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Here's Your Chance to Become the Next Sherlock Holmes

Have you been dying to find a game in which you can step into the mighty shoes of possibly the best detective ever? Well The Other Guys

has a game that you're going to want to check out either on Facebook or on iOS called Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective. In this game you will have the chance to take on cases that might be deeper and darker than the first appear.

You will be hooked into the hidden object aspects of the game and will want to stick around for the unique puzzles that will need to be conquered in order to get to the truth, but what is the truth, really? You will have to find out by checking out this game which is available on both platforms right now.



When Woman Characters Become Forgotten

I know that there's been quite some stirring of voices and emotions over the treatment of women in Hollywood, and that's something that we aren't going to touch on in this article, but what we are going to touch on is the lazy and inexplicable lack of effort to make sure that not only the "strong" lead male characters get included in a movie toy set, but that the women (if there is one) gets the same love and attention.

Target has been doing these bundle deals for quite some time when it comes to movies. It's for the collectors, or for those parents that figure, "If I get all the main characters one of them is going to be the one the kid actually wants". Well it turns out that Target has a bit of a spotty track record when it comes to including female lead characters in their sets. I do understand that the nerd stereotype of some unwashed dude in his parents basement is still VERY strong, but lets be honest collectors, fans, and kids who don't know what series they will completely buy into right now come in all shapes and sizes and genders.

So I ask you, how FREAKING hard is it to make sure that if you are going to create a set to include the female, I do understand that almost every movie has more men than women in lead roles, but that doesn't mean that you can exclude them. Case and point the new Star Wars toy collection features many of the main male characters, but oddly enough the woman who is getting the most screen time, at least in the trailers, Rey, is not included in the set.

Now lets take it a step backwards, when they released the Avengers set everyone was there but Black Widow, which seems kind of odd since she is absolutely a big part in the storyline. You want another one? Well how about the fact that when the Guardians of the Galaxy set came out Gamora wasn't present? Now come on there is something seriously wrong.

Look I know that we are trying to make everything gender neutral when it comes to who the toys are meant for, but it really looks half-assed when you decide to leave out female characters who are vital to the movie.



A Now for the First Full Trailer for World of Warcraft

Alright now we get a little bit more context about what this film is going to be about, and it would appear that there is going to be an Alliance with some faction of the Horde (you see what I did there). So I guess the question is do we think that this storyline, which had been done many times in different ways, is going to be enough to make for a good movie?

I'm liking the action sequences in the trailer, but what is going to be the X factor that will keep my locked in? I'm still concerned that this movie is going to end up cookie cutter in a lot of ways and we are going to be left wondering what could have been... On the other hand perhaps this is one of the exceptions and we end up seeing something that can be a blueprint for other movies based on games going forward.



World of Warcraft Teaser Trailer

I don't know if I want to be optimistic or if I want to believe that some way some how this movie is going to get mired in the craptacular-ness that almost all movies based off of games suffers from. I'm not going to lie, it looks amazing for that brief amount of time we get to look at it, and I REALLY REALLY hope that this game blows everyone's minds, but I'm going to wait until the very last moment before I truly let my hopes up.




IndieBox Unboxing 11/2/2015


Every month there is a new game with new extra awesomeness packed inside. Charlie shows off this month's selection, Axiom Verge. If you want in on this going forward just head over to the IndieBox website.