1920s Super-Powered RPG Incoming

We, at Altered Confusion, have been huge fans of Nerdburger Games creator, Craig Campbell, since the first time we sat down and played his game Murders and Acquisitions. Well it turns out that Craig is ready to unleash upon the world a round 2, and this round he's giving the world CAPERS through a KickStarter Campaign

In CAPERS you will find yourself in the 1920s right in the heart of prohibition. You will assume the role of a gangster or that of the law, but no matter your position you will be gifted with a couple of Aces up your sleeves in the form of super powers. The truly unique thing about this game is that the fate of your actions is truly in the cards as the main gaming mechanic revolves around a deck of cards. From my personal experience I can tell you that this can swing HEAVILY for or against you, and with my playing luck usually more to the latter which does make for a very interesting gaming session.

The goal was set at $2,100, and as of right now it has already surpassed that goal and is sitting at just a shade under $2,500. This of course means that this campaign is already a success, so for those who want to wait it out until it succeeds... TADA. So get your pledges in, start planning your campaigns, and have a hell of a lot of fun.


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