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MomoCon 2016: Video Games Today


MomoCon 2016: Destruction of the Game Industry


Become the Fearless Slimie and Take Back the Forest

In Firefish Entertainment's latest game, Flying Slime, you take the role of Slimie a slime who decides that the invasion of the humans into the Slime's peaceful forest must be dealt with. You will have to use your slime to swing through levels, dodging dangers, and try to rebuild the forest.

The game is out today for your iOS device and is sporting a $2.99 price tag. There's three different gaming modes with a fourth one in the wings. Here's the list:

  • Survival: Use special skills to elude the evil harvester machine and collect Spirit Stones to unlock Slimie’s friend.
  • Story: Find the Spirit Heart to rebuild the Slime homeland.
  • Multiplayer: Go head-to-head against your friends and find out who can go further in Survival mode. In the mood to show off? Record your playthroughs and share your best runs on social media for all to see.
  • Challenge (Coming Soon)

So what are you waiting for swing into action ;)




Create Minions Run Them Through Series of Traps


Doctor Doom, a mad scientist, is hell-bent on world domination, but he lacks that sidekick that will allow him to reach all of his goals. So he creates an ever changing series of challenges and releases minions that he has created with random parts. These minions are then put to the test to see if they can master all the traps and challenges that lay before them.

In Rooms of Doom, available now on mobile platforms (Android and iOS) for FREE, you will leave up minions, unlock new minions, unlock new rooms that will present new challenges, and you will upgrade rooms to allow for more coin collection. This game does have in-app purchases, but isn't required to play the game. You know you want to step into Doctor Doom's shoes, and you definitely want to see if you can take on the different challenges that these rooms can present.



XIM4 - Cheating or just using available hardware?

In the world of consoles versus PCs, one of the immediate differences is the primary different input - controller for console versus keyboard and mouse (KB+M) for PC.  Of course, this isn't to say hardware options aren't available for either system, particularly in regards to using a controller on the PC.  Depending on the game you play, though, may dictate what input device you choose.  For the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre, KB+M is inarguable the superior input device.  KB+M simply gives more precise movement and reticle accuracy over moving two stubby knobs on the controller.  This is where the XIM4 comes into play.  It works as a hardware device between your KB+M and your console.  It basically translates your XB+M inputs and outputs them as a controller to your console.  This creates two issues:


  1. Potentially giving console KB+M players a distinct advantage over controller console players
  2. Detecting those using XIM4 extremely difficult since it appears the controller is outputting data to the console.


Creating a big question: is using the XIM4 on the console to play games where the developers did not intend for players to use KB+M cheating?

In the non-cheating camp, there a  few arguments I see:


  1. It's my device and I should be able to use it as a desire.  The developers shouldn't care what input device I use!
  2. Is it all that different than pro players using those crazy customized devices?  Like figher games with those wicked gamepads
  3. Handicapped players.  There's definitely a case to be made that some handicapped players are physically unable to use the controller, whereas a KB+M (or some modified input device) allows them to game.


As far as argument 1 goes, here's the thing: In games like Overwatch, the developer intentionally disabled KB+M.  KB+M versus Controllers are fundamentally different mechanisms to interact with the game.  It's not like you're even plugging an input device directly into a console - in this game, a 3rd party piece of hardware is actually translating your input data.  Think of it this way: The joysticks on your controllers operate on a simple x+y, [-1,+1] axis control scheme.  OTOH, your mouse and keyboard are two completely different inputs (a simple 0 or 1 toggle for keyboard and the speed of which you move your mouse).  So, you've taken a game whose inputs are designed are specific core functionality - in this case, not having KB+M - and changed how it was designed.  Think of aim assist.

Beyond the core design mechanics - because if this was single player, I consider it a moot point - is the online gameplay.  When playing online, there's an understanding of some common playing field, particularly on a console.  We expect everyone online to basically have the same console architecture and therefore Frames Per Second and input device.  That input device is huge.  When you're playing an online PVP game, fundamentally changing the primary mechanism of which the developer intends us to interact with the world (hence, disable KB+M input scheme on consoles in Overwatch) is indeed cheating as it gives players an unfair and unexpected advantage.

I understand a player's desire to optimise their gameplay.  I get preferring to use a KB+M over a controller for console FPS games.  However, if KB+M are disabled for a game, I consider that an unfair advantage over players using a controller.

I am also interested in handicap players using an XIM4 though.  There are stories of players who can't use a controller due to having only one functional hand.  Now take the keyboard where they can map every keybind and the story changes.  So is the XIM4 acceptable to use in some cases?  Like most issues, there are shades of grey - it mostly comes down to common sense and choosing how to avoid being a dickwad.


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