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King's Bounty Armored Princess is basically the sequel to King's Bounty the Legend. This time around you are playing the part of a princess charged with bringing back the one person that can help save the kingdom from a powerful demon. You'll have to venture into a portal that will send you to a whole new world. You will have to build an army to find your friend, and you will find yourself yet again on that hexagon filled field.

Graphically this game looks like it got a bit of an update from the Legend. I feel like there are more units to choose from, some with subtle changes between types, others with completely different looks. There's still that nagging issue with the camera, but I feel like either I've gotten used to it or maybe its slightly better in this game. The battlefields have some variety, but after going through several battles in one area the subtle changes to what is blocking your path isn't enough. 

Music-wise you're going to find something that fits, you're going to hear a lot of it so you better get used to it, but its something that isn't going to grate on your nerves if you're not trying to beat the game in one sitting. This game probably could of greatly benefited with some voice acting, but as this game did come from outside the states that was probably a bit harder to accomplish. 

The controls are really easy, if you know how to use a mouse, chances are you're going to be able to play this game. You'll have the fun of utilizing the right mouse button to swing the camera, and there's also the wheel to zoom in and out, though there are times where I wish I could just zoom out a bit more.

This game definitely continues to give fits of nostalgia. There's so many memories, at least for me tied with this type of game. I was kind of saddened by the fact that you didn't really get to pick the princess' name, but that was something small. You're going to find yourself taking on every quest you can find because you're going to need to level up quickly so you don't get destroyed by the enemies walking around. I do like the fact that if there is an enemy that is too weak if you catch it you can either let it go or attack, either way you're getting experience points. I also feel like there are a lot more NPCs walking around for you to attack and get more experience points from. The one huge difference in the combat system is the addition of the dragon. You'll be training a dragon that will reside on the side of the board and once per round if you've filled enough of your rage meter you'll be able to unleash it. The game does suffer from the amount of strategy needed to successfully win battle after battle as you'll have a limited amount of troops to replenish your fallen. The other downside is that you're going to be exploring several islands, which sounds awesome, but after a battle or two you're going to find yourself sailing back yet again to replenish what you're lost.

This game is not for the faint of heart, and if you can get through the frustration this is a very deep, challenging, and all around good game. If you've got a PC and you're into mapping out strategy after strategy, and like keeping close track to stats you're going to love this game. This game gets a 7.9 out of 10

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