Paladins Gets New Map, New Mode, and New Character

As many of you have probably guessed from all of the Twitch livestreams, as of late, Charlie has been all about the game Paladins. Well good news for him, there's going to be even more Paladins to enjoy. Let's start with the first bit of news. 

The game will now have an additional map to play around with called Trade District. Thanks to the addition of this map there will be a new mode to enjoy as well. That mode is Team Deathmatch, a mode that one would think would be an immediate add to any first person shooter game. So I guess better late than never? Anyways this mode will pit two teams against each other as they try to get to 40 kills first (PLEASE allow for custom games to be created where the kill limited can be changed, oh and while we're at it can we customize the number of points needed in Onslaught, K? Thanks).

Now lets get to the new character, and its definitely in the realm of what Charlie likes to play, and that of course is a new Flanker. This time around the character's name is Moji and friends. You're going to be using most abilities with Moji's friends as most of the moves have to do with their breath attacks. It will be interesting to see how the community takes to this new character.


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