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Lego Pirates Coming Soon

Since we are now in an age in which every major franchise deserves to be immortalized in a Lego game it comes as no big surprise that Pirates of the Caribbean would be one such title included in the mix. Now for those dying to step into that world and battle along side Jack Sparrow as you go on one grand adventure, I have this to say to you, the wait is short. Turns out that this game is destined to come out May 10th, that's right within a week. The demo for the game is already out there, so that you can have a little taste, but if its anything like the previous Lego games, and you've played a couple, I'm sure that this game will be right there on your radar. Now for a little bit of a surprise for those who will be picking up the game. It turns out that there will be content from all 4 movies, not just the one's previously released, but the one that has yet to be put into theaters. So I guess with that being said, playing the game can cause unintentional SPOILER ALERTS. Oh and just in case you don't know the platforms that this game is coming out on here's where you can play the game: Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, and PC.

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