Clumzee Review

Meet Jimmy the Furball, a furball with great ambitions, if only he wasn't so clumsy. One day he decides to go on an adventure, little does he know that there are many perilous obstacles that could spell the end for him. Clumzee was developed by Triple Hill.

Graphically this game definitely goes the cutesy route. The main character is an adorable furball that starts levels off with 4 arms. I say starts off with because there are plenty of ways to see some if not all of them disappear. There are 8 different themed levels, each with their own special twist. One level has the ability to pull in coins ever so often, while another level allows you to use a jetpack to shoot you further up the level without having to risk life and limb.

Each of these themed levels will be a unique experience each time you play as the levels are randomly generated. So sadly there's no way to master a certain pattern, but on the other hand that definitely opens the game up for infinite replayability. In these levels you will always be trying to climb up while trying to avoid a one-eyed monster that will devour you, if given the chance. The thing is that there are enemies that will make that climb difficult. You will have some that will shoot cannon balls, others that will appear out of no where and fly across the screen, there are also those that have a saw blade just itching to cut off a few limbs. 

The object is to see how far up you can go, as far as I know there isn't an end to a level, but an increasingly more difficult path that you'll be taking. Along the way you will be collecting fireflies and coins. These two pieces of currency are essential for unlocking more of the game. The fireflies will allow you, at 75 fireflies per, to randomly unlock new costumes for Jimmy. The coins are for unlocking new levels at 6000 per pop.

In my honest opinion I think the developers got the firefly amount per costume correct, but they completely missed the mark when it comes to levels. You better LOVE the first level theme of this game, or you will never get to see any other levels. The thing is that through the many many hours that I have played this game I'm lucky to collect 100+ coins per run. So that means that I have to roughly play 60 times to unlock a level? That seems a bit harsh.

I do want to take a second to point out that there are some microtransactions in the game, but its only for the premium costumes, and they are $1.99 per costume. Honestly I think that there's enough fun free ones that you will be able to randomly unlock to really even pay attention to the premiums, but there are probably those out there who have to have the premium ones.

So lets get to the couple of issues that one will find in this game. The first one is really just an OCD thing, but when you first turn on the game, on your iOS device, you are prompted with a "Touch to Skip Intro" option, the funny thing is that when you touch the screen what you actually get is the intro to the game, plus a small "Skip" button, that just seems odd to me. The second thing is that since there is such emphasis on the costumes and the levels, it would have been nice to know what was currently selected on the main menu instead of having to constantly go to the selection menu (the reason is that the last level and the last skin you selected are going to be what you get, but sometimes you might have had a little bit of time between playing sessions and assumed you had something else selected). The third thing is that when you first go into a new level theme you get a tutorial bubble that tells you what the special skill is for that theme, but once you've closed that bubble you can't get it back, however each time you start a level, no matter the theme, or how many times you've played you always get the controls tutorial in the background.

This is by far not a perfect game, but with the random levels, the fun costumes, and the different themes for the levels, you're going to get a lot of mileage out of this game. Would the game be better if it was slightly easier to unlock levels, absolutely, would it have been beneficial to give the gamer some extra love with information that could help enhance the gameplay especially if they haven't played in a while, definitely, but this is a solid game, that if you are up for a challenge you will keep coming back to. This game gets an 8.0 out of 10.

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