Thursday Night Hangout 03/09/2017

Charlie and Zealeus bring you another show filled with awesomeness, such as

IndieGogo Stopping the funding for the Sinclair ZX Vega+
Convention safety
Why Nintendo says you should choose the Switch over other consoles
Vincent Baker's Spellslingers (KickStarter)
Our special broadcast for Battle & Brew on March 21st

Thursday Night Hangout 03/09/17


Thursday Night Hangout 03/02/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back at it to talk about:

ConNooga 2017
Nintendo Switch Indie Initiative
Indiana Jones Fan-made Game Shutdown
Overwatch Rank Decay
Occulus Rift Price Drop
Multiplayer Community Toxicity
Battle & Brew Special Streaming
Extra Life 2017

Thursday Night Hangout 03/02/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 02/23/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are at it again to give you the latest and greatest of the week. Here are some of the topics they covered

Con Nooga
Dog Opera
Shift Happens
Battle & Brew Special Broadcast
Axiom Verge
Upcoming Interviews
Distraint 2

Thursday Night Hangout 02/23/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 02/16/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 02/09/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back and ready to give you the latest and greatest in their show:

Panels and Fan Table at ConNooga
Netflix is bringing a Castlevania Show
Adam Wolfe
Robots in the Wild
Battle for Candora
Mascot Dunks
Altered Confusion's Extra Life Campaign

Thursday Night Hangout 02/09/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 02/02/2017

Charlie is flying solo this week, but don't worry he will be bringing it with all he's got:

Namco's Tragedy
Insomniac Games' stance on US Immigration Ban
Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2
PAX Unplugged
Dungeon Mini
Battle & Brew Streaming March 21st
Third Party Gambling Sites

Thursday Night Hangout 02/02/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 01/26/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you their latest show with topic:
  • Con Nooga
  • Pokemon Duel
  • Nintendo Switch Colors
  • Ni No Kuni 2
  • Akihabara
  • Arrows and Sparrows
  • Extra-Life
  • Murders and Acquisitions

Thursday Night Hangout 01/26/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 01/19/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back for another round of their weekly show to talk about:

Con Nooga
Smite's Path of the Phantom Queen issue
Akihabara: Feel The Rhythm
Arrows and Sparrows
Twitch's IRL Channel
Nintendo Switch


Thursday Night Hangout 01/19/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 01/12/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back to give you the latest and greatest of the week on the Thursday Night Hangout Show

Outbreak - 4 player Zombie killing game on Steam
Path of the Phantom Queen - SMITE Event
Our Interview with the Co-Founder of Underbite Games
More eSports franchises get bought up (Immortals, Misfits)
Ellipsis is coming to PC
BOOR - 2D Platformer coming to PC
Smite World Championship


Thursday Night Hangout 01/12/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 01/05/2017

Charlie and Zealeus are back in the near year to give you some of the latest and greatest stories of the moment

Smite World Championship
Smite Tactics
Smite Rivals
NVIDIA Geforce Now
Top Game(s) and Bottom Game(s) of 2016

Thursday Night Hangout 01/05/2017


Thursday Night Hangout 12/29/2016

In the last show of the year all stops are pulled to make this one show for the books, although light on topics this one has an epic finish that you should really watch.

However knowing that there is some who like to get their info quickly, Charlie shaved his goatee for money.


Thursday Night Hangout December 29, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 12/22/2016

This week we have a special guest filling the co-host chair. This week it is the one and only Jesse. You might remember him from shows previous or from the conventions that Altered Confusion has attended.

This week they cover:
Super Dungeon Tactics
Don't Feed the Monkeys
Vostok Inc.
Remakes and Remasters, Are They needed?
Super Mario Run
Conventions of 2017

Thursday Night Hangout December 22, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 12/15/2016

This week on the Thursday Night Hangout Charlie and Zealeus talk about a couple of nerd Etsy pages that you need to check out:

Season of the Geek:
Aparecium Design:
Limited Time DLC in Free-to-Play Games
What franchises need to go away and which ones need to come back
Square Enix black balling a Spanish review site
and more

Thursday Night Hangout December 15, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 12/08/2016

This week Charlie and Zealeus give you another great show where they discuss the breaking news about the convention Big Fandom Greenville, an Indie VR game available on Steam called BladeShield, the game Werewolf going to VR under the title Werewolves Within, and the exclusive playtest that Charlie and Zealeus were a part of involving Craig Campbell's latest game CAPERS.


Thursday Nigth Hangout December 08, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 12/01/2016

This week Charlie and Zealeus give you another great show where they discuss the breaking news about Patrick Rothtfuss' The Kingkiller Series might be headed to TV in the near future, the slightly 'meh' release of Final Fantasy XV, and the latest on No Man's Sky when it comes to their false advertisement lawsuit.



Thursday Night Hangout 12/01/2016


Thursday Night Turkey Hangout

Even though it is a holiday in the US, Charlie braved the internet zeroes and ones to give you the latest edition of the Thursday Night Hangout. He was flying solo so this should be one hell of an interesting listen to.

Thursday Night Hangout November 27, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 11/17/2016

This week Charlie and Zealeus give you the low down and awesome conversations of Razer's statement to Apple, How Hollywood keeps murdering movies, How the US butchers foreign films, eSports, eSports Streaming deals, cautions to have when buying in-game currency, and Big Fandom Greenville.

You can catch our live show every Thursday at 8 PM EST on

Thursday Night Hangout November 17 2016


Thursday Night Hangout 11/03/2016

Charlie and Zealeus once again take to the internet waves to give you the latest and greatest in their live video show. If you'd like to be a part of the awesomeness tune in on Thursdays 8 PM EST

Thursday Night Hangout November 3, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout October 27, 2016

Charlie and Zealeus' latest show is now up for your listening pleasure.

Catch the next show on Thursday @ 8 PM EST

Thursday Night Hangout October 27, 2016


Thursday Night Hangout October 20, 2016

Charlie and Zealeus give you the audio version of their weekly Twitch show. If you'd like to see them live remember to tune in every Thursday@ 8 PM EST on

Thursday Night Hangout October 20, 2016

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