Silent Hills Revealed

Alright for some of you the name is probably linked to a series of movies that left people wanting, but there was a series of games, some of them missing the mark, others scaring the crap out of gamers. Well it turns out that we are about to have another round of this series, and it looks like all the stops have been pulled. Norman Reedus (Walking Dead, Boondock Saints) is going to be your main character. Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, etc) are also in on the action, they are the ones that will be driving the story and the experience. All I have to say is that when this game comes out, and you know its going to with names like these, I am going to move heaven and earth to get a crack at it. Now of course I will have to play it at night, with all the lights out, and maybe just maybe I'll have to have a clean pair of shorts just in case.

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Blackguards 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Oh man I cannot wait to get my hands on this and actually play this game, if they did what they say they did, and that's vast improvement thanks to feedback, then this is a game that I am not going to be able to miss out on. So without further fanboy gushing, as it appears that's what I have started to do, here's the trailer.

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Local Online Gamers Get Swatted

Alright so I have to admit, I had no idea what the term meant, it started out as a thing to do against celebrities and now has started to grow in online gaming communities. It is the act of calling in a false 911 call to act out revenge against gamer(s) who you feel have wrong you. In this instance the caller claimed that someone had shot their mother in the head and was totting around a rifle. Of course the entire force of Cobb County descended upon this neighborhood, and it turned out to all be for nothing.

Come on gamers, why risk the safety of all people, to try to play a stupid, immature, joke on someone. There are better ways to do this without getting government departments involved. Now of course those who are making the calls are very technically savvy and have been hiding their tracks with all kinds of coding and proxy magic, so it is damn near impossible to trace the call back. Here's the official story off of


A tense situation in a Marietta neighborhood kept streets closed and residents on edge for hours.
It turned out to be an example of a crime plaguing departments across the country called "swatting."
When a 911 caller claimed a man inside a house off of Roswell Road had shot his mother and was armed with a rifle, police responded in force Friday sealing off the neighborhood, with fire and ambulance crews taking up positions nearby.
“I was really scared. I've never seen so many police cars in one area, especially in this area. It’s so quiet,” neighbor Lynn Vella told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt. 
After police surrounded the home, they got the attention of those inside, who were forced, one at a time, to come out with their hands up.
“When they said we were getting Swatted I thought it was a joke. I was still in my boxers, ran down and there were guns to my head,” one of the victims told Cavitt.

“It was pretty surreal man. Like they were like ‘back up, put your hands up.’ It’s like what you see in the movies. It’s pretty crazy,” said victim Devon Mark.
Police told Cavitt that there were seven individuals inside the house and nobody was shot. They said the incident turned out to be a hoax phone call.
Investigators said the seven people inside the home were professional online gamers and they had been the victims of Swatting. 
Swatting is an ongoing problem across the country that's attracted the attention of the FBI and is common in the online gaming world.  
The gamers told Cavitt that tracking down the caller is almost impossible. Police said it puts a strain on resources. 
“Every time you take officers off of the beat to handle a hoax call, it creates a dangerous situation because something serious could be happening elsewhere,” said Officer Michael Bowman of the Cobb County Police Department.
It took a while for word to filter through the neighborhood that the display of force was for nothing.
“(I was) just worried about my family. (I wanted to) make sure everything’s okay. It’s just a shame for some kids to call in a hoax,” neighbor Steve Clemmer said.
Police were planning to try and track down the caller but have hit dead ends.
Swatting became such a problem in California, legislators enacted a new law that calls for jail time and for the caller to pay back police for the cost of their response, which often runs in the tens of thousands of dollars.
The FBI is also investigating cases in other parts of the country.

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Jeff Anderson Voices Randal in Randal's Monday

So here's a treat for all those out there who were looking forward to the next point click adventure game published by Daedalic Entertainment, it would appear that for the game Randal's Monday, they got the Randal, well for most really nerdy people who fell in love with the movie Clerks, to voice the main character. Jeff Anderson, who places Randal Graves in all things Clerks, will once again don the name Randal, but this time he will be playing a different Randal, a Randal that is stuck on the same day. Now of course I've basically told you everything that you would have found out in the video, and for that I apologize, but it is really exciting to see a recognizable voice put into a game that I am definitely dying to get my hands on. For more information I give you the Press Release:

