Alien Robot Monsters PC Review

You are trying to find a new planet for your civilization to survive and so you have found your way onto Planet X. There's one small problem, there seems to be robotic inhabitants that keep attacking you at every turn as you try to carve out a place to live, and of course build defenses to protect those who came with you.

I'm not going to lie, you're playing as the "asshats" in Alien Robot Monsters. You land on this planet get attacked and then you retaliate, that makes total sense, but then to go on the offensive and decide that you are going to commit basically genocide seems a bit rough. 

Now of course we are talking about a fictitious world, and of course this is just a scenario to help you into the story of a tower defense game. In this game you will be unlocking upgrades to your towers, as well as upgrades to units that you'll be able to utilize later in the game. You are given specific locations where you will be able to place your towers, so even if you have extra scrap metal (that's the currency) that you could use to purchase a tower, once all the spots are filled you are going to have to either blow up an existing tower, or just work with what you have.

This game is quite challenging and you will definitely have to pay attention to what is coming at you down the predetermined paths. I will say that there is definitely a balance needed between what type of towers you have out there as well as the order in which you upgrade them. You're going to get a basic tower with two gunmen to start off but as you progress deeper into the game you're going to be able to change that tower into many different types of towers, some of them will have units that you'll be able to place outside of the tower to try to take on the enemies as they come. There will also be towers that will shock your enemies, literally, and though expensive, a very good addition to have on the maps to help you through some of the tougher spots.

One of the things I do like is the fact that there is a little bit of customization that is done between levels. You can decide how you use your victory stars. For each level you will get 1 to 3 for successfully getting through the level. Now of course you're going to want to have every level give you 3 stars, but lets be honest there are sometimes when you just misjudge the enemy and a couple slip through, ruining your perfect run on that level. Have no fear though you can gain those missing stars with a replay.

Anyways you will use the stars to upgrade damage by weapons, unit health, more scraps collected per kill, etc. I personally like to at least get the base level of each upgrade but there's definitely reason to try to max out one upgrade before giving the rest some attention, its all in the way you play, and I think for this reason it definitely caters to the player.

The graphics aren't going to blow you away, but the overall flow and design that you are presented with looks great. I do enjoy the fact that there are enemies of all shapes and sizes and that each out is truly different, be it in speed, attack, or durability. There's also bosses that you need to be concerned with, if you survive specific levels you will find, after the final wave, that there's one more monster that wants to destroy you, get through that and you're well on your way to victory. 

This game can be your's right now on Steam, and if you are a tower defense type of person, this is something that you're going to want to add to your collection. So with that being said I'm going to give this game an 8.7 out of 10.


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