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Grobo Review

In this iOS game you will be playing as an adorable, yet lonely robot named Grobo. The name of the game is also the name of the main character (Grobo) and will test your puzzle solving skills as you traverse the seemingly empty world of Megatropolis. You will have to utilize your ability to change the direction of gravity all while trying to avoid obstacles, such as heavy crates that can squish you (if the gravity changes putting it above Grobo), stationary balls full of spikes (pretty self explanatory but spikes do hurt and will destroy Grobo), lasers (once again pretty self explanatory), short circuiting wires, and gravity pads which have the ability to redirect your path which if you’re not careful will push you right off the stage.

I have to say right off the bat that this game is going to challenge any who take it on, and to be honest that’s what one looks for in a puzzle game. Gamers want to feel smart for conquering something where the solution isn’t immediate, and this game deliveries several times over. You will control Grobo with a couple of different gestures to move him around. The first is the swipe which will change the flow of gravity in that direction (if you swipe down then everything will reorient itself to have everything fall downwards).  The second is to hold your finger on the screen in the direction you want to walk and Grobo will walk until he gets to an edge and will hang there wobbling on the edge, then he will drop in the direction of gravity (many a lost Grobo life will happen if you just go about falling off ledges). 

Each level has a predetermined number of steps to get three stars (full credit) for the level, but you can take as many steps as you’d like as long as you get Grobo to the computer console (exit of the level). There are also levels that have memory fragments in them that you will want to collect, if you want the full experience, however I will warn you that you not only have to collect that memory but you have to then successfully complete the level to get credit for it. If you are having a tough time taking on a level the level description might give you a hint of what direction you might want to take. I will warn you, though, there are going to be levels where even the hint is not going to help too much. 

After playing through a couple of chapters in this game I can tell you that this is not a game for everyone, there’s definitely frustration that surfaces, especially on smaller devices, or older devices where the touchscreens aren’t as precise. There will be plenty of accidentally changing gravity when you want to just walk, and on later levels that’s going to get really old as there are complicated timed moves that you’re going to need to do in order to complete the level. There’s also a storyline in this game, that tries to hint at the loneliness of Grobo, but to be honest it doesn’t really do anything to the game. After the first couple of levels I, unfortunately, stopped paying attention to the text appearing at the beginning of the levels as it really wasn’t going to make any difference to my gaming experience.  When all is said and done, I don’t really know which way to lean on this game. It’s going to be entertaining to some, and it's not going to be for others. 


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