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Sadly this blog isn't built to handle the kind of things that I really want to do, but because its free I'm sticking with it until I get more comfortable. So I'm going to leave you with links from now on to previous comics, so that the navigation is quicker. I'll start here and go back through every post so that... wait that's retarded.

Ok here's what I'll do I'll go back through the comics and add a next and previous option on each one to improve navigation. Hopefully that will allow people to get all the comics without missing one.

But for this post I'll just give you all of them so that you can move to wherever you want to start from.

Episode 1: Patapon Crazy
Episode 2: Angering of the Patapon God
Episode 3: Hard at work, or Hardly Working
Episode 4: Burning Down the House, Literally
Episode 5: The Return Home
Episode 6: Drowning One's Sorrows
Episode 7: Making do with the Situation
Episode 8: Plooop?!?!?

Hopefully that will help a bit... and now off to do this to all the other comics.

BTW if I did mess up on one of the links if you could leave a comment and I'll get it fixed. Alright now back to making the next comic... seeing as I've still got a bit of time to kill.


Let the Mischief Begin

Of course with all the stuff that is going on around me I forgot on small little thing about today. It is the 1st of April, April Fool's Day, and I almost fell for a trick already and it isn't even 9 AM.

Zelda: The Movie

I'm happy to see that I'm getting views every day now, though I think that most of it is close friends and whatnot, it still helps motivate me to continue to blog as hard as I have been. I think that coupled with the video I just saw, courtesy of my sister, has thrown some more onto the fire that I have to do this.


I just noticed that the newest version of Mythos is now out. If you don't know what it is it's basically a free MMO that was originally used to stress test the servers for Hell Gate: London ( I apologize ahead of time for using GameSpot, but me and IGN aren't on good terms ). I've played it a little in the past, but I'm curious to see what the newest version has to offer, especially since it wasn't just an update while you load in, it was a completely new install. You have to uninstall your version of Mythos and then install the latest to play. I'll probably have something to talk about in a little bit.

You know I just noticed that this is the first post where I'm actually linking to different places. Also I just thought about it, and if you really want to see HellGate: London click on this link. I think I'm getting a bit link happy, so just for shits and giggles one more to wrap this blog up for a bit.

If you haven't already, and you feel adventurous you should down load the latest Firefox Beta for your browsing pleasures.


Comic postponed to tomorrow

After a long day and not liking how the comic is looking tonight, I know it must really look like shit, I think I'm going to attack it again fresh in the morning. I'll also be reviewing the game Mystery Dungeon for the DS, so be on the look out for that.

Sadly I have yet again run myself to exhaustion so I'm going to have to say goodnight, sad that it's only 9 PM.


Weekends: Truly the busiest time of the week

You would think that a weekend would bring respite and you'd be able to face another work week. Well I'd have to disagree. I feel as if the only time I get to truly do stuff that I need to do is on the weekend, and when I finally accomplish all that I have to do it's Monday all over again.

I've got the start of another comic, and I'm going to try to post it but I fear that the late postings are going to become a trend. I think that maybe during the week I'll be able to sneak in some during the day, but I think that I'm probably only going to be blogging during the work hours so as to not raise suspicions. Though I could probably get away with it for the first 2 hours I'm at work seeing as me and one co-worker are the only ones there, and usually the boss has yet again failed to map out what our next day's work should be.

I don't think either of us have a problem with that though.

So today is the second round of the Elite 8, which of course means that I will be away from the computer. Well the game isn't actually the main reason, its more of free meal at mom's, and if your someone on a budget like myself, free is the best tasting.

So I'll wrap up this quick little entry. Don't worry there is more comics on the way, I'm still trying to figure out a better approach for the comics so that they are easier to view, maybe by tonight I'll have thought of something, or hell I could probably devise a plan when I'm at work tomorrow.


March Madness and the comic

So sadly the comic is going to be posted either late late tonight, or very early tomorrow morning... we're talking single digits before 6. I'll also be posting another comic tomorrow as I said I would as is my schedule.

Alright now that I'm officially confused I'm off to brave the weather, watch some hoops with friends, drink some beers, and then come back this way.