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Take to the Waves and Show What a Dog Does Best


In Woody: Endless Summer you play the role of Woody a dog that just can't get enough wakeboarding and is dying to show off all of his tricks. You will help him do just that. You will only have a limited amount of time to try to pull off as many tricks as you can, but know this for every miss you take away time to do more tricks.

This game is aimed for release on iOS and Android on August 24th and will come with a price tag of free. Now of course as you might have guessed that just means in-app purchases, but if the game is good, then you're sure to drop some change. 



Take Up Metal Maiden and Lead Your Team to Victory

In an alternate universe set in the time of World War II biomechanical machines that meld humans and machine together are what protects your country from the world. In the action-packed, turned based Panzer Waltz, for the iOS, you will have to defend against cybernetic beasts, monsters, and more. Use what spoils you find to upgrade your units called Metal Maidens so that you can continue to survive another day.

This game has been released in East Asia for a while, but starting August 22nd, those of us in North America will finally get our chance to battle. There are three different modes to tackle:

  • PvE - Immersive Story Mode
  • PvP - Take Your Skills and Challenge the Best
  • PvE - Special Events

Do you have what it takes? Will you be able to pilot Metal Maidens to the best of your ability? I guess we'll soon find out.



Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Wants in On Stranger Things


Personally I think that if you have people that have quite a bit of credit to their name asking to join your show/production/whatever, you must have really made it. In this case I'm talking about Frank Mentzer and his desire to have just a silent cameo on the show Stranger Things. Now to sweeten the deal, and one of the reasons he wants to at least appear on the show is that the kids play Dungeons and Dragons, so he's willing to DM (Dungeon Master/Game Master/Storyteller) some D&D for anyone of the members associated with Stranger Things. 

Now if that doesn't work on the Duffer Brothers, then I have no idea how one would even imagine something better to offer to get a silent cameo on Season 2. Seriously, one of the GodFathers of the Pencil and Paper RPG world is reaching out to THEM not the other way around. I think I'd have a heart attack if I got that kind of offer thrown on the table.

Here's his exact statement to the Duffer Brothers:

Greetings, gentlemen.

First, congratulations on the success of Stranger Things. Nice job. It's taken geek culture by storm.

An offer:
I wrote the 1980s version of Dungeons & Dragons... the boxed sets & booklets shown in the first series.
If you're interested, I'd be happy to run one or more D&D games for cast, staff, etc., at no charge (off-set).

An expansion:
If there's further interest, I could appear in a silent cameo. The fans would love it, and social media would reflect that.

I'm 65, semi-retired, and not looking for work. Just offering. :)

Thanks for your time.



Fight the Dogs of Space with the Help of the Cougar Squadron


A band of elite feline fights is ready to take on the rabid dogs of the Grolich Empire, and you will help them do just that in this dual stick shooter named SpaceCats in Space. If you are successful in pushing back this evil empire then there's a chance that the Kingdom of Meowfyre can be liberated.

Currently this game is in KickStarter (Ending in September 16th) mode as well as Steam Greenlight and it's going to need all your love, support, and more. If you believe that this game might be up your alley you're going to want to take the demo for a spin. Currently the developers, Robotic Potato, is aiming for a Q2 2017 release with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release soon after.



Nexon Fires Employee Over T-Shirt

Now this is a fun one that I have been debating on whether or not to talk about because of the fact that there are so many sides, conspiracies, motives, rallies, and more behind it, but what the hell let's do it. So a voice actress for the South Korean game "Closers". Now I'm not going to lie, I'm not really sure what this game is all about, but apparently it is HUGE.

So what kind of t-shirt did this female employee wear?


Now this seems to be an innocent enough t-shirt and in this day and age it's probably right on the money, however there are some twists and turns behind the shirt that have all kinds of people all up in arms. There is an organization that many would call an over the top feminist group called Megalia and apparently this is one of their shirts. The sales of shirts, such as this, go into a war chest for lawsuits that they feel are worthy to fight from their perspective, so mainly cases where in their eyes a woman is being treated unfairly, so I believe this is instance is probably going to be the very next case on their docket.

As I do not know enough about South Korean culture, traditions, where they are when it comes to equal rights, I'm not going to even TRY to point fingers in any direction, however there are many people outside of South Korea that are screaming for boycotts of Nexon products because of this action. It is so easy to jump on a bandwagon and blindly follow what everyone is screaming about or basing your choices simply off the title of an article, but can we please do our research to formulate an actual opinion before we start getting the pitchforks and torches?

Personally, I think both sides are at fault. I feel like she might have worn the shirt to provoke a response, and Nexon fired her because of the backlash of people demanding that she be removed. So you decide where you stand, this is just where I'm currently standing.