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Nintendo: 3DS Game List

Alright so there's a fair share of games that have been announced for the 3DS, and I have to say the majority of these should have been for the launch of the handheld, and would have probably created more of a lasting buzz, but alas it would appear that these will still be in the future, but at least we know that they are coming:


  1. Luigi's Mansion 2
  2. Super Mario 3D
  3. Mario Kart
  4. Star Fox 64 3D
  5. Tekken 3D

Now I'm sure there are more than the above listed that are coming, but these are the one's that Nintendo wanted to highlight. I'm sure everyone will wonder, probably up to release, how some of these franchises will do with the 3D transition, and how much truly new content will be present, or if these will be simply re-skin jobs.

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