Thursday Night Hangout 08/17/2017

Charlie and Zealeus bring you the latest with

League of Legends PvE Mode Invasion
H1Z1: Just Survive Changes Name to Just Survive
Big Fandom Greenville
Secret World Legends TV Show
Twitch Stream Filters for Overwatch and HearthStone
Discord Shutsdown Alt-Right Server
The Latest Game from Mad Hatter Worlds UpJump
The Power of Mobile Games on Your Phone Battery


Thursday Night Hangout 08/17/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 08/10/2017

Zealeus is back to keep Charlie in line. This week they take on

Oceania Smite Team Dire Wolves Dropping Out
Fortnite and How they're getting it wrong
The Need for a New Altered Confusion T-Shirt
So many Pro League Teams, so many Leagues
Charlie Clears the Confusion about ConNooga
DOTA has a CCG, Artifact
PlayStation Vue, Charlie's Feelings

Thursday Night Hangout 08/10/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 08/03/2017

Charlie is left to his own devices and he makes the most of it with his various rants.

WoW Currency Worth More than Venezuela Currency
Cloud Gaming vs. Physical Gaming
Digital Streaming
Zoe Quinn (GamerGate)
And So Much more

Thursday Night Hangout 08/03/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 07/20/2017

This week Charlie and Zealeus bring it full force with their list of topics, and of course the help of the amazing audience that elevated the show to a different level.

The topics that they covered were:
Overwatch Logo vs. MLB Logo Potential Lawsuit
Dreamhack ATL
League of Legends Clone developer talking about potential lawsuit
The 13th Doctor
NerdBurger Games

  • Murders and Acquisitions
  • Die Laughing

EVO at a Crossroad (Stay Grassroots or Go Corporate)
Potential Prop Weapon Bans at Conventions
Tragic Passings

  • Martin Landau
  • George Romero
  • Chester Bennington *

*Everyone has their demons to fight, but if you are in that battle there are those who are out there that can help, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

If you are not in the US, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE follow the link to find the number that pertains to your location

Thursday Night Hangout 07/20/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 07/13/2017

This week Charlie and Zealeus are back at it to give you more of the topics that you want to talk about:

Overwatch Pro League Announces Their 7 Teams
Occulus Rift Standalone VR Headset
Steam Direct
Logitech Buys Astro Gaming
ESPN2 to Show Street Fighter V Finals
HUGE Smite Patch Coming Your Way
Hands of the Gods (Smite Tactics) Open Beta

Thursday Night Hangout 07/13/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 07/06/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are joined by special guest and fellow panelist Jesse. This week they talk about

UC Irvine Offers Overwatch Scholarship
Mile High Comics Says Goodbye to SDCC after 44 years
What games are missing from the SNES
The Age Old Debate, when an online game goes offline
Virtual Reality Weddings
DOTA 2 Third-Party Hosting

Thursday Night Hangout 07/06/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 06/29/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are at it again. This week they give you the topics of:

The Confirmation of the SNES Classic
SEGA Forever
Installation 01 (Halo Fan-made Game)
Balancing of MOBA Characters and those Characters that get more love
Penny Arcade's Automata
G2A.com to sell third Party Keys again

Thursday Night Hangout 06/29/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 06/22/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back to talk about even more AWESOMENESS. This week they talk about

Twitch teaming up with Blizzard for their eSports Line-up
Tencent puts even more money into eSports
The Dangerous Season of Steam Sales has Arrived
AEG Jumping into eSports
The Latest Layton Game, and the worldwide puzzle going on now
Let's Talk A Little Smite
The Pains of KickStarter

Thursday Night Hangout 06/22/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 06/15/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back with a new design, but the same awesomeness. Come have a watch/listen as they discuss

Your Digital Past, Can It Come Back to Bite You?
How Long is too long between sequels
Dream Game Franchise Mashup
MomoCon Interview Update
Microsoft Talks Backwards Compatibility

Thursday Night Hangout 06/15/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 06/08/2017

Charlie's birthday version of the Thursday Night Hangout is now up for your viewing. Charlie and Zealeus tackle

Pokemon mislabeled for going to the Switch
Game Hacks Illegal in South Korea
Live Action Cowboy Bebop Show Coming
Akira: Live Action Movie Update
eSports is Here to Stay

Thursday Night Hangout 06/08/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 06/01/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you even more awesomeness this week with:

Tencent eSports Village
Pro eSports Coaches, are they legal?
DOTA who actually owns the rights?
VR MMOs how far off are they
Nintendo goes even more mobile

Thursday Night Hangout 06/01/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 05/18/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you even more awesomeness this week with:

Tencent eSports Village
Pro eSports Coaches, are they legal?
DOTA who actually owns the rights?
VR MMOs how far off are they
Nintendo goes even more mobile

Thursday Night Hangout 05/18/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 05/11/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you the latest in awesomeness with this weeks round of topics:

Fan-Made Creations
Game Key Marketplaces and Legal Gray Space
eSports and the NBA
Harvard Banned from Heroes of the Dorm
The cost for a Pro Team in Overwatch
Remaster of Phantom Dust
SnarfQuest Rewards Reveal

Thursday Night Hangout 05/16/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 05/04/2017

This week Charlie and Zealeus have a little bit of streaming issues, and audio issues, but they still bring the awesomeness on

  • Is a Spiritual Successor through KickStarter able to live up to the hype?
  • Steam's "Demo Mode" (Refund Policy")
  • Can Story Driven Franchises survive after ALL original writers leave?
  • #AlliedStrong
  • Can a Do Everything MMO ever succeed?
  • GOP's "Internet Freedom Act"
  • Pre-Order Gray Widow's Web TODAY

Thursday Night Hangout 05/04/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 04/27/2017

Charlie and Zealeus once again bringing excellence to a show thanks to the audience's participation:

Genyo Takeda steps down from Nintendo
DDoS Creator gets Jailed
Sequel to Unbreakable and Split, Glass
Halo 6
Rumors of a SNES Classic
Online Ramifications

Thursday Night Hangout 04/27/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 04/20/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you the latest of their show, this week they talk about

Video games Make People...
eSports Scholarships
eSports Set Location
eSports Dedicated Channel
Download Size of Games
Original Starcraft Free

Thursday Night Hangout 04/27/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 04/06/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back for another exciting install of the Thursday Night Hangout. The show they broadcast live on Twitch.tv every Thursday Night at 8 PM EST.

This week they discussed:
- Congratulations to Spellslingers for meeting their goal on KickStarter
- A La Carte Game purchasing model
- DLC Skins, what type of game do you purchase them for
- and more


Thursday Night Hangout 04/06/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 03/30/2017

Charlie and Zealeus take to the interwebs in another Twitch Live Stream to talk anything and everything nerdy that they can get their hands on.

Topics are:
Mountain Dew Black, White, and Green Label
Conventions: What we would like to point out
Digital Relaunches: Do Games get that Second chance?
StarCraft Remaster: The Remaster of a classic
Elder Scrolls IV Release Date: Well not Really

Thursday Night Hangout 03/30/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 03/23/2017

This week Charlie and Zealeus hit some big topics, and thanks to the audience we have one hell of a conversation.

KickStarter and it's evolution
Physical vs. Digital (Pluses and Minuses of Both)
Detrimental Patches

Thursday Night Hangout 03/23/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 03/16/2017

Charlie and Zealeus have a super special guest in the form of the one and only James Simpson. In this show we talk quite a bit about James' soon to be released game Snarf Quest Tales as well as many other subjects and topics based off of what James has done in the past, what he's worked on, and of course how much of a Unity Guru he truly is.

Thursday Night Hangout 03/16/2017