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Axiom Verge Gets Physical Copy Deal

Many might recall seeing Axiom Verge appear in several of our Twitch streams. It is a game that takes hold of the metroidvania mechanics and takes it to a place that is full of twists and turns and at the same time gets you that nostalgia that fills the memories of your childhood with new ones. 

Well it turns out that the developer behind the game has partnered with BadLand Games to get a physical copy created as well as fill it with some extra goodies for console owners. The physical release will go by the following distinction, Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition. If you have a PlayStation 4 you do have the choice of the standard edition, for some reason there was emphasis on giving PS4 owners two version but those on PS Vita and Wii U will only get the Multiverse Edition.

So what comes with this special version:

  • Copy of the game.
  • Deluxe booklet with developers commentary and art.
  • Double-sided poster.
  • Exclusive making of documentary on DVD.

This is exciting news for those who have wanted to have a little something extra to support a solid Indie Developer, I'm just curious as to the draw of doing this over a year after release of the game on PC. From my understanding there isn't going to be more game, but then again the console versions haven't been out for too too long, so maybe that's the push? To have multiple ways to get it for your PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U?




Oἶκοςpiel Book I: A Dog Opera is Now Out

By the title alone you have got to be just a little bit interested to find out what this game is about. Now I'm going to be completely honest with you, after watching the trailer, I have no idea what anyone who plays this game is in for:

At first glance this game looks utterly horrible, it feels like someone suckered people into Greenlighting a game that is utter crap and rips off all the free assets available online, and decided that polish on the game would be a waste. Now having not yet play the game I'm leaning in that direction right now, but I've been told that the developer behind this has also made some other unique games that definitely require a different view to really get sucked in.

Here's some explanation from the creator:

Let's begin with Opera, which means WORKS, being the plural of Opus, and what is work? It is what you and your organs are all doing right now of course, It is also the word that physicists use to describe, for instance, what the above windmills are doing, and what the below pumpjack is doing as well. Work is any change of energy at all. Energy comes in many forms, so we speak of works in the plural, and that is what is meant by Opera. The ultimate transformation of energy is that which allows any substance to become MONEY, that is, the transformation of Work into Fiction-- and while the fiction can grow endlessly, the Work cannot, and so it leaves an externality of HEAT behind, which is why sometimes-- you will see your GPU getting angry and choppy.

And then, the DOG-- why the dog? the DOG is an animal that loves to WorkAnd as many and varied kinds of dogs as there are, there are kinds of work. The Dog Opera embraces the Formal Pluralism of the species' outrageous variety-- and it is just like that! The video game, it turns out, with a little stretch of the imagination, can be considered virtually an Inverse Dog-- that is, the game's system of inputs-- the mouse and keyboard-- are the dog's senses, eyes and ears, and its outputs--the screen and speakers-- are the dog's merry gambols and howls. In this way, when you are playing any computer game, you are petting a cyborg dog, you are, as it were, as an external world imprinting itself on this little beast's wandering nerves. 

I'm going to have to say that if you are looking for something that you probably haven't come into contact with you're going to want to at least check this game out. You can do so by going over to the website.



The Sequel to DISTRAINT is Coming

Some of you might recall that we talked about DISTRAINT in 2015, a game in which you decide to evict an elderly woman whose house this super corporation wants. You decide to take on the task to show that you have what it takes, and then all hell breaks loose. Now fast forward to 2017 and the developer behind the game had decided it is time for a sequel, and so here it comes Q4 of 2017.

Currently it is listed in Steam Greenlight, for however long Greenlight will be sticking around, but there's still sometime to check it out and get a little deeper into what this game will be all about. DISTRAINT 2 will continue the story of the first and will take you once again into some of the strange and twisted realities that you found yourself in last time.



Thursday Night Hangout 02/16/2017

Charlie and Zealeus welcome an Altered Confusion Alum Jesse back to the show to add to the awesomeness.

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Lawsuit in New York against TWC/Charter
PewDiePie fall out with Disney and YouTube
Firefly, what is needed to bring it back



Interview: Brett Taylor of My Dog Zorro


Charlie gets the chance to talk to Brett Taylor, founder of My Dog Zorro, about his newly released game Linelight. Listen in as Brett talks about where the name of his company came from, what Linelight is all about, what obstacles he had to overcome, and more.

Linelight is currently out for both Steam and PlayStation 4.

Twitter: @linelightgame
Facebook: Linelightgame



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