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Intense FPS is Coming to Mobile

I think it is clear by now that smartphones and tablets are legit gaming machines, and so it comes as no surprise that some really well crafted games are finding their homes on those platforms. This game, FZ9: Timeshift, is coming to phone and tablet as soon as March 21st (that's less than a week away). 

In this game you will assume the role of Mak, a soldier that received an experimental drug called FZ9, sadly soon after you are put into a hibernation state. Now it is 40 years later, and there are plenty of bad guys to deal with, and thanks to the drug you can slow down time. This allows you to basically play the game in bullet time and take out your enemies with spectacular precision and attacks. You'll get to dive into 30 story missions, play with lots of different guns, and of course dabble in some RPG mechanics to help personalize your experience.

I'm sure at this point you have to know what the price is going to be when this game comes out for iOS and Android next week, well that's an easy one the game will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. So mark your calendar if you're looking for that next FPS that you can play on the go, and destroy all the foes that stand in your way.



Thursday Night Hangout to Have Special Guest

I can't tell you how excited we are to announce that the Thursday Night Hangout, tomorrow (March 16th), will feature a special guest. This gentleman appeared on our show previously to talk about his KickStarter project, and now he is coming back to not only share with us all this is going on with his game SnarfQuest Tales, but he'll also lend his voice to the rest of the show. So ladies and gentlemen, lords and ladies, get ready because we've got James Simpson joining us tomorrow. If you have any questions about SnarfQuest Tales make sure you get them to us, or be ready to jump right in at the beginning of the show.



Thursday Night Hangout 03/09/2017

Charlie and Zealeus bring you another show filled with awesomeness, such as

IndieGogo Stopping the funding for the Sinclair ZX Vega+
Convention safety
Why Nintendo says you should choose the Switch over other consoles
Vincent Baker's Spellslingers (KickStarter)
Our special broadcast for Battle & Brew on March 21st



Zealeus' Review of ConNooga 2017

Zealeus takes a little bit of time to put his thoughts on Con Nooga, have a listen/look.



Thursday Night Hangout 03/02/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back at it to talk about:

ConNooga 2017
Nintendo Switch Indie Initiative
Indiana Jones Fan-made Game Shutdown
Overwatch Rank Decay
Occulus Rift Price Drop
Multiplayer Community Toxicity
Battle & Brew Special Streaming
Extra Life 2017