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Sony Reveals New Attack

So it would appear that the PlayStation Network wasn't the only thing hit by hackers. Sony is now reporting that on April 16th and 17th they also got attacked on the Sony Online Entertainment service. This attack has left 24.6 million vulnerable with names, addresses, account names and passwords stolen. There's also a report that over a thousand non-american credit card numbers and expiration dates from European nations have also been taken. Sony, however, states that these credit cards were in an out of date database and there's a chance that most of the information has already expired.

So what is Sony doing about this new piece of the pie? Well they are giving gamers 30 free days on their online game and also helping users enroll in identity theft programs. The second piece is probably a nice thing to do, the 30 days, to me, is shit. Look you have possibly left someone beyond vulnerable and to make up for it you're going to knock off $15.99 for a month? To me Sony's got to start really combing through all their security, and perhaps get a new marketing department. I wonder how many will leave the PSN and the SOE system behind now that all of this seems to continue to happen to them. I for one will probably only purchase games on the PSN with pre-paid cards, no more information of mine will be stored on their network.

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