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Thursday Night Hangout 04/20/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you the latest of their show, this week they talk about

Video games Make People...
eSports Scholarships
eSports Set Location
eSports Dedicated Channel
Download Size of Games
Original Starcraft Free



Thursday Night Hangout 04/06/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back for another exciting install of the Thursday Night Hangout. The show they broadcast live on every Thursday Night at 8 PM EST.

This week they discussed:
- Congratulations to Spellslingers for meeting their goal on KickStarter
- A La Carte Game purchasing model
- DLC Skins, what type of game do you purchase them for
- and more



24/7 eSports Channel Coming to PS Vue

As you might have noticed by now there is an ever increasing demand or emphasis on professional eSports. So does it really come as that big of a surprise when there is the announcement for a 24/7 sports channel? Well it apparently will be called eSports TV and for those who have a PlayStation Vue you can add it to your channel list for a low low low rate of $54.99 a month.

Now I'm going to be honest there's no way in hell I'd pay that much especially since you can basically get all the eSports you want for free thanks to YouTube and Twitch. I am a bit curious as to if there are any advantages to this channel over something like what Twitch and/or YouTube have to offer, but something tells me that even if I for some reason wanted to test out the channel I still wouldn't have any desire to do it since the games that are going to be supported are ESL games and I don't really follow any of those.

ESL Pro Leagues

  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • HearthStone
  • Halo
  • Rainbow Six: SIEGE
  • S.K.I.L.L
  • and More



Interview: Molly Proffitt of Ker-Chunk Games

Charlie had the distinct pleasure of being able to sit down with the co-founder and CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, Molly Proffitt. In this interview Molly and Charlie discuss Ker-Chunk Games' first title PrinceNapped, and much more.



Challenge What You Think You Know and Who You Are

In the cyber-horror game of ECHOPLEX you will find yourself in an environment where you will be forced to escape where you're being held, however you're going to need a little bit of help. Here's the twist though you're going to get help, but from an echo of yourself. Through some unforeseen circumstances, you end up in cycles of repeating events. It is these events that allow for the existence of your echo-self.

There are many situations to conquer, a mystery to be solved, and of course a question that will plague you for sure, are you really you, or are you just another echo retracing the steps of the real you but many moments/minutes/hours/years removed?

This game has just been released into Steam Early Access, and until April 13th will have a price of $8.99.