Elysian Shadows KickStarter Coming Soon

Alright, its almost time for the next big step in this roller coaster ride that is the Elysian Shadows game story to take off. In this chapter we will find if enough has been done to get this game the love and attention that it so badly deserves. Now I could keep writing and telling you all about this, but lets just give you the video straight from the source:


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Club Nintendo Releases Surprising Gifts to Gold/Plat Members

For those of you who are not familiar, Club Nintendo  is a loyalty program by Nintendo. It works by registering the codes in certain Nintendo games and systems in exchange for points, which you can then trade for items such as 3DS game holders, posters, or digital downloads.  Club Nintendo also has a running history of giving out special exclusive prizes yearly to their gold/platinum members (users who have earned a high amount of coins in the June 2013-June 2014.) These prizes range from rare statues to an exclusive Majora's Mask (Legend of Zelda) soundtrack.  These items must be achieved by reaching the gold/platinum goal or found on ebay; and, if these items are purchased on ebay, they tend to be very pricey. 

Over the course of this year, users have vocalized online, a notice in decline of the amount of physical prizes offered by Club Nintendo. Within the past few months, Nintendo took down all physical prizes for maintenance; allowing users to only trade their 'coins' for digital downloads for the WiiU and 3DS.  Although the site has returned physical prizes, the choices are very limited, which has brought about the argument that Nintendo is attempting to switch to all digital prizes.

The gold and platinum prizes for 2014 were released yesterday, to many users dismay.  There were no Mario hats, card decks, or button pin collections.  Gold/Platinum users have only the choice of downloading a digital game off a small list provided by Nintendo. 

The biggest argument about this sudden change is the game list. Instead of exclusive games (such as the impossible-to-get-otherwise Ambassador's Program games that were given to early purchasers of the 3DS,) the list features games like Super Mario Bros. or The Adventure Of Link. Games that are common and cheap comparative to what Nintendo has given as rewards in the past.




Massive Update to Dead Trigger 2 Has Arrived

Well it would appear that the game Dead Trigger 2 is still kicking, and kicking at a rate that SCREAMS we need to give you more. So here you go a massive update. You want a new Arena? BOOOM it is yours. You want some tournaments to take part in? BOOOM it's been done. You want so new updates everywhere? That's right, BOOOM. Now I have to say that I have let my copy of Dead Trigger 2 sit for a bit, but something tells me that I need to return to the game see all that has changed, and all that I can now do.


A massive update is on the way, with unique tournaments and custom rules for winning awesome prizes, gold and cash.  There's lots of bloody fun in the new Purgatory Arena with bizarre traps like Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes, as well as an offering of new guns to improve your killing style.

July 16th, 2014 - Brno, Czech Republic - MADFINGER Games arose to legendary status through consistent critical acclaim and the high ranking of their games in app communities.

With the new huge update, Dead Trigger 2 is rolling out a fantastic expansion of unprecedented fun. The Tournament Update brings a unique tournament every weekend in the new Purgatory Arena and Arena of Death. The breathtaking Purgatory Arena with bizarre traps like Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes is dedicated entirely to hosting amazing tournaments. Merciless tournament fights for awesome prizes, gold and money will guarantee satisfaction to all warriors.

"We have strengthened the spirit of competition with exceptional tournaments and awesome prizes" explains Pavel Cizek, vice president of MADFINGER Games. “Now we bring the best and most extensive update of Dead Trigger 2. Our fans will enjoy a variety of tournaments with custom gladiator rules and powerful new guns” adds Cizek.

Warriors from all around the world are invited to fight in the Arena under custom gladiator rules with powerful new weapons capable of silencing a zombie in no time flat.  When METAL STORM unleashes its storm of projectiles, no one zombie is safe. The AREA-51 GUN of unknown origin can disintegrate a target in a second while unleashing a visual effect.

An important new story line develops with the Europe Campaign, shedding new light on old secrets – The Red One and the origins of the mutation. The great news is that the old story campaigns are now open and re-playable for a full range of amazing flashbacks. There's also an enhanced opening story campaign in America.

Hunting and slaughtering zombies has now been expanded to brilliantly rendered environments such as a university campus, a dangerous jungle, the cruel Arctic and a busy airport.

MADFINGER Games are still dedicated to bringing the best new game content to the continuously increasing gamer community (9 regions, 30 unique environments, 33 kinds of weapons and more than 600 gameplay scenarios).

