Dungenious Review

Travel through area upon area all the while taking on monster after monster. You will also get to level up thanks to strategically placed treasure chest hidden through the areas. There is one catch to this who thing, though, you see this isn't your normal RPG/Dungeon Crawler. This is a game where you have to put your knowledge of powers of memorization to the test. The only way to attack an enemy is to get the correct answer from a choice of four. If you do it fast enough you can score a critical hit, and believe me the deeper you go the more you're going to hope you get those critical hits. This is the game Dungenious, a game that takes educational elements and adds an RPG twist that is sure to not only keep people playing, but learning as well.

Graphically it is not the most attractive of games, but it does give you a good almost top down view of the single screen area. You will be working with a grid system and there will be obstacles, enemies, and treasure chests, all of which are clearly distinguishable on the screen. Speaking of the screen, most of it is very well laid out. You can clearly see how much live you have, what special skills you have, what floor you're currently on, your current score, and of course the entire one screen level.

I do like the variation of the look, movement, and health of all the different enemies that you'll be facing. However the longer you are playing the harder they hit and sometimes I really do wish they would give me a second to catch my breath. Thankfully this is a turn-based game so all the mechanics are centered around when you move.

So lets get to the heart of the matter, the educational piece of the game. The RPG piece is frosting on top, a generic grocery store brand, but it definitely makes the game more attractive. So the learning part of the game... It's all based off a flash card system. There are certain enemies that will give you new information, and then you will have to incorporate/remember what was given to you because at any time you could be asked to match the inventor of electricity to Ben Franklin, or something along those lines. The very interesting thing about this game is the number of flashcard packs you can pull down. You can pull down inventors, history, math, art, foriegn languages, and if you're feeling really up to the challenge you can create your own through a secondary website that you can then upload. I'm not 100% sure if your personal ones are tied specifically to your account or if they are available to others, but if they are available to others that might be a pretty good tool for in the classroom.

My one issue with flashcards is that I, personally, hammer all the information into my brain for that short amount of time and then it's gone. I do not retain any of it. Now if you want to take that approach this game is going to be for you, you're going to have to think lightning quick to cause maximum damage and to survive level after level, but if you are looking for something to really stick, this game probably isn't going to do that because at the lowest level, late in the game, you're going to have to just go off of keywords in the flashcard to match it to an answer.

I did mention power ups and I do want to go over them quickly. I do like the variety of power ups, there are fireballs, walls of fire, ice, slow time, remove answers, hell, skip a turn, and more. There are chances to level up these skills, and they all use action points, sometimes 1 and sometimes more, it all depends on what your HUD says for that skill.

From the RPG perspective this game really feels like someone's first real attempt at an RPG, but from an Educational RPG/Dungeon Crawler hybrid I have to say that I kept coming back for more always hoping that this time I wouldn't put myself in a corner where enemies could get to me faster than I could take them out. This game gets a 7.9 out of 10.

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