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SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

Get back to digging in the sequel Steamworld Dig 2. The story continues from the first however the main character has mysteriously vanished and it is up to the robot, Dotty (also known as Dorothy), to get to the bottom of what actually happened to Rusty (the hero from the first). You will find your way to El Machino, a city that is suffering greatly from seismic activity deep underground. You will have to dig your way down, literally, to try to get to the bottom of these mysteries (what happened to Rusty, and what is causing all these earthquakes). To do that you'll have to collect resources that you can turn around and sell back in town. Now you might be asking yourself, you speak of these resources, and you're going to be selling them, but what can you get for your hard earned money. Well it's all about upgrades. There are several different components that you're going to want to keep in mind, health, water, fire, resource pack size, abilities, and weapons.

Health, of course, is the easiest to explain, if you have health you're alive, if you don't well you die, but I will point out that death doesn't really mean END GAME, it just means that you drop most of what you have collected on your latest run down into the mines/ground/other things ( ;) ). Water at first glance probably sounds odd, however this is what is going to be powering MANY of your abilities such as your pneumatic arm, bombs, etc. Fire is basically your light during your adventures down, once the light gets too low its very hard to see and the need to return to town becomes more pressing. Resource pack size, I think that's probably self-explanatory, the bigger the pack the more resources you can gather and bring back up with you. Abilities are something that you're going to unlock as the game goes on and there are definitely enhancements that will better those abilities. The weapons part is really just powering up your pickaxe. It is the main item that you'll be using throughout the game, and of course the stronger it is the more damage you can do to enemies and tough spots in the game. There's also TONS of hidden places in the game that will give you COGS, these lovely items allow for further enhancement of your abilities/items.

The one thing that one has to look at when reviewing a sequel is simply does this game match or hopefully succeed the first, and to be honest I feel like this one was much more streamlined and I didn't feel the level or pain of grind that had to be done in the first one. I also felt like there was faster progression through the actual game (ie. the story). You're definitely going to meet some crazy characters, some a bit more than others, but I definitely felt like this game was a rather large improvement. I somehow ended up playing through this game in a single sitting (about 8ish hours), and I don't regret a single moment spent on it. If you have the chance I HIGHLY recommend picking up this game.

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