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Can You Battle an Entire Bloodthirsty Planet?

Well, I sure hope so because that's exactly what will be asked of you in the game Adaeus Rogue Planet. You will don the character of Darius Cayne, a very skilled military man, who has been tasked with investigating a new power source that could save the entire colony. There of course is one problem, you see he's going to have to travel into a world where almost everything wants to kill you. 

There of course are going to be power ups and new items that will help you try to survive, but that still doesn't mean that it's going to be easy. Oh, there is one more thing that you should take into effect, you see there is a small wrinkle to how this planet lives and that is that it is constantly changing. So if you think that you can learn to avoid a specific part of a level don't be stunned to find that that part might not even be there, hell that goes for everything leading up to that point as well. You will have to face off against bosses at the end of each level, so you're going to need skill and a whole lot of luck. 

This game is currently in the Steam Greenlight phase and is looking for people like yourself to give it some love, support, and of course take it for a spin.



A New Challenging Match-3 Game has Appeared for the iOS

I know at this point everyone is probably groaning, "Oh god another one?", and sure I can understand your thought process, however, it is never a wise thing to not even take a second to look and see what this particular game might have to offer. Let me introduce you to Totem Forge a game that is available on the iOS today and can be your's for a small fee of $2.99.

Here's the thing about this game, there's really only one level, however there is a difficulty scaling that you might even see until it is too late. What you will be doing is that you'll be trying to drop the gems in the correct location so that you can make matches of 3 or more. The thing is if you don't make a match, everything grows, and if it grows too much, you might find yourself on the wrong side of death.



Tokyo Comic-Con Bans Male CrossPlay

Now this is an interesting story. There apparently are a couple of reasons behind removing the ability for men to Cosplay as females. The first one is that this type of ban apparently is pretty common when it comes to events in Japan. Another reason/rumor is that the amount of men Cosplaying as females has increased over the years, which apparently greatly enhances the chances of unattractive men becoming even less attractive women which could scare so away. 

I have to admit, I'm not a Cosplayer at all, but this definitely feels weird. I do understand that there are different rules and customs in different parts of the world, and I know that some places have much stricter guidelines than others. I just feel that when it comes to Cosplay or Crossplay it is that release from reality where you can be anyone, no matter the race, species, or gender and the community embraces you. Sure, there are those out there who are hell-bent on tearing down anyone they come across, but the vast majority of convention attendees, especially those who are Cosplaying stick together and support one another. To remove this ability from a convention is going to hurt a lot of people, not to mention the fact that the LBGT community is probably VERY opposed to something like this.



Voice Actors are on Strike

Now I know that this isn't exactly breaking news for many, but for those who might not have been keeping up with other news in the world, this is actually pretty big. We are now in Day 4 of the strike. The unions and the video game industry have continued to clash over what many are calling fair treatment. 

So here's basically the breakdown there are certain individuals that have been at the negotiation table that have been reported saying something along the lines of, "well you're just a voice not a real actor." I don't know about you but if you are present in ANY shape or form that is mass produced you are the real deal. That being said I'm not expecting to see voice actors pulling in Brad Pitt ($31.5 Million), Jennifer Lawrence ($46 Million), or Tom Cruise ($53 Million) numbers, but many would agree that they deserve a lot more than what they are currently getting (Which is somewhere in the ballpark average of $40K).

The number I did quote is an average estimate of what voice actors make, sure there are those who make more and there are those who make less. The thing is, some of the voices that make so many things over the top amazing, and in my opinion do a better job of it when compared to "mainstreamers" voicing characters are getting a TON less than the "mainstreamers" when doing the same job.

Here's hoping that there is a resolution that truly benefits those hard working men and women whose faces we might not know, but whose voices are always familiar.



Make Way Hi-Rez Studios Brings Another Game to Consoles

I think it is pretty clear now that Hi-Rez Studios wants to make damn sure that anyone and everyone who wants to play their games are going to be able to, well at least when it comes to their game Paladins. That's right folks after doing the whole beta thing on the PC it is now time to see how people like in on the consoles. If you have been dying to jump in you can sign up for the beta today:

Xbox One
PlayStation 4

The one question I'm sure you're going to ask because it does seem to run in the same vein as Overwatch, how much is the game going to cost once it is really out. The answer is that no matter the platform this game is going to be free. Now that's not to say that there won't be purchases you can make to unlock certain characters or different skins.


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