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Mass Effect Exec Confirms Homosexual Love Option for Both Gendered Shepards

Executive Producer Casey Hudson has confirmed that in the final installation of Mass Effect the male Shepard will be able to seek a same sex romance. For those who don't know you have had the option of pursuing a female romance, if you were female, but not male - male. I have to say that Bioware is always pushing the envelop on subjects such as this, and I am a little bit more than interested to see what society will think about this. Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if after this news is learned that some states start huffing and puffing about trying to keep this "unclean game" out of our children's hands. 

Let's be honest folks, games are getting more and more realistic, and with that comes all bits and pieces of real life. Sure there aren't blue aliens roaming the earth (Yet ;) ), but there's definitely same sex romance, love, and in a few cases legal marriages. Personally this news isn't going to stop me from purchasing the game. The fact is the option is there, but that doesn't mean that you will have to pursue it, and that's something I don't think the non-gaming community, that will be making the biggest fuss, will ever really understand.

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Reader Comments (3)

Be interesting to see if there's fallout akin to the stupid DA:2 "Oh no the gay character is hitting on me!!!" fiasco. Does Bioware tone it down a bit? Or play it like their normal female - female romances where the relationships seem perfectly normal with you have to initiate basically all of the romancing.

May 16, 2011 | Registered CommenterZealeus

I think they are going to stick to their guns. I think they will make it a perfectly normal option, IF you want to pursue it. That's what bothers me about people uprising, if you don't want that type of interaction you can keep it to a minimum.

May 17, 2011 | Registered CommenterCharlie

True, but alas, people will find anything to bitch about. Including people who bitch too much.

May 17, 2011 | Registered CommenterZealeus

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