Deponia On Sale, Limited Time Offer


Alright so I want to apologize, we are a bit late in posting this, so the 48 hour deal is going to be less than 48 hours, more like around 24 hours, but here's the deal. If you have still not, somehow, found your way to play the point and click adventure trilogy of Deponia, you can fix that for a 66% off discount. All you will need to do is go to the steam page, and then there you go.

If you are wondering if the series is worth picking up, well here's my very own reviews to all three pieces of the series:

Oh and in case 66% off means nothing to you without the actual money figures, even though you could just see if for yourself on the Steam Page. It would look something like this 13.59US$/ 13.59€/ 19,79 GBP.

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Gordon Hayward - The Best in the Game


Anonabox and Kickstarter Stretch Goals

This week, Anonabox started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a networking device that transparently routes all Internet traffic attached to it.  The thing that initially caught my attention is how they massively exceeded their goal ($7,500 goal and they're up to $500,000+) and August Germar, the project creator, made a update stating that they'd soon create stretch goals (which they did) as a result.  Last week on the podcast, Charlie and I talked about the wisdom, or lack thereof, of Kickstarters creating Stretch Goals when their pledges plateaued, but well before the goal is met.  I think Charlie and I were both in agreement that creating stretch goals as a means to raise more money when the initial project isn't bringing in the target goal is questionable.  With Anonabox, on the other hand, I am actually incentivised to Kickstart with the additional stretch goals because they're already funded.  If this were a project I truly believed in, I would have no qualms monetary backing it, knowing the funds and support is there.  Contrast that with a project that is trying to meet its initial goal by implementing stretch goals, where meeting any funding goal is questionable.  It seems like the idea of stretch goals are more prudent in a project that has already exceeded its funding goal, especially in a case like Anonabox where those goals are relatively easily implemented by the project team.


Off the topic if Kickstarting, I personally will not be giving to the project.  There are objections over the openness of the project, specifically regarding the hardware.  While I like the idea of Open Hardware, I don't even know what that means in this project as the creator never specified hardware specs (and I don't mean specs on the side of a box - I mean what is the hardware made of?).  With the board most likely coming from a Chinese supplier, I'm not really sure how "open" this is.  I have nothing inherently against Chinese hardware - I wouldn't be using electronics if I did - but using an off-the-shelf board kind of negates the whole idea of a truly anonymizing piece of hardware, and brings into question the whole idea of an Open Hardware platform.  At least all the software is Open Source, and will be reviewable upon release (or is it? the code is available for download & review, but what's to prevent a hack being installed between now and release?  How does a non-expert know the code on their box is legit?).  Moral of the story?  IT Security people take things very seriously and know their shit (or in my job, Google Knows All).  Had this project only reached its goals of $7,500 or kept on the radar, chances are websites wouldn't be picking up on this story.  But raise half a million dollars, and people are going to ask questions and raise reasonable concerns.

A New Monthly Crate Appears: Hero Crate



U.S. Army Combat Veteran Launches Mystery Box Service That Celebrates Favorite Heroes in Video Games, Comics, TV, Movies and Pop Culture

October 15, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ – HeroCrate – a new “mystery package” service themed around beloved heroes, from video games, comic books, television, movies and pop culture— today announces its fourth mystery box, shipping in early November and featuring a classic video game hero, with orders closing October 21, 2014.

After returning from combat duty in Iraq, U.S. Army infantry veteran Jacob McShea struggled to adjust back to civilian life. Trying at first to simply keep busy, always drawn to pop-culture heroes, Jacob and his brother Zachary launched HeroCrate in June 2014 with little fanfare and even less marketing know-how. Despite this, their first two HeroCrates, themed around Marvel Comic’s The Incredible Hulk and DC Comic’s Batman, sold out almost instantly. The third and most recently shipped HeroCrate was themed after Yoda fromStar Wars.

