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Some of you might recall that I actually got to sit down with David Logan and interview him about Night Light Interactive and their game Whispering Willows. In this game you are put into the shoes of a young girl who is desperate to find her dad after he disappears. He vanishes after he goes to check on a house that he oversees, a mansion of a prominent family that all met gruesome ends. You will have to solve the mystery of this mansion if you hope to be reunited with your dad, but there's something lurking that might try to not only stop you, but kill you.

Graphically I have to say that this game looked amazing, the level of detail that was put into this game, and the art style seemed to fit the game perfectly. They also were able to make you feel and see that something has corrupted this place. I also have to say that the spirit form in this game looked right out of a top notch comic book. Actually all the art could have come straight out of a comic book. I was also impressed with the use of doors that either brought you into a room in front or behind you. This made the at times very slow pace of the game bearable.

The sounds in the game definitely gave off the vibes of horror game. I do wish that the characters were voiced. I think that would have added a little something extra and pulled the gamer in that much more.

The controls were your standard affair when it came to controller layout.

Alright so lets talk game here, as you might have noticed I already made mention of the slow pace of the game, you are going to be walking the entire time. There is a time for running but it happens in such a small part of the game that you are going to wish you could do that elsewhere. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story and the puzzles that had to be solved with the assistance of the ghosts that you could interact with when in spirit form. I also appreciated the fact that the puzzle aspect of the game required the spirit form to make things interesting. 

Now the problem with this game comes in the form of if you ever get lost or perhaps missed something big in the game, you are going to wander around, and when you do that you are going to do that in a walking form, so if you ever have a moment of clarity when you remember where you are headed you might find yourself having to do some serious backtracking/walking to get there which can definitely hurt the gaming experience. At the same time, though, if the running mechanism was in the game there's definitely a chance that you are going to miss something, either a spirit you might want to talk to or extreme danger.

One thing that I did appreciate about this game was that there were several layers to it. If you really didn't care about the story, it wasn't going to slap you constantly in the face, you could just look for the keywords in the conversations and then move on. If you were looking for an in-depth experience you could have this as well with the notes and letters lying around the game that gave you more information on the characters and the setting. There's also the middle of the road approach where you can get the story and you don't have to read those extras you find throughout the game.

This game definitely is not for everyone. There's a couple little glitches in the game when it comes to interacting with the actual mansion and triggering the chapter titles even when you are in a different chapter, but overall you're going to find a very solid game. If you are looking for something a little dark with paranormal undertones, you are going to like this game. Now there might be times where you are going to get frustrated with the walking everywhere, but if you stick with it you will find a solid game in the end. So after making it through this entire game I have to say that it deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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