Galactic Inheritors is Now Out

Galactic Inheritors by Crispon Games, a 4X galactic strategy game has now come to Steam. Well it's been there in Early Access, but now it is ready for all to see. If you act quickly you can get the 10% discount of the price.

In this game you will get to play as one of 5 different races.

  • Melowars
  • Humans
  • Cawlars
  • Ribetars
  • Xylenths

Each race has their advantages and disadvantages, but you will get to utilize them to colonize, conquer, and perhaps destroy all that stand in front of you as you take over hundreds of planets, furthering your empire until you alone are left to inherit the galaxy. You will also have ships to customize and technology to research, all that you would expect from a solid strategy experience.



Valve Backed VR DevKits Start to Go Out

With the what seems to be the ever growing number of VR helmets, it is refreshing to actually see some sort of model of one of the helmets start to come out. Unfortunately at this time Valve is not able to accommodate all requests for HTC Vive devkits, a good number of them are on their way to lucky companies to start to toy around with and of course make one of their future games on.

Now for those consumers out there who are wondering when they can get their Vive, well it would appear that production is still lining up to have some sort of quantity for sale by the end of the year. Let's just hope that the games that will be out for the Vive are not shovelware, but actually have some meat on the bones. Oh and also that the Vive functionality isn't just a gimmick.

Then again we are talking about a device that only a few will have so I'm not sure how well sales will go for a HUGE budget project, or for those who want to use another VR device. I'm sure we'll see how the landscape starts to shape up by the end of the year, at least in the Vive regard.



Amazon Seeking Talent for First PC Game

I can't say that I'm really that surprised when it comes to Amazon trying to pull a Google and have their fingers, toes, feet, hands, whatever into a little bit of everything. Although the actual game details are vague one this is for sure Amazon is already starting to pull in some talent, and is looking for more.

Now the thing to really think about is the simple fact that they have their own platform that they could be focusing on and yet we see that they are going after the PC. One has to ask, what exactly is happening on the PC, or going to happen that they want a piece of the pie?

I believe that many would state that by the time they could potentially have a game to put out VR is going to be established on the PC, and since that's where the technology is, for the time being, that Amazon wants to see how they fair in that venue. I guess we'll see when we see. 

The only thing to know for sure is if you are a developer with some weight in the industry, you might want to throw your hat into the ring.



Desura's Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

So it turns out that Bad Juju has filed for bankruptcy, apparently they are a bit behind when it comes to paying game developers. Now the leaders of Bad Juju have been told, by their lawyers, that they are not allowed to say anything at this time, but it would appear that something is happening and those developers who have their titles currently on Desura are reporting that 

That they recommended that players who haven’t activated Steam keys purchased via Desura to do so “as soon as possible.”

This would lead me to believe that Desura is in a whole world of trouble, another entity in Bad Juju's possession that seems to be nervous is Indie Royale. Graeme Boxall of Indie Royale, although not officially announcing anything had a couple of interesting things to say, via twitter:

6/4/2015: "Have a feeling that today is my last day @indieroyale"

6/5/2015: "If you Google, Bad Juju bankruptcy, you find some very unfortunate news."

So for those out there who have been using Desura either as a consumer, or a developer, you might want to move your stuff. There's not telling where this will go from here, but something tells me that if there is a fire-sale of Bad Juju entities current developers and consumers might be locked into something that they didn't sign up for.



Nightmarish Toys Come to Life in ToyQuest: The Lost and Found

Hiker Games wants to introduce you to a procedurally created platformer in which you will be taking on the role of Brand, the Action Figure. In this game you will be tasked with keeping back the toys that get twisted in the night and protect your human owner, Felix from this darkness.

The game is currently in the Greenlight voting stage and could use your help. All you need to do is hit that up-like and this game will well be on its way. One thing that differentiates this from the rest is that not only do you have to fight through level upon level attempting to reach and defeat the 7 bosses in the game, but you will also have to take a defensive mindset. You see as you get further from the starting point, the bedroom you leave it vulnerable, so you will have to setup defenses to try to stave off invasions and protect Felix until you can conquer all that stands before you.

Personally I have to say that as long as the controls are solid, this is definitely a game that I want to check out, and I'm very interested to see how the defense mechanic plays out. So once again if you are in the same boat as me and want to see what this game truly has to offer head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for this game.


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