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Street Fighter IV platforms announced

The rumor is that the newest version of the Street Fighter game is going to several platforms. These platforms include PS3, XBOX360, and PC. It looks like the Wii will be left out in the cold, though I don't really know if capcom would have ever been interested in getting fully functional controls, or how that would work on the Wii.

I'm excited to see that this series is coming back to the consoles, in a newer form not just another Street Fighter Turbo Alpha Advanced Hyper Fighting Special Limited Edition.

For more info you can follow the link of where the rumor started, but I have to warn you that the site is in French, though it does have some extra pictures and some footage if you are interested... CLICK ME


Leave of Absence

Well as anyone can tell its been about a week since the last update, I just wanted to quickly hop on and say that it is not that we are neglecting our audience is because we've had to get some other stuff done. I will be personally posting at least 4 game reviews and I'll try to get the comic thing back up and going soon. I had to take apart my wonderful setup in my office to get several computers reformatted and ready to be taken back to where they came from for some contract work. So hopefully I will be back tomorrow, I don't know how I'm going to do it with all the stuff on my plate for Memorial Day, but I guess I should say that we'll be, or I will, at least, be back by Tuesday ready to post a couple of reviews. To give you a taste of what I'll be writing about I'll just give you the 4 games.

Penny Arcade Adventures: Rain Slick Precipe of Darkness Ep 1


Wii Fit

and the other game eludes me at the moment, but once I find it and have time to write about it I'll tell you all about it, just remember that it is a PSP game and its an RPG Turn Base Strategy with real time battles.


MSG4. Special Edition. 

Sony is releasing a special edition Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack for the launch of the latest MetalGear Solid game. I am a fan of the series for sometime now, and to be honest, I can't wait to get my hands on the game. There is only one problem here, the price of the special edition PS3 bundle. The package includes one special edition 40GB PS3 unit ( really nice color, BTW ), one Dualshock controller, and one limited edition game, as well as a 2hr Blu-ray on the making of the game. This is nice swag and all, but for 600 couldn't the system be a 80GB or 120GB??


Beyond Good and Evil 2 may be in production

I just picked this up and I have to say that if it happens I'll be in line on the release day to pick up this game. The original was a true sleeper hit, it was one of those games that didn't get any publicity, but when the gamers started to play it the game started to become a hit underground. I would have to say I was in the middle of the got to have the game craze, and I have to say that it was well worth the buy and just thinking about it makes me want to blow the dust off the old XBOX and fire it up with Beyond Good & Evil inside.

Here's what I saw...

"Videogaming24/7 translated a piece from JeuxVideo*, which states that Ubisoft's Michel Ancel allegedly confirmed Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in pre-production for the last year. Apparently, 10-12 people have been working on the project, but the Ubisoft suits aren't sure whether to move forward."

Lets keep our fingers crossed that this comes into being.


May 21st: Penny Arcade Adventures becomes Available

So the wait for the game that is in a way Penny Arcade is almost over. All you have to do is wait a little less than a week now. This game will be coming out for the 360, PC, MAC, and linux. I think it is safe to say that the Penny Arcade guys not only want everyone to play their game, but whoever is producing this game sees that Penny Arcade is a gold mine of a brand and knows that the people will come to get this game. The only thing that is interesting is that you're going to be buying the game for 20 bucks no matter the platform. I haven't bought anything on Live Arcade in a while but that would definitely be my largest purchase if I were to get it in that format.

I'm sure a review is going to appear soon after the release so just keep coming back and check out what we've been up to lately.