Blizzard Announces New IP, Overwatch

Welcome to Overwatch™

Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities.

In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world:


It ended the crisis and helped to maintain peace in the decades that followed, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. But after many years, Overwatch's influence waned, and it was eventually disbanded.

Overwatch is gone… but the world still needs heroes.

HOLY CRAP Blizzard is going to do something that doesn't have anything to do with StarCraft or Warcraft. They have just announced an online first person team shooter called Overwatch. I know what everyone's first thought is, how do I sign up for a chance to get into the beta, well here's a link (of course you will need a Account). Currently there are 12 announced heroes for the game, and of course they all play slightly different. There, of course, is your basic class types, Offensive player, Defensive player, tank (loves to help take the brunt of the damage in any situation), and of course support (someone's got to put these guys back together again). 

There are currently 2 different game modes that you will be able to play around with:

Payload: The attacking team's objective is to move the payload to a delivery point, while the defenders must halt the attackers' progress until time runs out.

Point Capture: Two teams battle over control of the map, one team on offense, the other on defense. The attackers' goal is to capture critical objectives, while the defenders must maintain control over them until time runs out.

Is it just me or does it feel like Blizzard wants a Team Fortress-esque game to call their own and mold into something that is different, but still very much Blizzard. I guess we will find out, and I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this game is going to give us down the road.

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EFF Wants Ability to Give Gamers Abandon Game Access

So this is actually a very interesting turn of events. As you may know there are many people out there who try to find all the 1s and 0s to keep online games alive on third party servers, but of course there is the DMCA that basically says you're not allowed to do that. Well it turns out that the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a non-profit organization, has filed an official exemption request, with the Library of Congress, that would allow for the resurrection of many online games that people, at one point purchased. Of course they won't be able to get the publishers to host it on their own hardware, but they would like a chance to have others host the game so that content that individuals paid for can still be accessed an enjoyed. 

Now my question is would this only extend to hosting of the game? I personally think that that would be the safest route, there's always a chance that anything more could end up in some serious legal issues of code stealing tampering, and of course if you can look at the code there's a chance that you will be able to exploit other games that are still active under the publisher. One of the reasons I don't think that this will be an easy road is that developers and publishers might come under fire if the game breaks or does not perform as it should on these third party servers. 

I guess that all we can do right now is wait but it would be interesting and pretty damn cool if games that were once thought dead could come back to life. Personally I can't think of a game that I have that would benefit from these, although this might extend to restoring online portions of games that also have an off-line mode, and that would basically affect myself and almost ANY gamer who has ever played a video game.

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Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar Coming to Mobile

Well it would appear that a game that could easily make the transition to the mobile/tablet platform is doing just that. You might remember our review of the PC version, and so you know that this is definitely a game to look out for. Now of course I'm hoping that the little glitches that were present at the time of our review are taken care of, and I'm sure they are. 
Hopefully Altered Confusion will get to have a look at this game, and see if all the game made the transition or if there were things left behind. For now I'm just going to allow you to look over the Press Release, and know that this game is available for Android and iOS TODAY!!!


Fast-Action Fantasy RPG Come to Mobile Platforms in the iOS Store and Google Play

November 6th, 2014 – St. Louis, MO – Phoenix Online Publishing today announced that epic fantasy strategy RPG Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is available for Apple and Android devices. With fast reaction-based mobile gameplay,the game invites players to battle over 130 monsters in both story-driven and random encounters, craft their own weapons and armor, and unlock special abilities and powers as they play through an epic fantasy adventure. The game is available in the App Store ( and Google Play ( for $3.99.

In Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, players are invited to build their own weapons and armor and lead a party of wizards, warriors, assassins, and other characters into battle against waves of lethal adversaries as they race to stop an ancient evil. Armed with both might and magic, heroes will wield the powers of ice, fire, and lighting against their adversaries as they take the fight to their enemies, gaining in experience and collecting wondrous mystical artifacts of every kind along the way. The deeper players delve into this epic tale, the more challenging scenarios they unlock, and host of new friends and enemies they'll make as they experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced mobile gameplay
  • Epic blend of fantasy role-playing and strategy
  • Fight for glory in story-driven quests and random adventures
  • Craft your own custom weapons and armor
  • More than 100 bloodthirsty monsters to battle
  • Dozens of powers and special abilities to pick from

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MADFINGER Games Releases MONZO The Virtual Model Kit System

For those of you out there who are dying to do the next model kit, to try to make something new and different, MADFINGER Games' entry into making Virtual Models is FINALLY out. MONZO is they system that allows the magic to happen for Android and iOS devices. Now I know that this isn't for everyone, but this is a very interesting idea for those that perhaps don't have the space to display physical models. It can also serve as a gateway to getting you to do the real thing. 

For more information about the official release, I'll give you the Release Notes to look over:


Around the world, people connect not just through the Internet but on the basis of mutual interests, among them: curiosity, creativity and the desire to share ideas with others. Monzo was born to operate as a convergence for these interests and to provide an attractive foundation within a lush graphical environment from where your imagination can run wild.
November 5th, 2014 - Brno, Czech Republic - MADFINGER Games, the frequent recipient of critical acclaim and developer of high ranking games in global app communities, has made the decision to create something unlike anything it has ever done before.
Monzo brings you the best in models from Revell. With Monzo you can take your real-life Revell models to digital form, working them into design variations that reflect the power of your own creativity. Easy sharing of your models via social media gives you the opportunity to show off your Revell collection to all your friends.
MONZO is about discovery and adventure. It is more than model kit construction simulation. In MONZO you can build a model directly on your mobile device, providing the joy of model creation with an appeal that speaks to a broad audience of users, spanning from children to adults. With MONZO, everybody can easily build simple or complex models like cars, planes, machines, weapons, animals etc.
“With the MONZO digital model builder, everyone will find their favorite categories and own level of complexity,” explains David Semik, President of the Monzo Project. “The unlimited possibilities for the creation of your own designs, photo montage features and full support for sharing across social media makes Monzo the ideal prototype for a modern mobile application, “adds Semik.
MONZO is about creativity. After completing model assembly, next comes the exciting step of creating the final look for your model. With the help of a broad range of color palettes and shadings waiting to be applied to the individual parts of your creation. Another way to further personalize your design is by choosing some of the endless stickers available to apply to your models. From surface texture to a specific motif, anyone can create a one of a kind original.
MONZO is a wonderful experience. Integration with your smartphone’s camera allows users to easily create entertaining photo montages. So whether you place your model onto a painting from your favorite artist or super impose it into the center of the football stadium during the world championships, the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.
MONZO is about the sharing of your ideas. After the creation of your original model, Monzo allows you to easily share the results of your creativity across all social media with friends as well as with those who share similar interests. Monzo opens the road to mutual inspiration.
Monzo is the joy of discovering how things work. Model building reveals how things look on the inside. Through the building of models in Monzo, you can dig deep down into the operation of active components to provide insight into the details of their functioning. Not just for children, Monzo is entertaining as well as an educational experience.
All models can be purchased via the MONZO Store within the application itself. Kits are sorted into various categories for easy orientation. MONZO features a wide selection of classic model kits intended to motivate personal exploration. Emphasis is placed on the experience of taking the kit out and unpacking the boxes for an exciting first experience with the model. As with a real kit, each box contains a step-by-step assembly guide.



Congratulations to Elysian Shadows

In an effort to further dominate anything and everything out there it turns out that we, the gaming people, have shown enough love through Steam to have Elysian Shadows GreenLit. So I guess this means that further awesomeness is going to occur. I wonder if the developers will try to throw another GIGANTIC party... I guess only time will tell. 

Seriously though, this is the kind of success story that Indie Developers dream of, and I couldn't be happier for that team for continuing to show if you do things right to get your game out there, the sky is truly the limit.

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