Dead Trigger 2 Now Coming to Windows Phones

I know that there are those out there who have heard about Dead Trigger 2, and have been dying to kill zombies, but own a Windows phone. Well the wait is over, and now you too can play this very popular game. For those out there who are not affected by this new development, have no fear there's a gift for all fans of the game. The Easter Carnage update has been added to the game to allow all who play to have a little something new to play with.



Generational Roguelike Game Coming to the OUYA

Heart Shape Games, with the help of OUYA, are bringing a very unique type of game to the OUYA on April 10th. The name of said game is Hero Generations, and you will want to put a good amount of strategy into what you try to accomplish in this game. You see the game might be random, but every step you take in the game will age you a year, and you will continue to do so until you have died of, hopefully, old age. Now have no fear the game does not end there, you see upon your untimely death a descendant of yours will take your characters place, and you will continue on. 

For a bit more in-depth look into the strategies you will need to employ, I give you this excerpt of the press release:

The game allows players to follow six strategic paths – Strength, Love, Exploration, Wealth, Fame, and Building – each of which unlocks a number of unique opportunities for a budding hero. They can construct buildings to create new resources for future generations; unlock special abilities to pass on to their children; and watch as the world around them begins to shift and change to reflect their actions.



EVE Developers want to Show You Their VR Vision

I know that there are quite a few people out there who might have shunned or continued to shun CCP (Crowd Control Productions) for their mishandling of the Worlds of Darkness MMO, but do still have a MMO that has been around for a while, and it appears that they are willing to put all their eggs, whatever there's left, into the VR extension of EVE Online. They recently had a fanfest, like they do every year, and this year they showed off a little of what the game is going to be like. Now they are targeting the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation Morpheus, so we can all assume PC and PS4 as its landing place. 

That's a lot of hope that VR takes off as a stable extension of the gaming systems, but I guess we will see what happens if and when this game comes out. I just feel like I would caution about jumping in early, CCP has been a little rocky since their Crucible update to EVE.



New Strategy Game Published by Daedalic Entertainment Announced

Daedalic Entertainment and it Matters Games has joined forces to release a game to the computer called Caravan. It is currently due out November 2015, and will give you a game with a mixture of RPG, rogue-like gameplay, and strategy. Here's a little idea of the theme of the game:

World and setting are based on geography and history of the Orient. Players travel the regions of the Arabian Peninsula and there is a steady flow of new crew, heroes and camels on their journeys: the players' caravan keeps growing. Managing your caravan means managing your resources, like water, provisions and also your animals. Players also have to take care of finding business opportunities, buying resources and raw materials while still cutting a good deal by selling these goods somewhere else.

This sounds like a game that is right up Zealeus' alley, and of course with the backing of Daedalic I think we can hope that this is going to be a solid game.



Xaviant to Downsize

Well folks I think I now know why no one has really heard anything from this group since the launch of their game Lichdom: Battle Mage. The reason is that they have been trying to hold on for dear life, keeping the company steady as well as the game going. Well it has now come out that after just under a year its time to really change the structure of the company. For those of you who have not been through this yourself, this means serious downsizing, probably to the point of bare bones. Here's a message from the CEO:

As some of you may have heard, Xaviant has gone through a change in size and structure today. We said goodbye to many of our friends and colleagues and wish them the very best.

Why did we do this? It became clear after the last game that the kind of investment we made is simply not sustainable. Despite all the passion and emotional drive you might have on a project you still need to be financially viable. To that end we have brought the studio to a size where it is more manageable, nimble and better suited to make a game that can be deemed a financial success.

Those of us remaining are very excited about what this means for the future despite feeling sad at no longer being able to work with all of the friends we have made. Keep your eyes here though and we will inform you of our new plans when we can. Until then keep our friends in your thoughts and if you know of opportunities, please reach out to them.

Michael McMain
CEO, Xaviant

For all of those hardworking people who have been displaced by these moves, I hope that you land quickly on your feet and that this experience only strengthens your resolve to try again to make a game that will break the mold and make people go crazy for it.


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