Halo: Nightfall Trailer is Out

Holy crap I hope this takes off and I get to see a lot more of this. Remember a while back when Microsoft said they had Ridley Scott working on a Halo series, well this is it, and after seeing the trailer I NEED TO SEE MORE. The unfortunate thing is that we won't be able to until November 11th. 

Now I've heard through the grapevine that there is some serious Halo stuff going on, they are calling it HaloFest (isn't that what was at PAX a couple of years ago?). In this you will get to see a preview for Halo 5, you'll also get to see all kinds of other events. All you have to do is enlist, and by that what they mean is pre-order Halo: The Master Chief Collection. If you can do that, here's all that you could be a part of:

HaloFest: A Celebration Fit for a Spartan
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Microsoft and 343 Industries’ tribute to longtime fans, the culmination of more than 13 years of storytelling, adventure and gameplay. For the first HaloFest, 343 built a living museum of Halo history, but this time, the history is encapsulated in its purest form, the Master Chief’s epic saga. So this year, in celebration of those memories and the future that lies ahead, Halo will take over the Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles on Nov. 10, the day before Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives worldwide. 

Fans all over the world are invited to join the festivities via a live broadcast on Xbox Live, and Twitch, beginning at 8 p.m. PT. Tune in to the HaloFest Livestream to see:

  • First look at Halo 5: GuardiansFans will have a chance to experience the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta before its release on Dec. 29. An exhibition match between eSports pros will provide a first glimpse at the future of Halo multiplayer gameplay.
  • World premiere of Halo: NightfallThe evolution of Halo storytelling continues with the debut of Halo: Nightfall. Watch the first episode of this original live-action digital series, which introduces Agent Locke – a pivotal new character in Halo 5: Guardians. Halo: Nightfall is the result of an unprecedented collaboration with industry talents like Ridley Scott and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, who worked hand-in-hand with 343 Industries to raise the bar for live-action storytelling in the Halo universe.
  • Interviews with 343 Industries and more. Hear from Head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross, Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor, Executive Producer Dan Ayoub, Executive Producer Josh Holmes and others as they talk about the past, present and future of the Halo universe. Additionally, get the latest details on Halo: Nightfall directly from 343 Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill, the cast and production team, and hear from celebrity Halo fans walking the green carpet at the Avalon Theatre.
  • The global Halo Tournament. On Nov. 8-9, the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational, presented by ESL, will feature 32 of the biggest names in eSports going toe-to-toe in Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer for $50,000 in prizes and the chance to be the first to play the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta. The competition will take place at ESL’s Southern California headquarters, and all coverage will be streamed at on Nov. 8-9, with additional highlights airing during the HaloFest live broadcast on Nov. 10.

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Extra-Life 24 HOURS of Gaming Starts Early October 25th

As many of you already know Altered Confusion will once again be taking part in the 24 Hour Gaming Marathon that is Extra Life. This of course is a charity event put on every year where individuals put themselves to the test of gaming non-stop all the while trying to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Now I know that there are tons of teams out there that you probably already know all about, but just in case you have somehow missed the chance to help out with a donation you can donate for Altered Confusion, or whomever you wish.

Now with that being said we are taking game requests, if we have them we would love to play some if not all the games requested by you, the fans, readers, awesome people that you are.

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Silence - The Whispered World 2 Now Coming to XBOX One

All I can say is that I'm that much more excited about the arrival of this game, and now its going to be on the XBOX One. I wonder how well the transition will go from PC to XBOX One, but I seeing the number of titles under Daedalic Entertainment's belt, I think they will be fine. Now this version is going to come out at the same time, but I think that's more of a show that the architecture between the XBOX One and the PC truly isn't all that different and that perhaps we shall see more port much like this one happen in the future. For more information I give you the official press release:

Silence – The Whispered World 2 Coming to Xbox One
Hamburg, October 22nd, 2014. Daedalic Entertainment is pleased to announce today that Silence – The Whispered World 2, their genre-defining, visually stunning adventure game will now also be coming to Xbox One™, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft®. The Xbox One™ version will be released simultaneously with the PC and Mac versions in early 2015.
“Silence has always been a multi-platform project”, said Daedalic’s Studio Manager Steffen Boos. “From early on, we planned to release Silence – The Whispered World 2 on consoles as well, but we wanted to make absolutely certain the controls were tuned to each platform before announcing its console status,” he added.
Silence – The Whispered World 2 is Daedalic Entertainment’s first move into next gen development. “We think the new generation of consoles offer a platform that is ideal for indie development, and with the new gameplay we’re introducing to the adventure genre with The Whispered World 2, adventure games now also can be a good fit to consoles”, said Boos.
Silence – The Whispered World 2 follows Noah, who is about to lose his little sister Renie to the perils of war. He barely manages to follow her and finds himself alone, back in Silence – the world he once traveled as Sadwick the clown. And even here war ravages the land. In search for his sister, Noah joins a group of rebels who fight the false Queen.
Featuring completely new 3D visuals, Silence – The Whispered World 2 will offer many unique and exciting features. Sadwick’s and Renie's quest will lead them to a visually stunning and emotionally deep adventure, with many mysteries to unravel around Sadwick, his sister, and the world of Silence.
Silence – The Whispered World 2 will be released for Xbox One™, PC and Mac in early 2015.

