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Let's Talk Violence and Video Games

I have been trying really hard, and I MEAN REALLY HARD, to not rage about the ignorance of people with a large platform (ie. government officials), but ENOUGH is ENOUGH... AGAIN. Why can't we just do some research or reach out to experts in a certain field to find out what is true and what is purely false/propaganda. It's really not all that hard, hell I don't have a politicians budget but I somehow avoid most knee jerk reactions when it comes to blaming something for something else that happened. Sure we're all at fault for letting some things going out of control and find out later that it was all a lie, but I think in the case of Video Games causing mass violence, we should probably be past this now. Here is a fun little graphic that says it best, I think...


Isn't that odd? The US isn't even the biggest consumer of video game products and yet somehow we're all a bunch of homicidal lunatics. Could it possible that there's another factor that we're ignoring? I could point the finger at the effort or lack of effort it takes to get a gun, but there's more to it than that. Making it more difficult to get a gun will slow things down, but there's other factors that are in play here. There's definitely a certain mindset that is required to plan and execute an act of violence on this level. 

There are too many instances where people have ignored what they saw/heard, or maybe simply didn't take what they saw/heard seriously enough. Sure you might come off as a complete dick if you run to the authorities when confronted with unsettling actions observed in another, but if it saves a life or 40, I think it should be done. Here's the thing, if the person gets pissed off at you what's the worse that happens? You lose a friend? If that person was going to actually conduct an act of violence, do you really want to be their friend? I know it may feel like an act of betrayal, but there are those out there who are trying to reach out, and there are times that doing so means acting out. Save a life today... Now don't get me wrong, we do need to look back over gun laws, what guns can be sold, owned, and maybe add some more steps to how to obtain a gun.

So if there's one think to take away from this rambling rant it is do your damn homework before you start pointing figures, I know its tough to do, but I, personally, believe you can do it. Also if you are looking to really change gun laws you're going to have to be as vigilant as the NRA is about attending public meetings talking about guns.

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