Planetary Annihilation Set to Release September 5th 

So this has been a long time coming for some, and for those who kickstarted this game, it is the day that they get to see the game they have been playing around with for quite a while become available to the mass public. Soon all will be able to show their true power and control, or perhaps lack of both (that's probably going to be me). So if you are dying to get your hands on this game, clear your calendar for a bit and make sure that you see what this game has to offer. I know that its going to take a little more than a skimming over the features and modes.

Hell what are you waiting for, gain a little bit of the Early Access TODAY.

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Guest Article: Technology and Sports

An article recently put out by the USA Today, dives into the influence technology is going to have on sports.  This particular article, written by Paul Myerberg from USA Today Sports, dives into the influence AXON technology is now having on college football for play calling purposes.

Overall all of this is thought of as a positive thing.  Most articles you read out there are excited for the change and influence that technology can have on sports.  Things like introducing video replay to MLB leave little room for mistakes and errors in how a game flows. 

Being an all around big sports fan, it’s easy to see the positive influence technology has had on all sports today, but there comes a point when you ask yourself “Where do you draw the line?”  Is there ever a point that it goes too far and we lose the true meaning of the sport.  With quarterbacks using technology for things like better play calling and increasing efficiency in huddles, is the skill of using technology becoming a big part of a quarterback’s mental training?  Of course you will always have to have unique skill to compete on any professional level, but the question I am asking is does the increasing influence of technology in sports decrease the need for having a unique skill?  In the back of my head it is hard to ignore that too much technology will take away from the authenticity of the game.  It creates a blurred line when comparing athletes today to some of the all time greats.

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A New MOBA Based Off of The Witcher

Well it would appear that it is time for yet another recognizable franchise to enter the MOBA realm. Now from my understand this might actually be in the vein of the new push, and that is MOBAs on mobile/tablet devices. This time it is the world and character of The Witcher that will be battling it out. Now of course they have just announced their closed beta, so I would definitely recommend running over there, if you are interested and signing up.

I've got to be honest, I'm actually kind of interested to see where they take this, but at the same time I think I'm going to be slightly disappointed as there's not going to be the Mature material of the games present in this MOBA. Oh well, at least a man can dream.

Anyways there seems to be two different modes to the game, which will be 3 v 3 matches, and another that is more of a conquest mode that will be done by soloing, though I'm not sure exactly what that will all entail as you will have to be online for all of these modes.

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Amazon buying Twitch for $970 Million

As some may recall, there was a rumor a few months back that Google was going to buy for about $1 billion.  Some news sites even reported it as confirmed.  Forbes was not amused.

Turns out that Amazon has, in fact, purchased Twitch for $970 million instead of Google.

As a gaming fan, this decision pleases me more than Google, even though I'm generally a Google fan.  Why?  Namely because Google seems to cannibalize and revamp their products, and far from always for the better (hello, mandatory Google+).  Plus, it seems like Google doesn't like to let their products do their own thing - it's kind of like Activision where you're now going to do it their way.  Amazon, on the other hand, gives the impression that they're in it for the long haul, and will still let do their thing- only with massive capital to back up their projects.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how, if at all, the Amazon aquisition affects

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Team TripleSlash Introduces the World to Magnetic by Nature

A brand new developer with a brand new game, Team TripleSlash wants to take you on a platformer adventure that really doesn't have platforms in the normal sense. You will be put into control with the last living robot, and it will be your job to utilize your magnetic powers to navigate through levels put in front of you. Now for sure this game is coming out for the OUYA, but there are other platforms that the developer is aiming to release this for. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Well if so, or if you need a little more information, let me introduce you to the Press Release, but before I do let me just tell you that the wait to actually get this game on the OUYA won't be long as it is scheduled for release on August 20th. So here's the press release:

Positive and Negative Collide in Magnetic By Nature, Coming to OUYA on August 20th

Logo - Magnetic By Nature Title Black 1080x450

Machine-Age Adventure Game from Team Tripleslash Explores Platforming Without Platforms

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Aug 13, 2014 –OUYA today announced that Magnetic By Nature, a puzzle platformer influenced by art-deco architecture and governed by the universal laws of magnetic attraction, will be released on August 20. The debut title from Team Tripleslash, Magnetic By Nature will be available for $9.99 exclusively on the OUYA store, and is coming to PC, Mac and Linux at a later date.

In Magnetic By Nature, players take on the role of the last robot alive in the ruins of a fallen machine-age civilization. Empowered with the ability to control their own magnetic field at will and surrounded by a veritable playground of magnetized metal, players can launch themselves through the air using the forces of attraction and repulsion. By swingingbetween polarized points, they can traverse a beautifully desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland on their quest to reactivate their decommissioned robot companions.

The richness of the game’s colorful, tastefully muted art style and dynamic soundscape helps to flesh out the vibrant world of Magnetic By Nature. With its fluid, unconventional movement mechanic, over 100 unique levels, and a multitude of both static and reactive magnets on which to swing, the game is a refreshing new take on the platforming genre.

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