Charlie is in Fact Still Alive

I'm pretty sure that some of you that have ventured on to the website in the past couple days, maybe even in the past week have been wondering "where the hell is all the news Charlie is usually writing about, or a the very least telling us about through his Something Slightly Different videos?" Well the truth of the matter is that I've been sideline for quite sometime with an illness that decided to kick the crap out of me. I'm not close to 100% yet, but I'm close enough to start doing stuff again, so hurray for you if you wanted an influx of information, and if I overwhelm some of you, I'm sorry, but that's just how I have to roll ;)

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Web Series Talking About the Adventure Genre Premieres Today

So as I've notice, and I'm sure that there are those of you out there who have noticed as well, there seems to be this re-emergence of the adventure genre, especially on the PC, and especially the point and click variety. Well in an interesting move it would appear that quite a few developers out there want to help shed light on this phenomenon. Starting today and then continuing once a week for four weeks a new video shall be revealed for your viewing pleasure. Now of course you are probably wanting some of the juicy details so have at this little morsel of awesomeness:

As we begin preparing for the release of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® 20th Anniversary Edition, Pinkerton Road and Phoenix Online are starting a 4-week web series called “Rediscover the Adventure,” featuring both veteran and newer adventure game designers discussing the genre, it’s comeback, their influences and where it might be headed. Starting this week with a look at the original Gabriel Knight, series designer Jane Jensen is joined by Agustin Cordes (ScratchesAsylum), Ragnar Tørnquist (Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey), Laney Berry (The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown), and Charles Cecil (Broken Sword Series) in highlighting the game’s unique place in adventure game history, their favorite moments, and what influence the game has had on them.

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Romantic Robotic Game Available Today

The developing power of Elephant Mouse has finally come to announce that their new game Robots Need Love Too. In this game you will be controlling two robots who have deviated from their normal programming and want to explore this strange thing called love. The game kind of reminds me of one of those slide puzzles mixed with one of those robot control games where they will go one direction until they hit a change direction tile. For more information on the game I give you a piece of their original press release on the game:

Designed for today’s advanced robots as well as particularly clever humans, ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO is a fresh, indie-powered puzzler where players help a pair of lovesick bots find true love. Players slide directional arrows to “program” a safe path so the robots can unite for a tender moment. The robot powers that be won’t accept any violation of the lovers’ programmed parameters. It’s up to the player to overcome obstacles and unite the lovers. New challenges unfold as the story progresses—robot love is never easy! Each level advances a barrier-transcending story of forbidden love as two robots from different sides of the circuit board try to build a relationship.

“Help these robots escape a soul-crushing world of corporate dehumanization! ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO features clever brainteasers, challenging gameplay, and the addictive joy of helping two robots find love together,” said Elephant Mouse Studio Director Heather Chandler. “We’re also proud to create a GLAAD-supported game with an inclusive view of love.”


  • Every level is packed with fun brainteasers
  • Romantic story unfolds as players solve clever, layered puzzles
  • Easy to get into but challenging to complete
  • Free-to-play with 25 free levels and no ex$pen$ive surprises
  • Inclusive design: choose from 6 gender identities, including he, she, zie, and ey.

Oh and I might have forgotten to mention this, but this game is available on the Apple AppStore today for the low low price of free.

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Artistic Point-Click Game You Need to Look Out for

Alright so I thankfully stumbled upon this game, and I'm hoping that after you take a look at the above video you do the same. The name of the game is Gorogoa, and not only is it a puzzle game with a point-click interface, but the art and the music that go along with this might make this game one hell of a game to have. Now of course the video can do the game some justice, but they do have a demo available (MAC Version) so that you can get your feet wet, which I highly recommend you do, and then of course subscribe to their mailing list so that you don't miss a drop of what awesomeness is in store for this game next.

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Blizzard's Titan officially cancelled

After 7 years of rumors and speculation, Blizzard's successor to World of Warcraft, Titan, has been officially cancelled.  This comes about a year after Titan reportedly underwent a complete overhaul.  Blizzard's CEO Mike Morhaime puts it rather succinctly:

"We didn't find the fun.  We didn't find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that's the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no."

While there is more in the link above, the bottom line is that it will be quite some time until we see another Blizzard-produced MMO.  Will we ever see one?  With Blizzard concentrating on other games like Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, and the inevitable WoW expansions, who knows when a true WoW successor will come?  At this point in time, it doesn't seem like they're particularly motivated, or in need of, a sequel.

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