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Whovian Nation There Comes a Spin-off to Observe

Let's get this out of the way, I am a huge Doctor Who fan, I would love to say from the very beginning, but that would be a lie because I only go into it when Rose Tyler was the companion. Since that point I have not stopped watching it, and through the ups and downs in the writing I've hung on to it. 

Now I'm hearing of a spin-off, one that involves teens, and at first I was very skeptical as to what they are trying to accomplish, but after watching the trailer I NEED IT. Look the more good Doctor Who the better. I enjoyed most of Torchwood, until it got a bit odd at the end, and now they are giving us this, Class. 

I'm very interested to see how involved the actual doctor is, and how this show does both with ratings, fans, and the most important thing, canon. If they can give me a good mix of everything, I'm in, tell me where to sign up, and lets get this party started.



The Dystopian Adventure Game, Synchronicity Comes to PS4 and Xbox One


Many of you might remember the point and click adventure that centers around a man with no memory, named Michael. He wakes up to discover he is in some sort of camp and an event called "The Great Wave" has torn the world apart. The thing is that you catch glimpses of a past forgotten, and a mission starts to form in his head. Will you be able to accomplish what you need to get done? Will you be able to recover your memory?

Well, if you played this on the PC you might already have an idea, but for those who might have missed this game and have a PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One you're in luck because you can get this game today. There is a one time fee of $19.99, and I'm going to be honest, it's worth it.



No Man's Sky and The Tale of False Advertising

There are many games that have come and gone that have filled the heads and hearts of consumers to capacity with what their product is going to be able to do, and of course there is always some sort of letdown. The trick is hopefully the letdown doesn't cause people to go into a blind rage. It would appear the developers behind No Man's Sky are not as lucky. 

They are currently under investigation for false advertising. Many many people were beyond excited for this game to come out, and then there was a couple of delays, and then it finally came out... The thing is that what came out wasn't what people paid for. You see it would appear that there wasn't just a couple of small changes, but large ones that consumers found misleading, hence the false advertising.

Consumers have sited the following discrepancies:

  • different type of combat than was promised
  • the different sizes of creatures
  • the way the ships are supposed to move
  • the different buildings that you can find in the game
  • The quality of graphics shown are not obtainable in game

Now I'm sure that there are a ton more issues, and I'm sure that some of them are definitely going to be around the promise of "a sprawling, procedurally generated adventure through the galaxy"



1st Annual World Championship of Brawlhalla is Coming

Many might have run across the game Brawlhalla, a game in which you will pit your 2D platform fighting skills against 3 other opponents. Well it would appear that it is time to see who is the best in the world, and to do that there shall be a tournament in November where there is a total $50,000 prize pool at stake.

Now here comes the very interesting twist. This tournament is for ALL takers, the only thing you have to do is sign up, get to Atlanta, GA during November 11th-13th, and bring your favorite controller. If you can do that then, my friend, you are in, and could be the one crowned as champion.

There are those out there, such as myself, who might not be good enough to compete against that caliber of players, but you still want to see the action go on, well you can go ahead and get your ticket($30) so that you don't miss out on this first of, I'm hoping, many events revolving around Brawlhalla.



Thursday Night Hangout 10/05/2013

Charlie and Zealeus take back the internet and this time they have a fancy new show design to show off. Tune in while they talk about 

No Man's Sky
Patent/Cpoyright TRolls
Extra Life
and More



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