The Metronomicon Review

I was once that guy who had to have all the rhythm games to convince myself that I actually had rhythm. Well the days of the plastic instruments and dance pads are in my review mirror, but here comes this game, The Metronomicon, that just gives me a nostalgic rush. The thing is that this game has a bit of a twist. Now I know that the next statement, the mention of the genre, will have some of you scratching your heads, but I swear the developer actually made this work almost to complete perfection. This game is a RPG/Rhythm game. I used the slash because this game is equal in both parts. There's a heavy emphasis on getting the rhythm parts down pat, but there's also a lot of love and attention given to the RPG aspects of the game.

You will battle through song stages and as you take on the game you will unlock new characters, have the chance to gain new items that will power up your characters. You will of course be leveling up your characters as you go through the game, and there are going to be special challenges for those who are looking to truly show off their skills. 

Graphically, I love the lay out that the game has. You'll be controlling up to 4 characters at a time, each will have 3 levels of skills that can be unleashed depending on how long you can hold the rhythm in their section. Once their skill has been deployed there will be a cool down time and you'll have to take on other characters sections. The thing is that you're going to have to find that beat and rhythm that allows you to take down the enemies, or the challenge you have in front of you. If you miss too many notes you're going to die, if you're being sloppy there's a chance that the song will end and you will not have completed the objective for the level.

This game definitely isn't for everyone, and there is some tweaking that you'll have to do to get the beats to line up with when visually the keys are supposed to hit, but once you have that set, you are in for a challenging good fun. 

There's also the fact that there's a levels of difficulty, so if you are one of those gamers who think that EASY is something that you can't even acknowledge, know this, there's medium and hard that I'm sure will have some of you having nightmares, depending on the songs. Then again maybe that's just me trying to take on some of my favorite more challenging songs with a ramped up difficulty.

This game deserves a spot on your gaming list, and I HIGHLY recommend that you play with a gamepad, however I have heard that you might actually be able to play with other gaming devices, but I have yet to try it. This game gets that Altered Confusion stamp of approval.


If you want to hear from the developer on this game, Charlie was lucky enough to get an interview with him.

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