Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 137

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus talk about th effect of MMO games on gamers willing to try their hand outside the normal arena. They also tackle what type of games they just can't seem to finish, as well as the latest news from the week.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 137


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 136

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus tackle some of this weeks topics. Charlie recounts his SIEGE experience, there's a little moment for Steve Jobs, and of course Jesse's question of the week on Augmented Reality.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 136


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 135

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus talk about the past week's news, the annoucement from Blizzard, the sad news about Beyond Good and Evil 2, and the Vita download limit. They also tackle Jesse's question of the week, and others. 

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 135


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 134

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus put another podcast together for you. This one spanning from Sony's new terms of service to gamers helping to find an AIDS Enzyme. They also tackle Jesse's question of the week that creates much discussion.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 134


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 133

Zealeus is back, healthy enough to help bring you the 133rd podcast, he of course rejoins the crew of Charlie and Jesse as they do their normal talk of the week's news, answer some questions, and then give you some closing thoughts. 

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 133


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 132

Jesse and Charlie have to soldier on as Zealeus has unfortunately come down with an illness. This episode they talk a little about their week as well as Super Heroes, do they like where they're appearing in movies, and what super heroes would we like to see make a return or a movie. They also discuss the presence of War games, and what they think they mean.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 132


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 131

Charlie returns for PAX to help pull the gang together for another podcast. There will be talk of PAX, of what went on there, the ups and downs, and a little bit about the upcoming and already upon us DragonCon. They will also tackle the question of Biblical games getting a bit more spotlight on gaming systems.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 131


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 130

Jesse, Zealeus, and Charlie are back at it talking about the XBOX and its life outside the US. They also discuss the iOS platform and what it is in comparison to the giants.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 130


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 129

Charlie and Zealeus fly solo this week, just passing the time. They do discuss video games and other thoughts, you should definitely have a listen.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 129


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 128

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus talk about the life of 3D and what the future will hold for it on the consoles. They also talk about conventions and the South East as well as the generation gap and difference in opinions of the value of video games and those who play them.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 128


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 127

Charlie, Jesse, and the birthday boy Zealeus come at you this week with the emotional involvement of free-to-play games, the health benefits of video games, and a little peek into what they were up to this week.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 127


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 126

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus bring you this week's podcast as they discuss Charlie's trip to the IGDA Summit in Seattle, take on Jesse's question of Game criticism, Charlie's question about load screens, and Zealeus' question about tool tips. Won't you join us on our audible adventure.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 126


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 125

Charlie, Zealeus, and Jesse discuss Charlie's trip to Hi-Rez Studios, EA aquiring PopCap Games, and MIT's Civilization project. They also answer Jesse's question of the week surrounding the power of MEGA studios, and what sports games they would like to see in the mainstream. Come have a listen, and drop us a question for the next podcast.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 125


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 124

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus discuss the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo (keynote and the bands that will be playing). They also touch on the subject of Facebook games. 

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 124


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 123

With Zealeus back home, Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus resume the regular podcast. They take on the Supreme Court decision about the California Law, and they also talk about the impact of more obscure named board games, well board games that the local stores don't usually carry.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 123


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 122

This is the audio version of this week's podcast. Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus are actually under the same roof and discuss what is going on with all the hacking, and what games they've been playing recently.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 122


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 121

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus get another podcast in talking about the latest news stories, the corrections after E3, and answer some questions.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 121


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 120

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus talk about what is going on from a week filled with E3. They also give their opinions on the near future of each of the big names (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). Come Have a listen.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 120


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 119

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus (for most of the podcast) are back to tell you about their views and opinions as they answer questions, talk about exciting news that is happening around the gaming universe, as well as their growing anticipation for this years E3. We do apologize ahead of time Charlie's internet decided to take a big dump right in the middle so some of Zealeus' mind blowing thoghts were lost, but don't worry he comes back strong at the end. So have a listen.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 119


Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 118

Charlie, Jesse, and Zealeus discuss the change in badges of honor among gamers, what is it that makes a game have edge of your seat qualities, and more. Come have a listen.

Altered Confusion Podcast Ep. 118

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