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Mount Frosty Review

Take to the slopes in Melt Games' game Mount Frosty (available now on iOS and Android). You will take control of a slightly out of control skier as you try to ski down the slopes. You will have to dodge not only trees, houses, and other obstacles, but you'll have to keep an eye out for other skiers. You will take on, currently, three different levels all with their own look and feel. Speaking of look and feel you'll also get to unlock different character skins through playing and collecting coins in the game.

It's been a while since I took on a skiing game, and to be honest I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel about playing one on a mobile device. Now, that being said once the game started it was obvious that this was built for mobile devices and the control(s) were based around single taps on the screen to cause your character to turn one way or another. Personally I played with two fingers, one on each side of the screen as it felt more comfortable to me. This method didn't always work as tapping twice on the right side of the screen might not have the desired effect that I was looking for, but this method did help me more than hurt me. There are definitely going to be times where you're going to have to be lightning quick so that you can dodge the obstacles that are in your path, but the game is pretty responsive to those quick taps.

As stated above there are currently three levels to play around with, the first is your typical snowy area filled with trees, houses, mailboxes, other skiers and more. The second is sort of a cotton candy skin on top of the first with a couple of small changes to separate the two. The third level is the beach level, a level that has sand castles, umbrellas, palm trees, and more. All of these levels have a different soundtrack playing in the background, and to be honest it sounded like the first was actually thought out and the other two were hurriedly made because of the need for something different than the first.

So there is something about this game that truly bothers me, and after discussing this with many of my gaming friends we have reached the same conclusion. Although this game is all about trying to dodge obstacles as you ski down the mountain/hill, the way the game presents itself it always appears as if you're actually skiing up hill, or maybe gravity works differently. It just feels odd. The other thing that is mind-boggling is that each of the different character skins that you'll get to use you only get to see from the back while you play. When you couple the two together, an uphill skiing seen from the back game, instead of a downhill skiing while seeing all the characteristics of your chose character game, one really just has to scratch their head.

There's also the point/distance milestones that the players try to achieve to get stars ( a total of three) to show their dominance in the level. The thing is that after obtaining the first star, which opens up the next level (until of course you're skiing on level), there's no real reward for the player. Now having talked about the stars lets take it a step further, you have to reach a certain distance in each level to obtain said stars, but the amount (the distance) that one has to travel just feels SUPER arbitrary.

There's also the coin collecting as you go through each round. You're going to need to collect 100 coins to get to spin the prize wheel that is prominently displayed on the intro screen. In my experience collecting 100 coins is one hell of a feat, I'm lucky to have collected 3 or 4 coins per run. There is of course bonus gifts that you get after a certain amount of time, and it will give you a couple more coins, but still you're going to see that wheel and not have any interaction with it for most of your playing time.

Here's the thing, I can definitely see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this game, but I also see that the potential of this game has not been met. This is a free-to-play game, and if you get the hang of the game, it can be fun, but for me it just seems like there's just a little too much backwards about this game, both literally and figuratively, for me to keep coming back to it.

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