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Kids Experience the Forest in This New iOS Game

Piig Forest Explorer allows you to step into the paws of Chipper the Chipmunk and allows you to explore the forest to find all the creatures hiding/living there. Once you've spotted enough animals you will have the ability to put together a puzzle that once complete will give you a creature fact to expand you knowledge.

As you might have guessed by this point this is an educational game for young ones, or those who are looking for a game to take it easy with. As discussed above you will be controlling Chipper, you will get to run across the forest floor, climb trees, and eat mushrooms, nuts and more. This is a pretty straightforward touch screen game that contains, currently, 12 puzzles to complete.



TableTop Game: Pugmire's KickStarter Goes Live

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally see this game, created by the great Eddy Webb, make its way over to KickStarter. This game is based in the d20 system, and will take you through the world of Pugmire. Now you might be asking yourself, what is the difference from this game to other d20 systems?

Well my friends this game is a game about a world where the Dog is truly the "Top Dog". You see civilization as we know it comes in the form of dogs, not humans. The thing is at some point in the past the humans have died off, and the dogs have taken what was left of that civilization and crafted their own.

Now that is not to say that there aren't enemies, evil, and cats in the world. There is plenty of adventure, conquest, and mystery left in this world, and it will take a band or should I say a pack of like-minded dogs to help protect, explore, and perhaps find glory.

Seriously I have been waiting for this KickStarter for quite a while and I've already thrown down my money to be in on this, and so should you. Seriously DO IT.


*** UPDATE ***

In record setting time they have already reached their funding goal, so now let's add on to that total so that we can get some stretch goals going.



Funcom Announces Conan the Barbarian Game


Funcom, a company that I personally think of MMOs, is making an open-world survival game based in the Conan universe called Conan Exiles. This game will feature both a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode, here's the interesting catch, though, you can play this mode on private or public servers. To me this means that you can create an environment where you can keep some of or most of the total jack-ass trolls on the outside.

In this game you will truly have to survive be it through hunting, settlement building, or fighting for your life. Hyboria is a brutal land in the books, and so it will be no different in the game. You can either try to be that lone wolf that strikes out at other players in the dark of night or you can band together with others and truly build something that will allow you, and your allies, to truly carve something out of the wasteland to live and thrive in.

Now there's been no mention of classes, skill trees, weapons, or spells but something tells me that there's going to be a little something of each out there. Perhaps all the characters will start off as one thing and as you start playing the game the way you want to play it you can build on the proficiencies that suit you the best (although this is total speculation and perhaps some hopefulness on my part).

We will be able to find out more when this game goes Early Access (God I really don't like Early Access, can we just say Beta? or are we going to have to pay to play it?) this summer, and then there will be a PC and console version coming out some time after.


*** UPDATE ***

I've reached out to Funcom to see if we can get a little more clarity on a couple of things revolving around the game.


  1. The term Early Access, we would like to know if that means that in order to play the game in a "beta" form that they will have to pay first, if that's the case is there any way to sign up for a closed beta?
  2. The single player mode, since this game seems to hinge on either playing the rogue, trying to cause havoc so that you can survive, or as part of a team, how will this work in the Single Player option will there be a random assortment of AI NPCs that will be acting one way or another?
  3. The console, singular, on the press release would that mean it's going to be on the XBOX One, as it shares roughly the same architecture of the PC, or is Funcom still working out the details of what console or consoles this game might be coming out for?




The Studio behind Quest for Infamy is Back for More

Infamous Quests has decided to create another point and click adventure game in the same vein and style of Quest for Infamy. This time the name of the game is The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge, and you can pick it up today from several different digital distribution networks (Steam, GoG, and Humble) for $9.99.

Take on the role of the bard Finn as he takes on a journey through The Faerie Kingdom to take on the annual challenge of trying to find the Queen. Now of course the greatest of heroes and wannabe heroes are also all in when it comes to finding the Queen. Will you have what it takes to outsmart them all, and to conquer those in your path with the help of your magic lute? Oh that's right you have a magical lute, I mean you are a bard so it only makes sense that you have your magical instrument.



Greenlight: Help Use the Robot Blocks to Rebuild What was Lost

Now this is something you're probably going to want to Greenlight as fast as you can so that you can play Robots in the Wild. In an interesting twist you will play a Tetris-like game that when pieces come together create pieces of a robot fortress, needed to save and protect your civilization from monsters that only seek your destruction. Different configurations of the blocks will bring about different robots to protect you. Will you have what it takes to survive the assaults of the blood-thirsty monsters? I guess you'll have to help Greenlight this game to find out.

Currently the developer plans to release this game later this year as soon as it gets Greenlit.

Now of course if you HAVE to get a piece of this game right now to see where it's at, then I think you're going to want to download the demo (PC and Mac Only) and take it for a spin.