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Record Setting Day

Thanks to we had a record day yesterday. I hopped on to the statistics page and thought that I had broken the page somehow, but it was with macsurfer's help that we finally got a ton of hits.

I wish that we could keep up this many hits but I know that we are still lacking some of the content out there that people are interested in seeing, but that's not going to stop us from continuing to post what we find online.

Today I'm going to try to get a comic up, and as you can already see I've hit on some of the topics that have been talked about recently with my previous posts, so I'm off to a pretty good start for the day. I'd love to post about Grand Theft Auto IV, but having not played enough of it I want to continue to withhold my comments about it. I do have to say that this game has surprised me, but that's all I'm going to say.
I'm still playing the crap out of EVE Online, I'm telling you, the more you play the more you start to get into it. I really think that this game has so much hidden value for those who are willing to go deep into the game. Unfortunately the more I play this game the more I see that it really isn't a game for those who are looking for instant gratification.

Alright, so comic, play some more EVE Online, play some more Grand Theft Auto, and continue to find the news that we like to write about, sounds like my typical day right now.


Microsoft Finally willing to say XBOX360 will have Blue-ray

After many months and an ever-growing pile of rumors Microsoft is finally willing to admit that they've been working on Blue-ray XBOX360. That's right in the 3rd Quarter of this year get ready for 360s with Blue-ray built in. There's no need for externals Microsoft is going internal.

I'm not exactly sure if they will be selling an external drive, like they did for the ill-fated HD DVD drive, but I would think that Microsoft would be putting one foot in front of the other and creating the external drives for those users that already have an XBOX360.

I am curious as to what would happen if after the 3rd Quarter your 360 were to suffer the terrible fate of the red ring of death, if you'd get a replacement with the drive in it... hmm... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

For more information follow the link: XBOX 360 goes Blue-ray


Doom 4 Announced

id Software announced two days ago that Doom 4 was officially coming. Now there aren't too many details other than that, but what I can tell you is that they are looking to fill a couple positions with the announcement of this huge title.

I'm sure this game will rock and scare the socks off many players, and I might just have to get in line when this game comes out.

Right now its the top story on their site so follow the link: Doom 4


Microsoft wants some of Apple's thunder

Microsoft in a recent announcement has confirmed that their XNA Studio will be able to create games that can be played on your Zune. XNA has been around for a little bit, but I think with the draw that Apple is getting for their game announcements for the i-pod touch and i-phone, Microsoft wants part of that action.

I hate to say this but it feels like another Zune fiasco. What I mean by that is that Apple does something and then Microsoft sits around for a bit and thinks about it, and then discovers that what Apple said is going to work and then they try to jump on the bandwagon and get something out quickly.

I am interested to know the extent of the functionality that the Zune will have, because they don't have a touch screen, and I'm also curious to see if the games are only for the Zune 2.0 or if they will also work with the originals.

If you'd like a bit more information follow the link: XNA for Zune Games


Mass Effect and Spore to have re-validation checks at a constant interval

In a move to help stop the flow of piracy Bioware (Mass Effect) and Spore (EA) will have a DRM system built in that will re-check the validation of the product every 10 days. This means that you'll need an active internet connection every ten days to continue to play these games. Sadly these aren't suppose to be the only games to have this technology included in them, but these are probably two of the bigger titles right now that have announced that they will have this.

Don't think you can get around just not playing with an active connection, sources say that if you try to do that on one of the check days that you'll simply not be able to play the game again until you have an active connection.

Ah the lengths that some are willing to go, in a way I think it's dumb what they are doing, I think that really hinders people who may have a crappy connection, or no connection at all from buying these big named products, but on the other hand being from the game industry I can see that this can help companies that are trying to survive right now.

If you'd like to read an article on it just follow the link: DRM System