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Thursday Night Hangout 02/09/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back and ready to give you the latest and greatest in their show:

Panels and Fan Table at ConNooga
Netflix is bringing a Castlevania Show
Adam Wolfe
Robots in the Wild
Battle for Candora
Mascot Dunks
Altered Confusion's Extra Life Campaign



Thursday Night Hangout 02/02/2017


Charlie is flying solo this week, but don't worry he will be bringing it with all he's got:

Namco's Tragedy
Insomniac Games' stance on US Immigration Ban
Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2
PAX Unplugged
Dungeon Mini
Battle & Brew Streaming March 21st
Third Party Gambling Sites



Solve the Puzzles in This Neo-Noir Adventure Game

Supernatural investigator Adam Wolfe deals in solving mysteries in the underbelly of San Francisco. You get to play Adam Wolfe as you delve deep into mystery and at the same time encounter a pattern that will take you even deeper into that underbelly. This game is a first person adventure game that mixes with the Hidden Object genre.

Adam Wolfe is developed by Madhead Games. You can get this game, either all at once, or in episodes through Steam, iOS AppStore, or Big Fish Games. 

For those interested in finding out the pricing of the game, here you go:


    • Episode 1: The Ancient Flame $5.99
    • Season Pass: $15.99
    • Complete Season: $19.99
  • iOS
    • Episode 1: The Ancient Flame (free demo to a certain point) $3.99
    • Season Pass: $9.99
    • Complete Season: $11.99
    • Individual Episodes: $3.99
  • Big Fish Games
    • Episode 1 & 2: $9.99
    • Episode 3 & 4: $9.99




Castlevania to Get Netflix Series this Year

This has got to be some of the best news of the year so far. I know that there will be naysayers and all that jazz, but this game series could definitely work as a TV series, and Season 1, Part 1 is coming out 2017. Now I'm sure you've got to be asking yourself, who will be the person responsible for making this show to the Netflix?

The development will be handled by Frederator Networks, the company behind Adventure Time, and the producer to get really excited about is Adi Shankar. Now if that name sort of rings a bell, or perhaps you are drawing a blank... Do you remember that gritty Power Rangers short that popped up on YouTube? Well, that was Adi Shankar's doing.



Become the Best Dunking Mascot


Have you ever wanted the chance to show off your one-tap skills to cause a costumed mascot to go flying through the air and make a jaw-dropping dunk, or maybe now that I've mentioned it you want to? Well then there is a game coming out February 16th that you are going to want to keep an eye out for called Mascot Dunks.

This game, developed by Crimson Pine Games, is headed to both iOS and Android devices for the crazy price of FREE. Now I'm sure there's probably some in-app stuff for customizing your mascot, but the game is free to play. Seriously all you're going to need to do is time your taps with your mascot to win, so why not keep an eye out for this game or at least mark your calendars.