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Update: Beyond Good and Evil 2

Well it would appear that after 9 years of waiting we have finally got an update. The update is a new trailer, and a little more information on what is going on in the game. The game, though labeled BGE2, is really a game in which Jade (the main character of the first game) hasn't been born. You will be part of a group trying to find freedom in the universe. 

Now of course, for those who played the original, which seems like decades ago, you might be in a nervous state of joy. There's the fact that this game might actually be coming out now, but there's also a little bit of pain in the pit of our stomachs because Jade isn't going to be a part of the second game. There's also a couple of questions that I have to be asked. 

  1. What's the combat system going to be like?
  2. What kind of crafts are we going to be playing around with?
  3. Will there be races?
  4. Will the photography piece of the game still exist?

Here's the thing I ,personally, am on a wave of nostalgia trying to remember every little bit of the first game, and when I compare what I remember to the trailer, I don't know I just hope it stays true to it's roots and doesn't end up being a sequel only by name.

Now here's the part that will pain us the most:

  • There is no release date (so this could all be a smoke screen)
  • There is no mention of platforms


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