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Thrust Interactive has released an iPad game called Boomblastica. Upon opening up the game you will immediately notice that a good part of the game is going to rely on sound. You are an individual who ate too much Ramen and falls into a slumber listening to music. You either wake up or dream about an evil being come to attack you and so you have to don your super hero outfit and battle. Some how you then become a flying ship that will change depending on your choice of ammunition.

Graphically I really like this game. In it's 2D simplicity you find that everything looks amazing. The two levels on display in the game currently both have a very specific feeling to them, and the enemies all have a unique look to them. My one issue with the enemies is that depending on the level there are enemies that look the same but have a different attack. The attacks by the way also loom good. One of them will have you shooting bee looking bullets, another one is spirals that will suck up any enemy shot I. It's path and return to sender, there's one that deals with a wave of fire, and finally there's a lightning bolt attack.

Musically I kept finding myself bobbing my head with the music. It's really simplistic music when you think about it, but it definitely would not be a stranger in the clubs. There's something about not over complicating beats that appeal to me' and the fact that the game really flows with the music just makes it that much better.

The controls are going to be simple, as this is an iPad game. You will either get to use the joystick at the bottom of the screen, or you can just drag your finger around the screen to change your placement. Personally I kept finding myself switching between the two depending on the situation. There's also the changing of ammo. You can hold two different types of unlimited ammo that will continue to shoot throughout the level. There is an icon in the lower right hand side that will allow you to toggle between the two. Beware though if you switch off what you consider your main shot and then pick up a new type of ammo you will replace it.

I really hope that we get more of this game, I'm definitely willing to put some money down on a version with a bit more meat to it. There are only two levels currently, but this game is currently free, so maybe they are just testing the waters right now. This game is fast paced and you will find that sometimes the enemies and their shots will fill the screen, do not lose heart, however, as long as you can keep the majority of it off you, you will find one hell of an experience. My weapons of choice have to be the bee looking ammo and the spiral ammo. One thing to look out for is the same ammo appearing on the level after you blast the cloud or bubbles enough (depending on the level). By grabbing the same ammo as you have you can upgrade it three times and really beat up your foes. One of my favorite parts of the game has to be when I face off against the mini-boss or the main boss. First off it tells me that I'm doing pretty good if I reached them and it also causes me to be on my toes so as to not get blown away by their multiple attacks.

I think that if you have an iPad, and probably even better the iPad2 you should pick this game and give it a spin, it's free and it will definitely suck you in. I would like to give it a score, but like I said I think this game is really a feeler for seeing if they, Thrust Interactive, should put more weight into it. So I will refrain for now and maybe revisit this review at a later date.

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