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PSN Attack just keeps on getting worse

According to the latest Sony security release, a 2007 database with approximately 12,700 credit card numbers with expiration dates and 10,700 direct debit records, all from outside the US, may have been compromised.

What will be interesting to me is the inevitable lawsuits that roll in as the security breach's effects keep on adding up.  Will Sony be held liable?  According to Techdirt, history says no due to the inability of the plaintiff to show actual harm, but a California case in the works may change things up.  And in the PSN breach, what if a leaked credit card info gets used illegally?  Does that show damage?  I suspect that it may be quite some time before we know, particularly since the full extent of the PSN breach is not known yet.  And on top of that, Congress is starting to recognize the digital new world and is talking about the possibility of new legislation.

Even with the breach, it should be noted that there is already a Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which basically creates PCI Data Security Guidelines which companies must follow for credit transactions.  As somebody who has been involved with following the guidelines at work, they are very stringent and secure already IF properly followed.

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