Clerks-Star Jeff Anderson presents Randal’s Monday in new video
Hamburg, Germany/ Alicante, Spain; August 12th, 2014. Clerks actor Jeff Anderson and iconic figure of the 90’s geek culture is back! In a new video the Hollywood actor presents his role Randal Hicks from the point & geek adventure Randal’s Monday. The video, which was shot during the voice recordings at the OMUK studios in London during the past weeks, is available here:
Anderson, who is known for his role of Randal Graves in the 90’s cult movies Clerks, Clerks II and the accompanying TV-series, is into all sorts of Randal-characters and has just been waiting for a project like Randal’s Monday to come along: „I got this showbiz thing going on where I could only play Randal, so I just look for the coolest projects that involve Randal and here it is.”
To the games’ developers from Nexus Games Studios the Clerks’ franchise and Anderson’s character have been a major inspiration for their own main character Randal Hicks, who is meant to be a tribute to the Clerks-movies and one of Randal’s Monday’s countless references to the geek culture. It also makes Jeff Anderson the perfect choice for main character in Randal’s Monday.
The point & geek adventure will be a feast for every single of your geek-senses and a tribute to a whole generation of fans and the heroes they grew up with. Players can look forward not only to many, many nostalgic items, but also cynical humor and a bizarre top notch story.
Randal's Monday authentically illustrates just how tough it is to get through the week's most annoying day - even for the protagonist Randal Hicks, who prefers an easy take on life, rather than a serious one. His slacker attitude, though, gets him into one mess after another.
After celebrating his best friend Matt's engagement, Randal wakes up on a Monday morning with a serious hangover, Matt's wallet and something very precious: Matt's engagement ring.
Finding the ring is a convenient opportunity, since Randal gets not only fired, but also can no longer stall his landlord. In these dire circumstances, Randal can't help but to sell the ring for some cash. The consequences, however, are fatal and Randal suffers a horrible curse for his actions: Matt commits suicide and Randal is forced to live through the same fateful Monday again and again to atone for his mistake. Randal needs to reclaim the ring and sort his life out before things get worse - so worse that even the very fabric of the universe is in peril.
The classic point & click gameplay and countless items and nods toward the golden age of geek culture deliver precious nostalgia to all players who hold their childhood memories and heroes dear. Retro-consoles? Favorite flicks, shows and games from the 80s, 90s, and the early 2k? Randal's Monday has all of that and it's truly worth your time to find each and every reference made in this game.
Randal’s Monday is developed by the team of Nexus Game Studios in Spain and is published worldwide by the adventure experts of Daedalic Entertainment. The game's scheduled for release in fall 2014.

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Hi-Rez Studios and Microsoft Bring Smite to the XBOX ONE

Well now this is some news to get excited about. It would appear that Smite, the MOBA created right here in Atlanta, and taking the world by storm, is headed for the XBOX ONE platform. Now of course there are SO MANY QUESTIONS, that I feel I need to ask, or want to ask...


  1. Cross Platform? We talking PC vs. XBOX ONE, or is each its own little world?
  2. Any gods/goddesses going to get a little Microsoft all over there skins?
  3. intigration?
  4. Microsoft sponsored tournaments?


I'm sure there's a million more things that I could ask or say, but this is beyond exciting news for any game, and of course especially for this one as I actually know some of the hard working people who are making this thing a reality. Good job to all, and I can't wait to see what Smite will bring to the XBOX ONE. For the official statement, I give you the press release right out of Gamescom:

Microsoft and Hi-Rez Studios to make Xbox One the next Battleground of the Gods.

COLOGNE, Germany, AUGUST 12, 2014.  Today during the gamescom 2014 Xbox news briefing, Hi­-Rez Studios announced that SMITE, the acclaimed free-to-play 3rd Person Action MOBA for the PC, will arrive on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program in 2015.

“SMITE's high-action gameplay makes it unique among leading MOBAs in that it is incredibly fun and engaging to play on a console controller,” said Todd Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Hi-Rez Studios. “The Xbox One provides the perfect platform for us to bring the Battleground of the Gods to console gamers around the world.”

“As a third-person action game, SMITE is perfectly suited for the Xbox One controller”, said Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox for Microsoft.  “We’re excited to feature a MOBA that fits our console audience in gameplay and look forward to Xbox gamers around the globe battling for dominance.”

Since launching on the PC in Europe and North America in March, 2014, SMITE has quickly established itself as one of the top games in the rapidly growing MOBA genre, with over 5 million players.  Themed around gods of mythology, and offering a third-person camera and more game modes than any other leading game in its genre, the game provides a unique, action-packed experience that puts the player in the thick of the action.