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The Basics of the PSN Start to Come Up

Well it would appear that Sony is a bit ahead of schedule for the first time in a long time. Soon, if it hasn't happened for you yet, you should be able to start accessing the PSN. That means you can change your password, sync your trophies, and start battling those who have returned online. Now here's one small problem with the online play. As you might have seen there's a movement to have online passes included in the game so that used game sales still have to give some money to the actual publisher/developer. Since the PlayStation Store still doesn't not have an ETA, you're not going to be able to play these games because in order to redeem your online pass you need the store. So the wait for basically all new EA games' online features shall continue. Till then I guess one can possibly find some other games to play. 

Now I'm not sure about the other services, like Netflix, but I will be trying at least that one shortly once the new firmware is downloaded and installed, but one can only hope that this functionality will be back, though it really doesn't matter to me as I've been doing the Netflix thing on my 360 the whole time that the PSN has been down.

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