SMITE on XBOX ONE Closed Beta Sign Ups are Up

For those out there who have been yearning to see a MOBA make the leap to the console, it is now time for your chance to help make sure the transition is as good as it can get. That's right everyone, Hi-Rez Studios has now put the Closed Beta Sign Up page up. Will you be one of the luck ones to help make this MOBA something AMAZING on not only the PC but the console? I guess only time will tell, for now all we can do is wait. I say that because of course I applied before I even posted this article, in some strange way I feel like my chances are better that I did it beforehand? 

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Paul Hellquist Joins Forces with Robot Entertainment

Some of you out there might immediately recognize the name Paul Hellquist, and its probably because he helped make Borderland 2 as the Creative Director, and he also help work on Bioshock as Lead Designer. He is now going to regain the title of Lead Designer at Robot Entertainment where I'm sure he's sure to make an immediate impact. Of course with this hire Robot Entertainment wants to let inquiring minds know that he is being put to work immediately on Orcs Must Die! Unchained, their MOBA. For more information I give you the official letter:

On behalf of all of us at Robot Entertainment, I am thrilled to welcome Paul Hellquist to our team as Lead Designer. Paul’s track record as a game designer is impressive, to say the least. Paul joins Robot after seven years at Gearbox Software where he was Creative Director on the outstanding Borderlands 2. Prior to this, Paul spent nine years at Irrational Games where he was Lead Designer on the stellar and influentialBioShock.

I spent a considerable amount of time with Paul recently, and I was consistently impressed with his breadth of thinking, passion for great design, and humility. His remarkable portfolio of work is clearly well-earned. Paul is a great fit for Robot, and I expect him to have a profound impact on the games we make, starting with Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

The next beta phase for Orcs Must Die! Unchained is coming soon, and we can’t wait to share the many updates with you. Until then, please give a hearty welcome to Paul and follow him on Twitter!

Patrick Hudson
CEO, Robot Entertainment

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Daedalic Entertainment's FIRE Gets Release Dates

I know that some of you might remember that back in August Daedalic Entertainment announced that they would be brining a new Stone Age game called FIRE, well they had to push the release date back out of Q4 2014, obviously since we are in 2015, but they are now ready to give us a solid date to mark on our calendars. Actually two dates one for the PC release, and one for the iOS release. 

So here's how it breaks down:

PC Release:  March 26th 2015

iOS Release: May 28th 2015

So go ahead and clear your calendars for one of these releases, I know personally I don't know if I can wait for the iOS release, so I'll be aiming for the PC release. 

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Don't Forget, SMITE World Championship Goes Down This Weekend

Alright folks, seriously, if you haven't picked up your tickets yet you are cutting it pretty damn close, but have no fear there are still tickets to be had, if you have the time to watch something awesome go down. Come out and have fun with your fellow MOBA fans, and see some seriously tough competition. 

Oh and if you are willing to put it together, or maybe you already have it all together, there is a Cosplay competition happening at the event as well. If you would like information on that, you are in luck because here it is:

A Message from Hi-Rez Studios, Inc:

We will be holding a $5,000 Cosplay competition during the SMITE World Championship with the finals shown on the main stage. The Prize pool will be divided between Male and Female cosplayers evenly, $2,500 for Male Cosplayers and $2,500 for Female Cosplayers.

Cosplay contest rules

Cosplayers planning to attend may pre-register for the competition with this form 
here to expedite the registration process. Registration will also be open at the event in the Hall of Gods.

All entrants are required to be in costume for judging on Saturday January 10th before 3:30 PM EST for judging and finalists will be required to be in costume Sunday January 11th before 12:00 PM EST.

Cosplay Contest/Judging will begin at 4:30pm in the Hall of Gods. If you cannot find the Hall of Gods please ask a staff member, and they will be happy to point you in the right direction. You must have a badge when signing up.

Contest Rules

Clothing: This is a family friendly event. Absolutely no nudity. Please ensure that all costumes are properly secured at all times and are not prone to “indecent accidents”.There will be children present.

Footwear: To ensure your safety, we ask that you wear footwear at all times. You should consider wearing a minimum of sandals (ie, flip flops) even if your character is barefoot. Skates and rollerblades are prohibited in the hallways. We will not be held accountable for any damages or injuries that occur due to inadequate or improper footwear.

Weapons: Props should be carried and posed with in a way that does not inconvenience or risk injury to other attendees.
No metal weapons, real firearms, or props loaded with high velocity projectiles are allowed.

Prop Awareness: If you're carrying large props please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees, and be aware of your surroundings. If you need help carrying your props please have a handler with you.

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GGDA's First Meeting of the Year January 13th

I know that there are a ton of aspiring game designers out there just looking for a chance to show off your skills, and/or your group's total "awesomeness". Well if you have the courage, which I hope you have, you should definitely come out to the GGDA event and find out about the Global Game Jam Event that is happening at the end of January. At the GGDA meeting they will be talking about what this year's Game Jam is all about, past experiences, and of course teams looking for members to complete them. So if that sounds like something you would be up for come join us on the 13th at SCAD from 6 - 10.

If you are looking for more information on the actual Game Jam, then look no further:

Global Game Jam 2015 will be back to SCAD-Atlanta!

- Registration cost is $40 for 6 hot meals; $25 for 4 hot meals; or Free for NO meals through Eventbrite (credit card only). The hot meals will be served on site in the SCAD-Atlanta cafeteria Bon Appetit. Registration link:https://scadggj2015.eventbrite.com

- You must be 18 years or older to participate.

- Participants can come and go as they please; you do not need to stay at the event for the entire time.

- We encourage all kinds of participants; you don’t have to be a college student and you don’t have to be a SCAD student to participate.

- You don’t have to have coding/programming skills to participate. People of all all capabilities and skill levels can contribute, and we need artists (2D & 3D), animators (2D & 3D), game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, programmers, and sound designers/musicians.

- You own your intellectual property created; the organizers and SCAD want you to commercialize your game/creation, so you retain full ownership.

- We’ll have a digital and a non-digital game development track. You can use the weekend to develop a computer/digital game or a board game if you’d like.

- Please bring water/drinks and snacks for yourself to ensure you're well hydrated and have energy.  There are also many local restaurants within a mile of campus as well as a grocery store for your use if needed.

- Participants can come with teams already established, but we encourage you to join a team once you arrive so that you can meet new people. You don’t have to have a team already formed.

- We encourage all participants to rest well during the event; you are welcome to bring pillow/blanket/sleeping bag/etc. Rest well during the event; don’t attempt to stay awake the entire time! You will be more productive with some sleep.

- We may award prizes at the conclusion of the event for the best and most innovative game concepts.

For more info please visit the official SCAD Global Game Jam website: https://blog.scad.edu/ggj/

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