Western Puzzle game with a Robin Hood Twist has Been Revealed

It's always interesting to see classic stories getting a new look at, and this time it is the tale of Robin Hood. You're mission is to steal from the rich and give back to the poor. You'll have to get very creative with incendiary devices, but if you can succeed the evil Boss Grimshaw's reign of terror will finally come to an end. 

The name of the game is Gunpowder, developed by Rogue Rocket Games, a team created with some veteran game development experience (Earthworm JimMDK, and Escape From Monkey Island to name a few), and your mission is to take on 125 different levels. You will also have a time component to it, so for those out there who love to try to solve puzzles as fast as possible, this feature is for you. 

The best news that you can get about this game is that it will be available for you to purchase ($4.99) starting on March 31st. Now of course there is one catch and that is that this game is for the iPad 2 and newer, and does require at least iOS 6.0. I know that that will probably make some gamers out there a little bit depressed, but hopefully there are more sighs of relief over this information that mumbled curses.

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Egyptian D20 Found, Ancient D&D Game was Played?

Alright so lets get a little nerdy here. Recently someone unearthed a D20, a 20-sided die, that was probably used for some sort of game from the time where the Egyptians ruled, what they thought, was the entire world. Now you might notice that there are not numbers but symbols located on the die, and from my understanding they are probably Greek letters. 

Now of course I could go the silly must have been a frat hazing ritual route, but seeing as I was once upon a time in a fraternity, and don't want to add to a false stereotype, at least not for my fraternity, I'd like to think that maybe there were some pre-Dungeons and Dragons quill and papyrus (see what I did there instead of pencil and paper), games going on.

I hope that we learn a little bit more about this object, and perhaps can find an entire set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and for the hell of it a d100).

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Nintendo Finally Allowing IP onto Smartphones

Can you believe it, soon you will be able to play Mario, Luigi, and many more of your favorite Nintendo characters on your smartphones and tablets. Nintendo has inked a deal with a Japanese company called DeNA. With this partnership in place the thought of Nintendo's first party IPs start to dance in our heads. 

Now I know that many people out there had a feeling that Nintendo was going to go further in the handheld devices, and perhaps finally hang up the need to create consoles. Let's be honest when the Wii U was unveiled and all of its parts were given the hands on treatment it fell flat. I mean COME ON we need 4 Wii pads to be able to link up so that we can do Legend of the Four Swords.

Anyways there is a twist to this story, and that is that there is some sort of membership piece to it. Is this the new incarnation of Club Nintendo? Are you going to be able to buy games without the membership? Is this a monthly subscription fee? If I stop paying can I still play the games I've already purchased? Do I actually purchase games through this new service?

As you can see many questions are left to be answered, but if this is done right, HOLY CRAP Pokemon-MANIA will erupt once more, and this time there is going to be an even larger demographic that will HAVE TO catch them all.

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See a Peek of Google's AR Project, Magic Leap

Holy crap, I can't wait to actually see this the real world, or get a chance to take it for a spin. I like what I see but I want to know how it fairs in different lighting situations, in small rooms, and of course the latency between gestures and actions.

Oh and one more thing, how about what type of device we're going to be able to do this on, and will we be tethered to a specific radius from the computer, WiFi, etc.

I really wish they were able to attend TED so that we could see all of what they would have shown on stage, but for now I think that we'll just drool over what we have and see what comes of this project.

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Kojima set to Leave Konami After MSG V: Phantom Pain

I don't know if we should be surprised by this or not, but it would seem that the man, the myth, the legend behind the Metal Gear Solid series, up to this point, is getting ready to cut ties with Konami. Now of course when the news first broke people were scared that that meant MSG V would suffer from this move. 

Kojima has come out and said that he is determined to make this the best Metal Gear Solid yet. Of course I think that since he's put so much into this franchise he also doesn't want to leave with a mess ending his run with the series. 

I am curious to see where he goes next, and what he will be doing. I guess we will have to see if he starts something in the vein of grassroots, or perhaps he will join forces with someone to make a super team. The thing is if he does the second option, does he really need to do that, but then again it could bring something mindblowing.

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