Microsoft®, Xbox®, Xbox 360®, Xbox One™, Xbox LIVE®, and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft® group of companies.

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KickStarter: HazeWalker Cancelled

Hopefully you all remember us talking about the game that was soon to be kickstarted called, Hazewalker, a Metroid-zania type of game that showed a lot of potential. Well sadly it would appear that after much discussion, several different emotional states, and a final decision, they have decided to cancel the project. Well they cancelled their Kickstarter project, and the game Hazewalker is sadly going to be shelved for now and new projects will be attempted. Here's a direct quote from one of the people behind it:


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the cancellation of the Kickstarter for Hazewalker.

After reading and re-reading all of the feedback that we have received on articles, forums, and other sources, one thing has become clear: we are not making the game that people are excited to play.

We made several mistakes since this project began in early December of last year, chief of which is not maintaining a feedback loop with our audience and what they think of the game and its development so far. We should have communicated early and often, and corrected our course when presented with critical feedback that would have resulted in a better game. This is not a mistake we will repeat.

There is also the issue of the quality of the current playable prototype. It simply wasn't at the stage that it needed to be at in order to impress, and the mechanics that were present didn't bring enough fun, innovative elements to the table.

For now, we intend to put Hazewalker to the side, and look to our next project and exploring all of the possibilities that it holds.

Backers, thank you for your support and well-wishes before and during the Kickstarter. We are sorry if this news comes as a disappointment. We are down, but not out.

Thank you to everyone who has provided incredibly valuable feedback on our Kickstarter, our playable prototype, and our game as a whole up to this point. It has been enlightening, humbling, and invigorating.

Please follow TheoryForm Games on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with what we plan to do next. Your feedback and playtesting will help shape the direction of our next project. Or you can always follow me (David) directly: @CheskoTF

I plan to compose a more lengthy article that goes into more detail regarding what went wrong, and what we'll be doing differently in the future. Please look for it on Gamasutra and Reddit soon. I will post a link here when it is available if Kickstarter still allows it.

We will take some time to lick our wounds, learn from our mistakes, and move forward with a plan for a game shaped by our community that engages and delights.


David Pierce

Lead Designer, TheoryForm Games

Hopefully this will not snuff out their creative flame, and they will be able to continue on from this bump in the road. I know that there were many people who wanted to see Hazewalker in all its glory, and maybe just maybe, somewhere down the road we will still get that chance, but for now I guess all we can hope for is that TheoryForm Games keeps us updated on whatever their next project might be.

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BEDLAM: A Roguelike RPG that You Need to Get to Know Better

I know how some of us out there are scared of kickstarting digital titles, but there are a couple of exceptions to the rule, and it is my opinion that BEDLAM is one of those exceptions. To prove that I believe I've already thrown my money into the ring to help make this game a reality, and now I'm calling upon you, brave and noble gamers to help bring the project home. They are currently (today is the 20th of October, 2014) sitting FOUR days away. They are also sitting at about 16K under their goal. Now I know what you are thinking, that seems like a bit of a stretch to cover in 4 days. Well that's why I'm telling you about this game because I think that that thinking is going to be proved wrong, and I'm just giving you a heads up on this so that you don't miss out on the chance to help make it to the goal, that much faster. 

Now of course I could give you more information, but I think it is safe to say that the video, as well as the following stats, will do a better job, and really sell what this game is all about:

BEDLAM is a strategic single-player roguelike turn-based role-playing game, created for the PC and Mac utilizing 'The Banner Saga' engine.

The player is cast as the mysterious Mechanic, the last known member of a once-thriving guild of brilliant inventors, intrepid travelers and operators of the rolling fortresses called Dozers.

As the Mechanic, you are in charge of commanding your crew in battles, managing your resources, improving your Dozer, interacting with various characters, and protecting your passengers while navigating through the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Bedlam.

Think you have what it takes? Then grab the controls, equip your Dozer, load your passengers, assemble your diverse battle-ready crew and prepare for your journey to a new destination on the far edge of Bedlam!

Remember – One chance and one crew to make it through!

  • Our unique blitz battle system! Turn-based combat with swift play, over-the-top animations, action point based movement and attack system, environments and battles gradually affect your crew, crew-buffing Dozer upgrades, and tide-changing Dozer weapons!
  • Roguelike influences and RPG features, including randomly generated encounters and discoveries, meaningful permadeath, three different supplies to manage, crew veteran rankings and incredible replay value.
  • Dozers, the gargantuan rolling fortresses covered in armor and weapons to protect passengers and crew during the journey through Bedlam.
  • Four unique enemy factions: MaraudersMutantsCyborgs and the A.I. - all with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Double-Down” (a New game+): Travel back through Bedlam for the opportunity to defeat merciless overlord King Viscera and his minions for untold riches... or the sacrifice of everything!

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