MADFINGER Games brings together a team of heavily experienced console game developers with a shared goal of creating console-quality games for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as the Facebook platform. This includes a key emphasis on next-gen graphics and offering mobile gamers a visually stunning gaming experience. Their third person shooter, Shadowgun received outstanding reviews and high ratings, reaching the position of Number One Game in 25 countries and has been included in "App Store Rewind 2011" and the Apple "Hall of Fame". Last year’s hit, the first-person shooter, Dead Trigger 2, has recently reached 23M downloads.

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MonsterCon Comes This Weekend

Alright folks, so for those who may not have gotten a ticket yet to this convention going down in Grenville, SC, there's still some time, but it is quite short. Now of course Altered Confusion will be there once again spreading the awesomeness of Independently Developed Games, as well as talking up the industry. If you are coming to MonsterCon come find us at the located spot:

We are going to be between Carolina Gothic, and the wrestlers Rage Davidson and Father Darkness. Now of course this is going to be a little bit more packed than last MonsterCon, but have no fear if you have any questions or comments that you unfortunately don't get to ask or say, we are more than happy to answer anything through our Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and of course right here at Altered Confusion. There are those out there that might want to see a bit more of Altered Confusion than behind the fan table, well have no fear we have two panels going on:

Saturday (Panel Two)

3:00pm-4:00pm: The Destruction of the Game Industry as we Know it.

Description: With the rise of technology all industries are being forced to evolve, and the video game industry is no exception. There have been new platforms to explore, companies to close, and different methods of entry created. Come join in the discussion with the staff of Altered Confusion about what this means for the future of the industry.

and of course to finish it off, the right way:

Sunday (Panel Two)

11:00am-12:00pm: So You Completed Your Indie Game, You Think You’re Done?

Description: Many very passionate developers out there pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their projects and feel that upon giving it their final blessing and putting it up for sale that they have completed the hard part. Charlie Hawkins, from Altered Confusion, would like to kindly tell you, that the hard part hasn't even begun. Come stay awhile and listen to Charlie and his experiences when it comes to dealing with Independent Developers. Hopefully you can dodge some of the most common pitfalls and make your game the smashing success that it is supposed to be.

We hope to see you up there, but if we don't hopefully we will catch you soon at the next convention we appear at.

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Phoenix Online Publishing Announces New RPG 

So almost everyone out there already knows what RPG stands for, but just in case, I am talking about a RolePlaying Game. That's right folks those crazy games where you actually get to craft your character and play for more than 8 hours in a single player environment. Well this one is coming to you from the developers at Cuve Games, and goes by the name of Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar. So now that I have your interest, I guess you would like to know a little more about the game, well what better way to do so than to show you the press release with all its nuggets of awesomeness and truth:


Fantasy RPG Coming for PC, Mac, and Linux - Lets You Craft Weapons, Tactics and More

SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 15, 2014 – Phoenix Online Publishing today announced the upcoming release of new fantasy role-playing game Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, which invites players to battle legions of lethal enemies in both story-driven and random encounters. Featuring a full-fledged crafting system, over 130 monsters to battle and dozens of powers and special abilities to unlock, the game will ship August 21st for PC, Mac and Linux, and be available via Steam, the Phoenix Online Store, and other major online retailers.

In Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, players are invited to build their own weapons and armor, then lead a party of wizards, warriors, assassins and other characters into battle against waves of lethal adversaries as they race to stop an ancient evil. Armed with both might and magic, heroes will wield the powers of ice, fire and lighting against their adversaries as they take the fight to their enemies, gaining in experience and collecting wondrous mystical artifacts of every kind along the way.The deeper players delve into this epic tale, the more challenging scenarios they unlock, and host of new friends and enemies they'll make as they experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Epic blend of fantasy role-playing and strategy
  •  Fight for glory in story-driven quests and random adventures
  •  Craft your own custom weapons and armor
  •  More than 100 bloodthirsty monsters to battle
  • Dozens of powers and special abilities to pick from

"Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar offers RPG fans of all skill levels the chance to dive right in and enjoy engaging fantasy battles in seconds," said Scott Steinberg, general manager of Phoenix Online Publishing. "We're pleased to provide enthusiasts with yet another great reason to go adventuring this summer."

"You will find in Heroes & Legends elements that you won't find in other RPGs, but it's still a tribute to the fine J-RPGs of our youth,” said Jerome Bodin, game designer and owner of Cuve Games. “Its challenges will appeal to the older hardcore as much as to the newcomers.”

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