Interview: Cory Heald of Underbite Games

Cory Heald of Underbite Games, a company based out of Grand Rapids, MI., takes time to talk to Charlie about his company's latest game, Super Dungeon Tactics.

 "Based on the hit board game Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division, Super Dungeon Tactics is a tactical turn-based game. Set in a rich board game universe, it leverages the rich visuals and story-telling power of video games to deepen the gameplay experience. 

Create a guild of truly unique heroes to combat the Dark Consul’s forces throughout the magical land of Crystalia. Explore ever-changing dungeons and battle diverse hordes of monsters during your adventures. The party must react to the tides of battle by assigning randomly rolled ability dice to each hero. Each roll can unlock potent abilities, and it’s up to you — and a little luck — to use them to their fullest potential. Choose wisely and craft the ultimate band of heroes to complete each adventure. 

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Interviewer: Charlie Hawkins, Altered Confusion, LLC.
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Interview: Vincent Baker


While at Big Fandom Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina Altered Confusion had the chance to catch up with the mastermind behind a couple of games that you should look into, Vincent Baker.

We took a couple of minutes to talk about his pencil and paper RPG, Otherworlds. We also talked about his card game Spellslingers.

Please enjoy:






Interview: Native

During MomoCon Charlie was able to stop by and talk to the person behind the game Native.



Interview: RedCoat Robots

During MomoCon Charlie was able to stop by and talk to one of the people behind the game Redcoat Robots



Interview: Crusaders of the Lost Idols 

Charlie gets a chance to talk to the CEO of Code Name Entertainment to talk about their game Crusaders of the Lost Idols and their future plans.