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Toiling away on stuff

So here I am day 2 of the not so employed. I have to say that there is the start of a feeling of panic. I think I might have some part time work, and if I do then I might be getting some more so that I can get some cash to keep myself afloat.

I am working on my comics, I think that I need to really sit down and just map out a couple of them so that I know where I'm going with them instead of trying to figure out what to do next as I'm sitting at the computer. I know that there has been a comment about changing up the format because the three panels are in the same place for the majority of the comics, and I think that I might be changing up that in a little while. I'm going to stick to it for a bit longer so that I really start breaking down the comic. Another thing that I'm going to need to do is start breaking down the elements of my comics, especially the characters so that they don't change appearance so much between comics.

I'm trying to figure out what games I should review, it is a very difficult decision because I want to talk about every game I own, but I know that doing so would flood my blog and no one would be able to tell heads or tails of this thing.

I might still try to push for getting some server space out there so that I can get my website up and move from this place, but we shall see, probably not right now but if I can get a part time gig then I might try for it.

Alright well I hate to rush off but I have a shower that is calling my name, and a sister to see. So until later when I either write a review or post a comic, PEACE OUT.


Slowly Making progress

Alright so I've got the idea for the next comic, but sadly I haven't been able to draw anything because I actually have work work. The truly sad thing is that my motivation is right at zero.

So after work today hopefully I'll get the comic done, but if I can get my website transition started then I think the comics might not come out as often, until the move is done. The only thing that's really holding me back is procuring a name that I'll actually be able to use for business purposes. Once I have that then its full steam ahead.

I was thinking of the following format...

3 Sections
- Comics
- Reviews
- News/Blogs

I'm thinking for the Comic section that there will be just your basic (first, previous,archive, next, latest).

For the Review section I was thinking of setting it up with two options. The platforms, with a sub directory of genre, as well as just genre.

News/Blogs will be in the blog format which I think makes sense.

Hopefully I can get my act together soon.


Lightbulb going off in head

So I'm really dumb, doing game reviews is not about only writing reviews on the latest and greatest game, but there's also the need to write about games that are out there that maybe people are thinking about getting used or online.

I think that after this week it has become increasingly clear that I'm going to have to move to a website to better organize all the stuff that I'm doing. The comics are hanging on right now because of all the links I added to give some navigation, but I really need to take the next step. So hopefully in the near future I'll be making the move. I will also be back logging all my blogs, comics, and reviews so that there is nothing lost by the move.

I'm hoping to make separate sections for comics and reviews, so that the goers of the site can find what they are looking for. I'm probably, no most definitely, going to have to rely on some of my friends to help me set up this site. I think I have a URL name that will work, but I'm not saying a thing because ultimately I'd like to start a real business, one that looks like GiantBomb making sweet twisted love to Penny Arcade.

Well I believe it is time for some dinner, I've got half the next comic done, so hopefully I'll be able to post it sometime tomorrow, amazingly enough I actually have work to do so it might take a bit longer.




Comics From latest to first

Sadly this blog isn't built to handle the kind of things that I really want to do, but because its free I'm sticking with it until I get more comfortable. So I'm going to leave you with links from now on to previous comics, so that the navigation is quicker. I'll start here and go back through every post so that... wait that's retarded.

Ok here's what I'll do I'll go back through the comics and add a next and previous option on each one to improve navigation. Hopefully that will allow people to get all the comics without missing one.

But for this post I'll just give you all of them so that you can move to wherever you want to start from.

Episode 1: Patapon Crazy
Episode 2: Angering of the Patapon God
Episode 3: Hard at work, or Hardly Working
Episode 4: Burning Down the House, Literally
Episode 5: The Return Home
Episode 6: Drowning One's Sorrows
Episode 7: Making do with the Situation
Episode 8: Plooop?!?!?

Hopefully that will help a bit... and now off to do this to all the other comics.

BTW if I did mess up on one of the links if you could leave a comment and I'll get it fixed. Alright now back to making the next comic... seeing as I've still got a bit of time to kill.