Con Nooga 2016, Now with Dates

For those of you who went to the convention this year in Chattanooga, TN, or perhaps you missed out on it this year, there's some exciting news. This convention now has dates so that you can clear your calendar, do some early hotel booking, and perhaps start to lay out what your costume design is going to be. 

So without further rambles, here you go, February 19-21, 2016. Once again this will be taking place at the Chattanooga Convention Center as well as the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Now if you want to go ahead and get those ticket/passes, you can do so by going to the Eventbrite Site.

Now from my calculations if you are looking to browse the website they will have it up and ready at the end of July, but if you can't wait that long you can always hit up the Con Nooga Facebook page.



A New Look to Asteroids, SphereFACE

Have you ever wanted to go back to the days of Asteroids, and perhaps give it a little bit of a twist? Well there's a group of developers who are looking to do that right now, and they can use your help with their KickStarter Project

In the game SphereFACE you will be trapped inside of sphere, set to survive against levels of asteroids trying to smash your ship. Now here's the interesting twist, once you are able to destroy all the asteroids you unlock a worm hole type of exit out of the sphere, the only problem, it links to another sphere. Will you have the skills and talent to safely make it through the spheres, or will your ship end up as rubble, forgotten for all time.

Oh and here's a very interesting thing to keep in mind, they are going to be automatically adding Oculus support to make this game even that more epic. Now if you like the look of the game, or perhaps the concept donate, but if for some reason you can't, you can always help with an up vote over on Steam Greenlight.



Bow Hunter 2015 Comes to iOS

I'm going to be totally honest with you, I'm not huge into hunting games, hell the closest I actually coming to hunting in real life is fishing, now that's something I can do. That being said I know that there are those of you out there who do like to take a little bit of time and do some sports hunting in the virtual realm. What better way to be able to do that than on an iOS device.

Bow Hunter 2015 for the iOS not only gives you that fix, but also gives you some competition to keep you at the top of your game as you hunt in 200 different locations, competing for in-game and real-world money. I mean come on, who knew hunting for fun in a virtual environment could reap these kinds of benefits.

So now that I've got your attention, and if you are indeed interested, let me give you the links to get this game so that you can start honing your skills right away.



Just a quick little side note:

Bow Hunter 2015 is a free-to-play title for iOS and Android. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (tablets and phones) with at least 1GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU.



X-Men: Apocalypse Look

Okay look here's the deal, I understand that everyone wants their own reimagining of the characters for a comic book movie. I mean there have now been too many reimaginings of Joker to count, but for the most part they have stayed close to the source material. Then there are those times where the artistic "creativity" goes so far off base that you stop and think to yourself, "what the hell is that?"

Case and point the "reimagining" of Apocalypse. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me show you what he is supposed to look like.


Now, this is actually a cosplayer for Apocalypse, but notice that this guy looks BADASS. Now lets take a look at the "reimagining" of Apocalypse for the next X-men movie... I'm sorry, but he looks like intergalactic bluish old dude number 7.

I know that we talk about indie games here at Altered Confusion most of the time, but sometimes a man's got to say what he's got to say. There are a ton of movies coming out, hopefully most of them won't ruin comic books, but when I see something like this I am very worried at what the results will be.

I do have to say that Olivia Munn definitely looks the part of Psylocke, I'm just saying.




Sproggiwood Developers Bringing Caves of Qud to Steam

I know that there are many out there, myself included, that want to see something in the same vein as Sproggiwood, but let's be honest sometimes changing things up a bit is for the better. Freehold Games is bringing a game that they've been working on for a while to Steam.

It is called Caves of Qud, this is not going to be a game that you will easily master. This is a very tough game, and of course every adventure is a unique one as they go for the rogue-like approach. Not only will you be trying to fight for your right to survive, but you'll also have to fight against hunger, the elements, and thirst. Oh and if you thought that was it for the twists... well how about the fact that you need to stay hydrated, but water is the main currency of the realm.

If you think you are brave enough to take on this game, I highly recommend that you take a look at it. Something tells me that with the amount of polish they put on Sproggiwood, we're going to be getting a very very solid game to die a lot in, and perhaps curse at, but it will be solid. Oh and there's permadeath...