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Dead Space 2 puts you back in the shows of everyone's favorite engineer Isaac Clarke. You are discovered in what looks like a medical wing of sorts by someone who quickly meets his end. You'll have to race through a couple of areas but soon you will have a familiar suit and weapon to use. You'll find that your in a colony this time around and there seems to be plenty of people willing to help you, but to what end. Travel all over the city fighting all those creatures that you so grew to hate. Don't be surprised if things come at you from all over the place in this very dimly lit setting.

Graphically this game feels like a slight update of the first. The enemies look gruesome as ever, and will make you feel the pain. I do feel like there are more death sequences in the game this time around, but that might just be me, but what spectacular and creep scenes those are. The scenery that you get to interact with looks top notch. You'll go through a church, a government building, a ship (wink, wink, nod, nod), a school, a hospital, a train station, and more. All of which look amazing but also have that feeling that something could go wrong at any minute.

The sounds of the game is probably why one could have nightmares. This is the type of the game that if you want to be scared out of your mind you're going to need surround sound. There's constant noise from something just off screen to keep you on your toes. There's also just the ambiance as well that will give you that creeped out feeling. My "favorite" is when you're at the pre-school and the teacher is talking over the PA.

This game is going to utilize almost every button on your controller. Thankfully this time around you'll have the ability to replenish your health, if you have health packs, or recharge your stasis meter, if you have the stasis item, without having to enter your inventory. They're simple button presses, while not aiming the gun. You'll also find that when you are aiming the gun you can do a secondary fire with certain guns, cause things to go into stasis, or pick up objects by telepathic means.

I have to say that ever since I played the first I was interested to see where the story was going to go, and I have to say I was not disappointed. There are enough twists and turns in this game that you're not going to know what is going to happen next. The artifact is somehow back, and once again some bonehead thinks that if they study it it will unlock some huge secret, nevermind the fact that every crew member is getting attacked and killed by things that have appeared since the Artifact has come back into being. There will be many parts in the game that you're going to probably do a couple of times to survive, at least that's what I found. I will tell you this though, there are certain areas that if you try to take on every enemy you're going to find that they are in unlimited supply and you're going to run out of ammo before they run out of bodies. I do have to say though there was one enemy in the last couple of chapters that I really really really wish was not in the game, I wish I could say more, but I'll let you discover the fun that is that multiple eyed fiend. I do have to give props to the game creators it is awesome to have so many save points, and if you're playing at certain levels of difficulty the ability to replay from the last checkpoint. This allowed for not too much backtracking and it kept the story going strong through the whole encounter.

I can't say that this game will scare the pants off of everyone, but it definitely has that creepy jumping out of the wall, you're not expecting it, feel. So if you're looking for a survival horror game set in outer space, centered around a strange artifact that some view as humanity's salvation, and others see as a curse.  You might just want to check this game out. If you've played the first Dead Space you'll find that you can get your old Cutter back, and if you complete the arcade game Ignition, you might find some other surprises. Should people get this game, definitely, is it that good, I wouldn't be saying so if I didn't think it. So without rambling any further this game gets a 9.3 out of 10.

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