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Working outside of an Office

So I've spent a good chunk of the day doing the every day things that people have to do so that they don't feel like they are going to die on an allergic attack from pet hair, and and also to keep the scary monsters that haunt the toilets at bay.

If you can't guess, I've been cleaning the office, and the condo. I also had a great time working in my little plot of land right behind my condo, and when I mean little it is little, but at least it doesn't look like shit any more. With the help of my wonder girlfriend's dad we were able to make it look half way decent, we have a bit more to do but it looks amazing compared to what it looked like this morning.

Sadly I think I'm going to have to go a day or maybe weekend without a game review, but I'm trying to get all the other stuff done that needs to get done. Thankfully though I've already mapped out two comics so I'm going to be able to keep those up over the weekend.

I have seen the number of visits fall, and that's alright I understand that after the initial burst of "please look at my site or else" subsided that there would only be those who still feel obligated to come, and those who actually found this site and are interested in what I'm saying, or at least curious to see what I do next.

I think on Monday I'll do another review, hopefully for a more up to date game, but if that's not the case well at least I'll review a game that can still be found on store shelves. I just want everyone to take a sigh of relief on that one. I'm not planning on reviewing Blast Chamber, or Alundra for the PS1. I've had plenty of fun with those games and I wouldn't mind doing a review, but I think it would be a bit mean to review something that can't be found.

My personal game that I'd love to get my hands on is Suikoden 2, but I digress. There's a comic coming I've finally got it on the laptop so that I can edit the picture, don't worry this will be the last one that I do at home that will require 2 computers to do. I'll explain why at a later time.


The Possible Absence of Madden in Madden

So according to various websites there is a rumor that the might Jon Madden's voice might not be featured in the upcoming years addition of Madden. Is anyone else slightly confused by this.

First of all let me go on record and say that I like Madden, but I don't like EA. I think that if EA hadn't gobbled the NFL license up that there would be two very well tuned NFL games out there and that the players would be getting a better experience out of it. EA is a whore...

Now with that being said, I find it very strange that the one man whose name is on the box every year, and whose voice and commentary are legendary, by the fact that it makes you feel smarter, has the possibility of not being heard this year is blasphemous.

If they take his voice away, and I was Madden I'd say you better be plastering my mug on every menu in the game then, otherwise you can't use the name. Though I wonder what the gaming community would think of EA NFL 09. I wonder if it would cause any change in the purchasing habits of those out there that have to buy the latest sports game version every year.

Sadly I'm in that group when it comes to College Hoops, but Madden is one of those things that I somehow always end up with in the end, so I guess I'm one of those guilty people as well.

I know this is a bit off topic but I think it is total bullshit how GameStop rips off so many gamers with their trade-in value scale, and they're entire sales plan for used games. For those who don't know the companies who publish the games get royalties on the initial sale, but if the game is sold back to the store and then resold, they see no more money, and GameStop gets to pocket the entire profit. It would be cool if the gamers who traded in their games actually got a decent amount for trading in a game. Usually, I'm not sure what the going rate is right now, you'll be able to turn in a recently released game for about 20-30 bucks, and then GameStop will turn around and slap a price tag of 45 - 58 bucks. I personally think that if a person is going to simply turn in a game or two to pick up a new game, then the in store credit should be higher to if the person just wants cash, but that's just me.

To get back on to topic, I'd like to hear what people think about the Madden rumor.



Just in case anyone was ever looking for me on XBOX Live here is my gamer tag, I find it only appropriate since I did give my Wii numbers, it's only fair.

I'm pretty sure I'm also wizardofthorns for the PSN, but I would have to check up on that one.

Well as you can see I'm posting a lot, and I've gotten a couple of requests to break up the posts into categories so that people can navigate a bit easier, but sadly I don't think that blogger (the host site) has something like that. So it would appear that the only way to keep up with the action is come back daily. I'm seeing a pattern in my writing, and it says daily. Maybe not daily comics, or daily reviews (well that will happen until I probably run out of games, which will take a while). Speaking of games, I still have yet to put my list of games up, I'll have to grab that list off my laptop and throw it up for people to see, I just have to think about how I'd format it so it doesn't look like crap, and it doesn't take 36 pages worth of space.

Alright back to the working thing that I do. I'll be back I'm sure, and if you have a comment about a post present or past please just leave your comment and I'll answer it, I'm pretty quick on the turn around so don't be surprised if I can comment on your comment or answer your question shortly after you posted.


The Rating Scale

Seeing as I was called out I'm going to just throw out the primitive scale that I have right now, I will be refining it, but for now its just on a scale of 0 to 10, that's right there is the possibility of a 0. I can think of one game that gets it right off the top of my head.

Stake: Fortune Fighter (XBOX).

This was one of those games that you and a bunch of friends threw all their change in and wanted to see what they could by for $2.49. What we were able to buy was the most confusing and terribly done game, I'm sure that there is someway to salvage the title, but I think you'd have to put in more grueling hours than trying to administer water torture to someone.

On a side note a game that did pan out of the throw the change together scheme is Eternal Eyes (PS) $1.59, now that's a game that I actually got sucked into and played for 16 straight hours. Its a tactics game, so if you like Phantom Brave, LaPuecelle, or FF:Tactics this game is up your alley.

I think I'm going to refine the rating system once I've gotten about 10 reviews up, and when I do I'll probably go back over those game and give the new rating system to them.


Eureka, I've Discovered the Key

So I decided that it wouldn't hurt to send just a smidge more of my very small financial support, and boy has it already. After bringing my food to work today I decided that I'd eat out so that I could stop by the CVS down the street and pick up some pencils. Well, much to my chagrin that entire shopping center has recently been closed, so in a panic we tried to find another place, and almost went all the way through downtown when I remembered that my girlfriend has to make many trips to an Office Depot that is just off the Georgia Tech campus. So I floored it over there, first off I'd like to say that the parking is scare as hell. You have to park on top of the office depot, and to do so you have to go up a narrow ramp that only allows for one car at a time, in any direction.

So I got a large box of pencils, a ruler, and a pencil sharpener.

We went to Arby's had an awesome sandwich, played some foozball in the office, and then I did some work.

Since the work is at a trickle right now I decided to break in a pencil and I have to say that I'm loving the results, so much that I might actually have enough inspiration to post something, but we'll see.