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Nintendo set to sue over wireless peripheral

Nintendo is suing the company Nyko for enfringing upon patents of the company in relation to the third-party peripheral maker's wireless nunchuck design, which right now retails for $35. The interesting thing is that Nyko claims that they had no idea that they had infringed upon anything claiming they'd have to look further into the issue.

You know on the plus side this might be a sign that Nintendo has a wirelss nunchuck design that will be coming out soon, or it could be the sign of Nintendo not wanting anyone to create something that they themselves aren't up to making and don't want gamers to fall in love with stuff that isn't theirs.

Here's the story... CLICK ME


Apple's Keynote Has Revealed 3 developers for Games

Well as much of us crazed game players have waited for this I have to say I'm both excited and a little depressed. I would have assumed that a huge chunk of this conference would be the unveiling of several different publishers/developers showing off their stuff and making the world go "WOW!"

The three that did show up did show some interesting demos, most namedly Monkey Ball. After 8 weeks of development they were able to get over 100 levels for this version, which to me is an impressive feat. I heard that when Sega first saw the i-phone they put a very dumbed down version of Monkey Ball, and then decided just for the hell of it that they would try a more upscaled version and found that they both ran as smooth, and the graphics didn't seem to suffer all that much.

So there was Sega, there was also Pangea, and they showed off their games Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally games that have been apart of thier library for at least 3 years. They were quoted as saying, "it took 3 days each to get the games running, and now they are totally playable." Enigmo is a puzzle game, and Cro-Mag Rally is a racing game.

The last of the three was a company called Digital Legends. They revealed a game called Kroll, and to the best of my ability I would call this a 3D action/adventure game. It looks pretty good and I've very interested at playing around with it to see what its all capable of.

I was not impressed by EA's no show, one of the staple games to get the i-phone gaming off the ground a legit is Spore, but there was no demo or mention as far as I understand.

So as you can see there are games out there that are being developed by some bigger than out of the garage companies, but I have to say after the lack of titles I'm still left holding my breath wondering if this is actually going to happen, or if this will slide into sure there was a couple of games but the vast majority are games that are crappy or overly done because people are interested in making a buck.

We'll see what happens as time moves on, but I would hope that by the time that all the games demoed at the conference are officially released that there will be other titles on the way.


Last Remnant Coming to XBOX360 first

The Last Remnant the latest of the Square Enix games looks like it will first come out for the XBOX360 with a PS3 version coming later down the road. I have to say that this game has excited me and at the same time I'm wondering what exactly will this game have, but I can tell you that it is using the Unreal 3 Engine to make everything look pretty.

This is also one of the very few games in which Square Enix will be trying to do the closest thing to simultaneous release, and I'm guessing now that the rumor about 360 coming out before PS3 it looks like we'll be seeing the XBOX360 version in Winter this year.

So lets all cross our fingers and hope that Square Enix scores another hit and I get to be sucked into a world that I just can't get enough of, unlike Final Fantasy XII where my adventure lasted 9 hours and I wanted to stop.


Under Cloud Games

As you might have seen I'm a fan of the Under Cloud Games games that have come out so far for the Apple i-pod touch/i-phone. So with being a fan I wanted to write a letter to the group to see if I could get a response from them about what they think about the developing process and the power that is hidden within the product. Here is the quick little message I left for them through their website...


I'm a blogger over at and was wondering if I could
get a response about your take on the Apple i-touch/i-phone games push, and
also are you making games just for use with an internet connection, or are
these games demos of more stand alone type products that people will
eventually be able to play on their device without having a constant
internet connection. I see that you've submitted all your games thus far to
the Apple site, and I have to personally say that each game that you've
produced has been solid, and I've enjoyed playing them.

Thanks in Advance

And I'm happy to announce that I just received a response and I'm happy to see that they are very interested in the apple products and it looks like they feel like there's still so much potential locked away. Here's their response...

Apologies for the late reply, things are pretty hectic around here lately. My name is Sergey Stoma, I am a primary developer behind the iPhone games on Under Clouds.

iPhone, or iPod Touch, is a great platform for entertainment - from a development point of view, things are just perfect, clean API, open standards, good coding environment. Do not know if Apple has originally planned that, but it is a great competitor for NDS or PSP, not even mentioning Java based cells. I personally hate to carry around multiple devices, and iPhones makes up for all of them. It's also one of the few "game consoles" (Xbox 360/XNA excluded as currently there is no way to monetize developed games...), that have free available API to play with, coupled with accelerometer and touch input should produce some really cool games with totally new gameplay. People with jailbroken iPhones or we (in Gravity) already tapped a bit into this, but there is still much bigger potential.

We have a couple of games in development right now. For sure, we will be taking advantage of the iPhone SDK, so the first game will be downloadable, with beautiful 3D, utilizing both accelerometer and touch screen for innovative way of controlling the environment. Also we still will be making web games playable over the internet connection, with another, larger than previous ones, in development. We plan to better use the web connection, so definitely more community features coming.

Best regards,
Under Clouds Games.


Sony to release Qore

Qore is an interactive, monthly original program brought to you by the company behind PlayStation: The Official Magazine. In these installments you will se videos, be given exclusive demos, add ons to games, and exclusive beta invites. However there is a fee associated with getting all of this and that is $24.99 annually with the first edition costing $2.99. This edition will be released to the public June 5th, and of course it is only coming out for the PlayStation3.

I think that this is an attempt at trying to recover from sagging magazine sales and try a digital format to see if that is what the public wants. I don't think that the fee is too bad but I'm wondering about the delivery methods. Will all of this stuff be attachments in a message you'll recieve, or will you be downloading a program to give the user an interface to interact with.

We'll see how it goes with this format, I say give this Qore a good 5 months and we'll see about its popularity, also I wonder how it will interact with HOME. Yet more questions that I'm sure will be answered when all of Sony's stuff starts rolling out.