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The House of da Vinci Review

The great inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, has called upon you, a trusted friend, to come help him at his residence. Something has gone terribly wrong, and he is fleeing for his life, but he’s going to need help. In The House of da Vinci you will have to navigate through different rooms of his house, solving intricate and complex puzzles. All of these are in place to make sure that you are the right person for the job to protect him. You will have a tool that will help you solve some of the puzzles. It is a glove that has two different lenses attached to it. One of the lenses will allow you to see hidden pieces of certain puzzles so that you can unlock, decode, and solve those puzzles. There’s also the lens that allows you to see back in time. There will be some puzzles that require you to put things in a certain order, or position in order to get the correct answer, you’ll have to use that lens to see what is needed to conquer that puzzle.

I’m always up for a challenging puzzle game and this game definitely fits the bill. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes the challenge is deciphering the hints that are presented to you after enough time has passed without you solving the next puzzle in a room. The reason for this is there will be times where the next step is not obvious at all, or it requires you to look at something from exactly the correct angle to click on a spot that is only visible at a very small moment in your locked in view. Speaking of locked in views you’re going to be clicking several times on a puzzle area to lock into it to solve it, the problem is that you might find the current angle of the camera doesn’t allow you to move the pieces, levels, buttons, the way you want to and so you’ll have to keep readjusting the angle. There’s also an awkward navigation issue when you’re pulling out from a puzzle (which you’ll do with the right click) if you click too fast you might find yourself being navigated across the room, and in some cases facing a completely different direction.

This game is just a tough one to really get a final feel on. There are parts of the game that I highly enjoyed, the way the puzzles made me think, and re-evaluate. There’s also the puzzles that have such vague connections to other things that its damn near impossible to solve them without getting lucky. There’s also the hint system, which I understand is supposed to be vague most of the time, but there are times where my progress came to a complete standstill while I feverishly clicked on every surface I could think of, or try every combination of a puzzle without success.

So in the end I think that this game has/had potential to be something amazing but there are just some pieces that are infuriating in a game flow sort of way that will stop many from sticking around to the very end. On a side-note, the one thing that ABSOLUTELY drove me nuts is the fact that you’re being pursued by someone and yet every time you open a door, or leave a room you leave your path WIDE OPEN. If you know someone is hot on your trail, why the hell wouldn’t you want to put something solid, say a door between the two of you. Actually I’m not 100% sure about that, you can only go forward in the game, you can’t return to previous rooms so maybe the ways are closing? I guess we’ll never know.

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