Battle for Candora Review

Humanity is on the verge of being enslaved by an alien race. They have taken most of humanity over with the power of sugar. Thankfully, there are a few brave souls that venture out to a planet named Candora in hopes of obtaining a cure that will defeat the aliens and their diabolical plot. There is one issue though, you see the aliens found out what you're trying to do and have turned the inhabitants against you. Can you survive and save humanity?

Battle for Candora is a free-to-play collectable card iOS game. In this game you will be working with a deck of 28 cards (8 heroes and 20 food cards) to battle level upon level of challenges and enemies. Even though the number of cards seems to be a smaller number, believe me you're not going to get through the entire deck. You will be able to hold up to 3 cards at a time in your hand. There are 3 positions that you can place character cards (attack position, and 2 support positions). Only the front position will be able to attack unless a special circumstance takes place.

So lets breakdown the core of the game. There is basically 5 phases that you're going to go through, and you can skip any phase that you want to, the thing is that these phases are either going to save your ass, or be the death of you. The confinement of having to do the phases in a specific order make it very difficult to capitalize on moments where you could perhaps squeak out a victory, so you're going to spend a good amount of time guessing on what is going to happen during your phases as well as hoping that your lead character gets a "Blitz", which is something you need to allow for an additional character to swap places and then attack.

There are MANY levels where dumb luck is going to be the only thing that will get you through the level, and to be honest there are some times where I feel that the AI has an advantage to easily defeat anything I put out there. So I have to pray that all the cards fall just the right way. Now I'm not saying that I don't appreciate a challenge, but there are levels where the outcome feels completely out of my hands.

As you go from stage/battle to stage/battle you're going to see that there is a main objective and then bonus objectives. If you complete all three you get the 3 star rating for that level. If you miss one you can of course always go back and try again. Now if you're not into getting the perfect score on each level there's another reason to go back through the levels, and that is the fact that as you kill enemies you can open up reward chest that will either have just gems, or gems with character points.

The character points are used to upgrade your different character cards. They can help with HP and Attack Power, and as you can guess both of these stats are EXTREMELY important to get through the game. Another important thing that you'll need to have to get through the game is the building of new weapons. Now I'm still a little bit haze how to get some of the blueprints, even though I'm pretty sure I've got the parts for several weapons, but if you can complete the blueprints the weapons you unlock will make your character much stronger and add some effects that will come in handy during tougher battles.

Now I mentioned gems, and those gems are used at 100 gem intervals to open up reward chest that will contain items, characters, etc. These of course will once again allow you to further customize your deck for the best possible outcome. Speaking of decks, I mentioned that it is made up of 28 cards, 8 characters, and 20 food cards, but I haven't told you want food cards are yet. Well these are cards that have either healthy food, or sugary food. Both of these options have bonuses for a character, or something bad for an enemy. The way you find out is that you'll notice that the cards have a give and a throw text to them. The throw is for what will happen if you give it to the enemy. The sugary cards, when applied to one of your characters, is going to give you a really good boost for a round, but you're going to be stunned for the next round as you'll suffer a sugar rush. There's also one more thing that you need to know about the food cards, there are a couple of categories that the food falls into and if you have more of one type than the rest you're going to get a bonus to the deck. My favorite is getting more of the cards with the coconut on them so attacks don't cost energy.

Overall this is a very interesting game, there are definitely some quirks to it that stop me from trying to play it often, but I do find myself wondering over to the game ever so often to at least get some extra gems and hope to unlock some extra goodies. I really wish that there was some balancing in some of the levels that feel like maybe the rules are misinterpretted, and I do wish that there was a way to use the phases in a more flexible manner. There is a bit of a push for in-app purchases when it comes to booster packs, specific cards, or the Gauntlet mode for the game (a mode that allows you to go after more booster packs), but I feel that this game can easily be played without feeling like you're getting smashed over the head with "hey you should really spend some money." This game, as it stands right now is a solid 7.8 out of 10.

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