time to get down to the bare bones of this thing. Basically this law is going to institute a curfew, midnight to 6 AM, for all children under the age of 15 from playing online games. Now here's the tricky part, this will not affect off-line games or console games. The real question then has to be how the hell are they going to keep track of who's playing or not. Since its only for those under 15 and not just an online gaming reprieve for 6 hours, I'm just confused as to how they are going to enforce this, and how will they distinguish.

If you're under 15 what happens if you play with an account for someone over 15? Are the parents the first line of defense in getting this law enforced? How will kids be punished for breaking this law? Is there some sort of device that will be added to their computer setup? Do the ISPs have any power? 

There's too many questions for me. In theory this is a good idea, kids need rest, hell we all do, and unplugging people who could use some time not on the computer would be great, but with such a narrow focus it doesn't seem like its going to capture as much. If I was a kid under 15 what I'd do is that I'd play my online game until 11:59 and for the next 6 hours I'd be reading wiki's or joining forums and chatrooms to try to find better strategies. This would not solve the problem, but I bet that you'll see this happen more often than not.

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