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In a long needed return the Pilotwings franchise finds its way on to the new Nintendo 3DS. In this game you'll be be utilizing jetpacks, planes, and even a hang glider to complete several different assignments. You'll get to fly all over the island to do so, and there's even a couple of hidden secrets for those willing to go find them.

Graphically this game is on par with Wii graphics. It basically looks like they took Wii Sports Resort and removed those games and basically allowed for fly-overs of the island. You're going to be using a Mii as your character. I do have to say that the 3D does take some time to get used to while you're flying around, but once you get it down it does look good.

The sounds are basically just like Wii Sports Resort as well. 

The controls you'll have to know build as you go through your rankings. You'll have the directional pad (or analog stick) and the A button, later you'll use B, Y and a shoulder button. 

I have to say that this game definitely a launch title, both in a good and a bad way. The bad way is that this looks like a demo with used pieces to allow for this to be added to the line up. Its good because it definitely feels polished in every mode except for the jetpack levels. Perhaps I just suck at the Jetpack levels but I have to say that the control of your character during those levels does not feel tight. That mode is probably the most trying out of the other modes. The plane does have some later complexity as you upgrade the plane to a jet, and you'll also have to shoot objects. Then there's the hang glider and the need to catch the updrafts so that you don't land too soon. I do kind of wish that on certain levels you could land wherever, but I do understand that the way the levels work is on accuracy, so I guess I can let that pass. By accuracy I mean that you have to aim for the rings, or the balls, or take a picture just right, or land in just the right spot at the right speed. My biggest issue with this game is how I play it. I'm a mover when it comes to this type of game, I want to tilt the system, and angle it in an attempt to make my character do exactly what I want. With the no glasses needed 3D technology, that's the quickest way to give yourself a headache as your picture will quickly go out of focus. 

If you're looking for a quick game that almost anyone can pick up and play to show off the 3DS then I'd advise getting this game. If you're looking for something a bit more substantial I think you're going to have to continue to play the waiting game until some other titles come out. This game gets a 6.8 out of 10.

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