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CyberPunk Advertisement Tycoon Game Discovered

It's always awesome when a developer actually reaches out to Altered Confusion, especially a group like VoxelStorm. They are currently working on a CyberPunk Advertisement Tycoon Game, which is played in a massive procedurally created worlds. Not only do you move around the city, but you will also be playing the game in cyberspace trying to gain the edge on raising your reputation. Now the project as it is right now is still in Alpha, and they are looking to really sure up the game, so there's going to be a bit of wait time before anyone will be able to play the finished version of the game, but this is definitely something worth looking into.

So here's the deal, currently the game was created in 7 days during a CyberPunk game jam, and is now making its way over to KickStarter to help gain the financials that this group needs. At the very least anyone and everyone needs to hope over to the kickstarter page and see what they are trying to do. Now I think its clear to everyone that I love me some indie games, so I think you should donate to this and see where it will go, but then that's just me.

Now if you need a bit more motivation it appears that the developers are definitely keeping an eye out for everyone and anyone. They are looking to have not only OSX support, but Oculus support. From the little that I played of the Alpha, I'm going to tell you right now, that an Oculus version would probably be exactly how the game should be played. Now the other amazing thing is that their graphics engine is reportedly strong enough to even give some of the people out there with older computers the ability to play, and who doesn't like that? I mean its nice to not have to worry about all the extra pieces of hardware you have to upgrade in order to play a game.

Alright so enough talking, check these guys out, and hopefully we'll see a successfully funded game that will have us hooked from the beginning.

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