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Battle to Save the Humans in This Newest CCG

Humanity's last hope to survive can be found on the alien world of Candora. There's only one small issue, the inhabitants of this planet known to some as the "Grey" and their actions, known as the "Grey Plague". This race of beings is hell-bent on getting all the humans hooked on sugary treats that will cause a coma-like state to all humans, subduing them.

You will be building a deck of cards to try to combat the "Grey Plague" at every turn, you will gain new cards, you'll also get new champions, and you'll get to battle your way from over 60 missions. This game will be found in the Apple AppStore starting February 15th. This game is free-to-play, and has some in-app purchase options. One of which is the Gauntlet mode, which will allow you to play with a one-off deck. If you win you can gain additional cards that can help you in the single-player campaign. There are also options to buy in game decks and booster packs.

The really interesting thing about this game was this game was actually created by a family where the mom, dad, and their three children (ranging from 12-16)) had a hand in the product you see before you.


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