“My brother and I came up with the idea and wanted to do something different. We wanted to focus an entire box on one character rather than a general theme for each month,” said Jacob McShea, Founder and CEO of HeroCrate. “We have always been drawn to hero characters and wanted something to highlight our favorites while encouraging our community with the message that we ALL have the potential to be heroes. Using our motto ‘Defend Your Inner Hero,’ we moved forward on the idea and took to social media to build awareness. The results and positive response have been humbling.”

HeroCrate sets itself apart from other mystery package services by offering a subscription-free monthly package themed around a new popular heroic icon, with a hint given out every month prior to shipment. Every HeroCrate is sold for a flat $29.99 with free two-day shipping and includes 4-6 pieces of merchandise. It is also the only crate of its kind that guarantees a T-Shirt with every package. Each month, one lucky HeroCrate buyer will be the receiver of a “golden ticket” that wins them The Super HeroCrate, a crate so epic that its contents are valued over $400!

HeroCrate has teamed up with some of the hottest gaming brands, ThinkGeek and military charity Operation Supply Drop, to include the following items in the current Super HeroCrate:

  • NVIDIA SHIELD Gaming Portable
  • Elgato Game Capture HD
  • Console Wars (Hardcover Edition) - by Blake J. Harris
  • Build-On Brick Mug (A ThinkGeek Creation)
  • HeroCrate Mystery Gift
  • Alterna Originals Trading Card Packs

For more information on HeroCrate, please visit You can also follow HeroCrate on Twitter at @HeroCrate or on Facebook at


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Gabriel Knight Re-Make is Now Available

Alright folks its time to get back into piece of a point and click series that was one of the jugernauts back in the day. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, 20th Anniversary Edition, is now ready for you to play. We, at Altered Confusion, are already deep into the mysteries and twists of the game, and you need to experience them as well. Here's the official press release for the release:


Hi-Res Remake of Adventure Game Masterpiece Comes to PC & Mac Today with New Puzzles, Scenes, and Remastered Soundtrack

 “Few games are more beloved.” – TIME Magazine
“The darkest and most intense adventure game ever…” –


Mount Joy, Penn. – October 15th, 2014 – Pinkerton Road Studio today announced that Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® 20th Anniversary Edition ( has shipped for PC and Mac, and is now available for purchase online for $19.99 from major online retailers such as Steam, and the Phoenix Online Store. Gorgeous high-res 3D graphics, new playable puzzles/scenes, a remastered soundtrack, and exclusive behind-the-scenes bonuses from concept art and storyboards to making-of interviews are just a few of many captivating new features to be found in this brand-new edition of the award-winning classic, which critics consistently rank among the best games of all time.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition builds upon and greatly enhances one of gaming’s most storied adventures, reimagining the groundbreaking voodoo murder mystery, first released in 1993, for an entirely new generation of fans. Allowing players to experience the award-winning tale through the lens of a stunning visual makeover, and adding entirely new backgrounds and puzzles, it offers a must-see mix of new and familiar challenges alike.

Key Features: 
  • Relive one of gaming’s greatest adventures of all-time
  • Experience the award-winning voodoo murder-mystery in stunning high-res 3D
  • Adds new puzzles and scenes to familiar challenges
  • Includes remastered soundtrack by original composer Robert Holmes
  • Enjoy special extras and bonus edition content

As struggling author and bookstore owner Gabriel Knight, players will investigate a series of savage ritual killings in New Orleans and their connection to voodoo’s sinister mysteries. The deeper they dive into master storyteller Jane Jensen’s tale of terror and suspense, the closer they’ll come to discovering the secrets of Gabriel’s family history–and unfolding his destiny.

As part of a special launch celebration, publisher Pinkerton Road Studios and developer Phoenix Online are hosting a Launch Day Google Hangout at today at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific/7 PM GMT. More information can be found

Now I do want to point out that they are having a launch day hangout, and if I was able to attend I would probably be one of those individuals who is constantly refreshing the youtube url waiting for it to go down.

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