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The Studio behind Quest for Infamy is Back for More

Infamous Quests has decided to create another point and click adventure game in the same vein and style of Quest for Infamy. This time the name of the game is The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge, and you can pick it up today from several different digital distribution networks (Steam, GoG, and Humble) for $9.99.

Take on the role of the bard Finn as he takes on a journey through The Faerie Kingdom to take on the annual challenge of trying to find the Queen. Now of course the greatest of heroes and wannabe heroes are also all in when it comes to finding the Queen. Will you have what it takes to outsmart them all, and to conquer those in your path with the help of your magic lute? Oh that's right you have a magical lute, I mean you are a bard so it only makes sense that you have your magical instrument.



Greenlight: Help Use the Robot Blocks to Rebuild What was Lost

Now this is something you're probably going to want to Greenlight as fast as you can so that you can play Robots in the Wild. In an interesting twist you will play a Tetris-like game that when pieces come together create pieces of a robot fortress, needed to save and protect your civilization from monsters that only seek your destruction. Different configurations of the blocks will bring about different robots to protect you. Will you have what it takes to survive the assaults of the blood-thirsty monsters? I guess you'll have to help Greenlight this game to find out.

Currently the developer plans to release this game later this year as soon as it gets Greenlit.

Now of course if you HAVE to get a piece of this game right now to see where it's at, then I think you're going to want to download the demo (PC and Mac Only) and take it for a spin.



RIP Go to Hell Dave

As some might remember we interviewed a gentleman by the name of Alex Byrom, actually it was Altered Confusion's first interview. He was taking on the ambitious project called Go to Hell Dave. It was a point and click adventure full of humor and of course references to a comedic hell.

Sadly it would appear that back in November was the official throwing in of the towel. Now without trying to figure out the finger pointing or lack there of let me set the background up. This was a two man operation from day one, and after going at it for half a year and basically both living on ramen and barely able to pay rent they decided to pursue other opportunities. 

Now what has come out recently is the demo that the two had done that is fully voiced and is supposed to be incredibly stable. If you would like the chance to peek behind the curtain and see what could have been you can get the game through this link.

A few technical notes:

If you're having trouble running the game then please run the 'winsetup' application and check the 'run in a window' box. If it still isn't working then try changing the graphics driver to 'direct3D.'



Summon Historical Figures in this Latest MMO

It's always tricky to take on subject matter that deals with historical facts or figures, but the team at NGames Interactive Limited is willing to take on the challenge in their free-to-play, with microtransactions, MMO called Dark Era.

You will get to explore six different eras of Eastern and Western history, and you'll get to do it with the likes of Robin Hood, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, and more. You will get to choose from three different classes to help personalize your experience:

  • The Berserker - excel in melee attacks and posses excellent strength and defense
  • The Assassin - rely on speed and strategy to defeat their opponents while wielding deadly dual blades
  • The Wizard - is in tune with nature and borrow the power of the five elements to clear the path of those who stand in their way

Now the very interesting aspect to this game is that you can actively grind or auto grind. That's right you can step away from the game, log off and your character will go into an auto mode which will allow for additional leveling up and acquiring resources.



Ghost Theory Goes Live on KickStarter

Remember a little bit ago when I, Charlie, got really excited about a new paranormal game called, Ghost Theory that has both a VR version and of course your standard version, but the company behind it is really pimping the VR version? Well that game, where you get to be a ghost hunter, is now on KickStarter and is hopefully on its way to be funded by you and other like-minded individuals.

Now you might notice right off the bat, once you go to the KickStarter page, that the goal for this game is a pretty lofty goal for many ($141,439), but at the same time I'm pretty sure that this is probably in the ballpark for actual cost of making a game like this.

For those who need a little bit more information here's a blurb on what this game is all about:

In Ghost Theory, you are a gifted paranormal investigator able to catch glimpses of ghosts, and equipped with all the tools modern science can provide. Using stealth and your wits to survive, you will explore the most famous real-life haunted places to cleanse them of their evil presence, all the while collecting data and evidence to ultimately solve the eternal mystery of the afterlife.

I think the thing I like the most about this game is the fact that its not about trying to attack the ghost, murder the goblins, etc. It's about exploring these different locations and hoping that you don't suffer the wrath of those whose spirits still reside within the residence.