Re-Energized and Ready to go

So after a nice weekend in Pawleys Island, I am back and ready to once again post a blog. I think today I will be reviewing a game, I know what you must be thinking, this guy has no life it would seem that every time he blogs that he is posting a review. Well the truth is that some of the games I've had in waiting.

The three games that I really did play while wanting to review were Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and Patapon. If you have been following this blog at all or have cheated and looked at the archive you'll quickly see which game I haven't reviewed yet.

I think because of the lack of income, seeing that this is all coming out of my pocket some of my older games are going to get reviewed, but I'll try to go from most recent and then back. Sadly I think that some of the games that I will be talking about will be damn near impossible to find, but I guess them the breaks.

I have come to a couple of conclusions, and I'd like to voice them before I post my review. First off trying to get better at drawing comics with a pen is an idiotic move, sadly with Easter being yesterday and me actually showing up to work early, I'm still without pencils, but I'll rectify that situation when I leave work today. Second off it is becoming more and more apparent that I am in need of a second voice on this blog. I'm going to try real hard to get a voice that is not really a gamer, but can still see some beauty in video games so that we can have a wider view on titles.


Zune, oh how I've grown to greatly regret you

So two Christmases ago I got a Zune, and I thought I was going to be the shit with all the cool stuff that it could do, supporting my Microsoft fanhood and what not. What a mistake, I'm on my second Zune and shit is still going down. First of all the wonderful updated Zune program from the computer will at random crash, and as a result will have to rebuild my entire library over again, now that is a bit of an annoyance, but you would think the equipment would be solid right?

Wrong, not only has my second Zune, sent to me by Microsoft after having to jump through thirty hoops to get it fixed, started to act up but I think I'm no longer under warranty. If I want to listen to my Zune it has to be flat down on a surface any sudden movements involving it will cause a restart, occassional use of third party headphones or speakers will cause it to constantly recycle, which in layman terms means it will load up and then restart.

I'm sorry Microsoft, but it would appear that you're just a name that I was dumb for believing in. I've been screwed by the XBOX, the XBOX360 (Red Ring of Death), the Zune, Windows Vista (and its amazing ability to make my wireless card useless), and of course Customer Support.

Of course there was that awesome fix with the plug for the XBOX, but that really didn't help, and then there was the promise that my first Zune was a fluke. Then came SP1 for Vista, something that I was really hoping to be able to use, but since I apparently have drivers that aren't going to fair too well with the update it won't let me even see it as an option.

I think that my post has gone from talking about Zunes to the entirety of Microsoft, hey I still will buy stuff for their systems, but I think I'm starting to see why so many people are late adapters to Microsoft products, and allow them to go through at least 7 generations.


Sadly Comics For Me

Well after some reflection I've decided that I'm not going to be posting anything soon with regards to comics. I'm going to practice my drawing skills for a bit and when I feel like I have something that isn't rushed I'll post it.

After browsing the internet yesterday I found out that the GameSpot mass exodus continues with yet another veteran leaving. I don't know what the higher ups are doing over there, but it would seem that everyone and their mother no longer want anything to do with GameSpot.

I'd love to chat and throw my opinion around right now, but as a result of a severally delayed flight for my sister last night I am beyond exhaustion, and still need to eat something, so maybe I'll post later, or maybe I'll just throw up my list of games that I own and see if anyone is interested in knowing a bit more about one of them.


The Wheels are Turning

Finally, thanks to my mom, I have a new scanner, so soon, hopefully tonight I'll have a comic up, I warn you now that I am a programmer, and not an artist so my comic might look rough, but at the same token there are those comics out there that started rough and turned to amazing, and then there are also those comics whose style is something, maybe not flashy and artsy, but its the content that people are into.

Anyways, back to work figured I'd give a quick update on my situation, though.


Interesting Revelation

I know that the internet and what not was born overnight, and so getting people to come to sites doesn't happen overnight either. I think I just want to make this happen so bad that I'm not focusing on what could make this really happen. It is a tall task to go around trying to spread the word, and it truly sucks that no search engine can find this thing, but I think with friends' help, and content that will keep people coming back this might just work.

I'm going to try to get a scanner today, thanks to my loving mom. So hopefully I can start to actually create some stuff. I'm going to be hosting all my pictures and comics on so if you are interested in seeing what other pictures and stuff I have you can check it out by just clicking on the picture of my office from a previous post.

I've been following the construction and I have to say that once they really get this thing started I think that it will definitely be a site for gamers to check out. I am interested in exactly what their format will be, but I'm sure that it will rival for support with GameSpot, hell it might take a chunk out of those who still venture over to that site. I have to admit that I'm one of them, but since I am paying for it until the end of the year, I better get my money's worth.

Speaking of getting my money's worth, I think that's why I have such a hard time playing MMOs. Sure they look sweet, and the promise of updated content, and game tweaks makes me hunger to play, but the monthly price tag kind of kills any desire. I have nothing against paying a fee to play, I know that's how they make their money, and being in the game industry I think that I'd go down the same route if given the chance. The problem is that I always get screwed for play time. There is no set in stone schedule that I can devise that puts me in front of a computer or console on a regular basis that would make me feel like I got or exceeded my money's worth.
And just so people don't think that I'm just bitching about something I don't know about I'd like to put out there that I have tried the following MMOs, it isn't many but I think these give me the right to form my opinion.

FFXI ( Final Fantasy XI )
WOW ( World of Warcraft )
LotRO( Lord of the Rings Online )

I'd also say Guild Wars, but one that's not a subscription based game, and two it is really hard to make a solid argument that it is indeed an MMO, well maybe it is an MMO, but it is hard to say its a MMORPG.

Hopefully with my day today I'll have some breaks in work and get some preliminary sketches done for my comic, but we will see. I think a huge factor is if I can get the scanner, thanks to my mom I will be going to Costco today on her tab, so I'll be buying basically enough food and drinks to survive a nuclear winter.