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The 13th Doctor Has Now Been Revealed

Alright, so lets get this out of the way right here, and right now. As you can tell the next Doctor is a woman, and there are many, many, many people out there who are screaming from the rooftops about how the series is now ruined, and how they will no longer be watching the show because this is the latest attempt at being PC. So let me say one thing, "Grow Up!". Look where in the mythos of the Doctor does it say that it has to be a man? Where in the mythos does it say the Doctor even has to look human? How can so many people pass judgement on someone without ever seeing this person perform their role? Seriously, I know that many people believe that this is a money grab, that this is just to potentially broaden the viewing audience, while losing some viewers.

If the viewer is a HARDCORE Whovian, they will stay with the series, if they decide that they can't support the show any more... well that is too bad that their true colors finally show. If this move, to cast Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, gives me more Doctor Who episodes, I'm totally okay with it, and hell the question that should be burning in everyone's mind is who the next companion is going to be. The slate is completely clean at this point.


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