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AndoCon 2018 Opening Ceremonies


Trump Wants to Sit Down with Video Game Industry

I have to admit when I first heard that he was going to reach out to the video game industry I was scared, skeptical, and fearful of what he might say. The interesting thing is that after making that announcement members of the video game industry were asked about their reaction and plan for this sit down, it was revealed that they had no knowledge of this sit down. 

As many of you know Trump has put partial blame on the increase in violent activities, especially in schools, on violence in video games as well as movies. If you have followed Altered Confusion for some time you know what our stance is, but just in case you might not have heard...

There is a difference between seeing something violent in a fictional setting and acting upon it in reality. Do we believe that video game violence, or violence in movies drive people to kill, no. That's not to say that there might not be those out there that might get ideas from video games and movies when planning for a violent event. The fact of the matter is that there are so many more components to consider when trying to find that one solution as to why violence occurs. 

It is my opinion that there will never be that one solution, people have different motives as well as mind sets. I could say that the easy access to guns is the true problem, that's also an easy scapegoat, but the truth of the matter is that once again there's so much more to each incident. I hate to go with the unique snowflake reference (especially as it has been disproven that all snowflakes are unique), but once again there's no easy answer. Do I think that the amount of damage/deaths might decrease if we took the ability to take automatic weapons off the shelves, I'm not really sure, it wouldn't hurt, but that's probably not going to solve every single problem.

So lets get back to Trump meeting with the video game industry... This is going to be interesting, I am interested to see if Trump will actually listen with an open mind, and try to see this issue from multiple sides. I know the industry is going to try to get their best to step in, and I just hope they have enough to help cut through all the BS.

At the end of the day, personally, I think that there should be more steps in order to obtain a gun, I think that we really need to start taking people seriously when they start voicing their desire to do violence. I know it is a pain in the ass to take everything seriously, but that's what the police/FBI should be doing so that they can protect their citizens as best as possible. I'm also a HUGE supporter of putting more attention and more helpful resources when it comes to mental illness. Not everyone who has a mental illness is going to go on a shooting rampage, but there are those who, if they get help, might be able to live the life they want to live, and hell it might save a life or two.


1920s Super-Powered RPG Incoming

We, at Altered Confusion, have been huge fans of Nerdburger Games creator, Craig Campbell, since the first time we sat down and played his game Murders and Acquisitions. Well it turns out that Craig is ready to unleash upon the world a round 2, and this round he's giving the world CAPERS through a KickStarter Campaign

In CAPERS you will find yourself in the 1920s right in the heart of prohibition. You will assume the role of a gangster or that of the law, but no matter your position you will be gifted with a couple of Aces up your sleeves in the form of super powers. The truly unique thing about this game is that the fate of your actions is truly in the cards as the main gaming mechanic revolves around a deck of cards. From my personal experience I can tell you that this can swing HEAVILY for or against you, and with my playing luck usually more to the latter which does make for a very interesting gaming session.

The goal was set at $2,100, and as of right now it has already surpassed that goal and is sitting at just a shade under $2,500. This of course means that this campaign is already a success, so for those who want to wait it out until it succeeds... TADA. So get your pledges in, start planning your campaigns, and have a hell of a lot of fun.



The Land of ANKUR is Expanding

As many of you might remember awhile ago we talked about a pencil and paper RPG by the name of ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods. A game filled with mythology, spiritualism, and more. You might also remember that we had the chance to sit down with the creator, Christopher Miller. Well here's the deal, it is time for the very intricate world that has been created to expand, and so there is now a KickStarter Campaign running to help make that a reality.

The expansion, ANKUR: Land of the First People, will add the continent of Africa which will then pull in the myths and legends of that continent, this will also allow for a different story/game setting for the players. The base edition of ANKUR is set in the Middle East, and with this expansion I really believe that it will open up the game even further for those will take the plunge into its depths.

The target goal for this project is $3,500 and as of right now, with 26 days to go, they have already raised a shade under $1,750. Now of course the question has to be asked, "Well what if I don't have the core game?" The answer is quite simple, just check out the pledge levels and you'll see that many of them include a copy of the core game in some shape for form.


Thursday Night Hangout 03/01/2018

Charlie and Zealeus bring you the topics that you, the audience, want to discuss.

This week's show consists of the topics:

  • Twitch "Cheering" Feature for fans of OverWatch Already getting the $$s 
  • Who actually owns the rights to Star Control 
  • Don't be so fast to blame Violent Video Games for Actual Violence 
  • Customer Review feature removed from 
  • Could the Return of Defiance give Destiny a run for their money?

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