A New Look to Asteroids, SphereFACE

Have you ever wanted to go back to the days of Asteroids, and perhaps give it a little bit of a twist? Well there's a group of developers who are looking to do that right now, and they can use your help with their KickStarter Project

In the game SphereFACE you will be trapped inside of sphere, set to survive against levels of asteroids trying to smash your ship. Now here's the interesting twist, once you are able to destroy all the asteroids you unlock a worm hole type of exit out of the sphere, the only problem, it links to another sphere. Will you have the skills and talent to safely make it through the spheres, or will your ship end up as rubble, forgotten for all time.

Oh and here's a very interesting thing to keep in mind, they are going to be automatically adding Oculus support to make this game even that more epic. Now if you like the look of the game, or perhaps the concept donate, but if for some reason you can't, you can always help with an up vote over on Steam Greenlight.


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