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    Amy Hennig Joins EA's Visceral Games

    Some of you might have heard of Amy Hennig, she's quite the veteran in the game industry. She's also the Creative Director and write for the Uncharted series. Now does that name sound familiar? Well it turns out that she left Naughty Dog a little while ago and people have been wondering where she would land. Well it appears that she has decided on her next destination, Visceral Games. Oh and there's also another twist to this story, it turns out that her first project that she will be helping with is an upcoming, unannounced, Star Wars project. Now that is something that a lot of people will start to speculate on. Are we going to see a story driven game kind of like Uncharted, but in the Star Wars universe, or is Hennig going to try to go in a different direction/genre? I guess we shall find out, but I have to say having her on board will definitely get gamers excited to see what they make.

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    Amazon Fire TV Officially Revealed and Released

    Well it would appear that Amazon made their move on the Android TV device, and they did so quickly. Starting today you can try to pick up the Amazon Fire TV device straight from Amazon for $99. Now you might be asking yourself, what comes in this package, well:

    • Voice Search - Utilizing the built in mic on the controller you can use voice commands
    • HDMI Video Out - 1080p
    • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
    • Optical Audio Out
    • Processor - Quad Core
    • Memory - 2 GB
    • Wired Ethernet Port
    • WiFi - Dual Band/Dual-antenna (MIMO)
    • No Line of Site Required for Remote
    • Services
      • Netflix
      • Amazon Instant Video
      • Hulu Plus
      • Crackle
      • YouTube
      • Showtime Anytime
      • WatchESPN
      • Bloomberg TV
      • Vevo
      • Pandora
    • Games - Currently 100 available
    • Gaming Controller (Sold Separately)

    Now before everyone starts throwing away their OUYAs, Amazon has come out and stated that the ability to play games is a bonus feature, and is not meant to be the reason for the device. This is more a platform for streaming your content on your TV. Now that being said one of my musts isn't on there, and that of course is HBO Go.

    So I guess in a way after all the hype this really is just a Kindle Fire in a box that hooks into your TV. It does make you wonder, though, about why they put the time into creating a game controller if this wasn't going to be a big feature of the system. I'm also very interested to see if EVERYTHING is streamed and we're looking at a dumbed down version on OnLive through the Amazon network.

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    Voice Search
    HDMI video out (up to 1080p)

    Certified Dolby Digital Plus surround sound

    Optical audio out

    Processor Quad-core
    Memory 2 GB
    Ethernet (wired connectivity)

    Wi-Fi Dual-band/Dual-antenna (MIMO)
    Remote with no line of sight required

    Popular Services  

    Amazon Instant Video

    Hulu Plus



    HBO GO  
    Showtime Anytime


    Bloomberg TV



    Number of Games 100+
    (thousands more coming soon)
    Optional dedicated game controller (sold separately)


    Hi-Rez Studios to Expand

    In a world where downsizing, closures, and cancellations seem to be a norm, it is a breath of fresh air to see that there's not only a gaming company that is looking to expand, but it is happening right around Atlanta. The company, Hi-Rez Studios, hot off their big release of SMITE, over the weekend, apparently is looking to expand the workforce by 2015, and I'm sure that means that there's bound to be some amazing announcements coming out down the road from this company.

    Personally I wouldn't mind having another tournament that I can attend, live, in the near future. The first taste of that experience was so good, I want some more. I would also be interested to see what changes they will make to the gods in the future. As some of you might know there was a content release yesterday with a couple of tweaks to some characters, and some new skins, which I have to say makes Tyr a bad ass pirate.

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    Blizzard Announces Fighting Game

    Well folks it was only a matter of time before Blizzard tried to attack other genres, and it would seem that first on their list is the fighting genre. Meet Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished. In this game you will be able to take on the role of one of the many anti-heroes from the entire Blizzard library. There will be many challenging stages, upgrades, and a unique control system to keep you on your toes. For more I give you not only the link to the website, but a video showing off some of the awesomeness.

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    Runic Games Co-Founders Leave Company

    It would appear that the movement to go back to one's roots and create something out of barely anything has claimed another round of contestants. This time it is the co-founders of Runic Games, the company behind Torchlight, have decided to leave the company. Now before anyone starts screaming, "OH MY GOD, the next Torchlight isn't going to happen, Runic Games are shutting their doors!!" That is not the case, these two, Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer have simply decided to pursue something different and new, the company is still in good shape, and will continue work on their latest secret project.These two are going on to form a new company called Double Damage Games. I'm sure we're going to be hearing more from them as they get everything setup and decide what their first game is going to be.

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