The Land of ANKUR is Expanding

As many of you might remember awhile ago we talked about a pencil and paper RPG by the name of ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods. A game filled with mythology, spiritualism, and more. You might also remember that we had the chance to sit down with the creator, Christopher Miller. Well here's the deal, it is time for the very intricate world that has been created to expand, and so there is now a KickStarter Campaign running to help make that a reality.

The expansion, ANKUR: Land of the First People, will add the continent of Africa which will then pull in the myths and legends of that continent, this will also allow for a different story/game setting for the players. The base edition of ANKUR is set in the Middle East, and with this expansion I really believe that it will open up the game even further for those will take the plunge into its depths.

The target goal for this project is $3,500 and as of right now, with 26 days to go, they have already raised a shade under $1,750. Now of course the question has to be asked, "Well what if I don't have the core game?" The answer is quite simple, just check out the pledge levels and you'll see that many of them include a copy of the core game in some shape for form.

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